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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #129

Not much is happening this week for original comic art collectors, a few nice pieces are still going
March 20 · Issue #129 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Not much is happening this week for original comic art collectors, a few nice pieces are still going for sale.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the title splash to Indiana Jones #1 by John Byrne went for $3,2k, another page from #2 for $2,3k. Same buyer probably.
A Warlord of Mars cover by Lucio Parrillo was sold for $8k, a very early Blondie daily strip was sold for $1,8k.
Heritage Weekly: Many high results, a Superboy page by Dave Cockrum went for $5,7k, the Garcia Lopez DC illustration for $5,2k, the Daredevil splash by Joe Quesada for $3,5k, a Spidey page by Sal Buscema for $3,3k, a Warlord by Mike Grell for $2,6k. The New Mutants page by Rob Liefeld went for $2,6, interest in early RL pages is really going up lately, even a page with nothing going on sells for such a high price.
I’ve owned this Mike Wieringo cover, paid the incredible sum of $75 for it in 1997, sold it 10 years later when my Wieringo collection started to get too big, now I see somebody paid $1k for it.
Plenty of bargain pieces also, Tuska Iron-Man pages are still very affordable, a Wolverine splash by Lee Weeks sold for $350, a nice X-page by Rick Leonardi for $300, a Deadpool commission by Chris Bachalo for only $250, a Blue Beetle page by Gil Kane went for $180.

This week on eBay
Jim Starlin - Incredible Hulk Original Art
Jim Starlin - Incredible Hulk Original Art
Marvel: an Incredible Hulk illustration by Jim Starlin, a Captain America commission by George Perez, two Red Sonja pages by Frank Thorne (one, two), an X-Factor page by Larry Stroman and an Avengers page by Walt Simonson.
3 pinups by Artgerm, Spider-Gwen, Mary Jane and Venom, a Champions cover by Mike Hawthorne, Black Cat by Greg Land.
DC: Batman page by Dick Dillin, Batgirl by Mike Parobeck, a Batman sketch by Jerry Ordway, a Twilight DPS by Garcia Lopez and Doomsday Clock original art by Gary Frank.
A Spawn page by Capullo/McFarlane, a Youngblood DPS by Rob Liefeld, a B.C. Sunday strip and a Wizard of ID daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Bruce Timm - Spider-Gwen Original Art
Bruce Timm - Spider-Gwen Original Art
Marvel: Dracula by Gene Colan, Excalibur original art by Alan Davis, Wolverine by Marc Silvestri, a Venom sketch by Todd McFarlane.
A Spider-Gwen cover by Bruce Timm, a Captain Marvel by Joe Jusko, an Avengers cover by Jerome Opena, an X-Men page by John Cassaday, a Namor pinup by Alex Ross.
DC: Teen Titans by Nick Cardy, Warlord and Batman art by Mike Grell, a nice Lobo splash by Keith Giffen and a JLA prelim by Alex Ross, a Wonder Woman cover by Joe De Vito.
A Tick cover by Bisley, a cover by Bruce Timm.
Russ Cochran Comic Art
A 1949 Li'l Abner Sunday, some 1940’s Dick Tracy Sunday strips and the usual big lot of cheap strips.
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