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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #128

March 13 · Issue #128 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #128 of Original Comic Art Tips, the world has stopped, this week, but in the virtual world of online auctions nothing changed, we have some very interesting results, new art and a new blog post..!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a big Batman/Ivy painting by Lucio Parrillo was sold for a Best Offer of $3k, a nice Hulk page by Todd Mcfarlane went for a B.O. of $7k, Spawn original art by Capullo and McF. went for $1,9k, the X-Force prelims by Rob Liefeld were sold for $2,5k.
An Iron-Man page by Luke McDonnell went for a B.O. of $1,750, a detailed Hulk DPS by Liam Sharp went for a $1,500 B.O., the Alex Ross Shazam sketch went for $1,200, not bad.
Byrne: the Avengers page by Ditko/Byrne was sold for $2k after ending with no offers the first time. The Fantastic 4 page went for $1,600.
I should show this listing to those who every day buy photocopies for $300 advertised as “production art”, this is what a real production piece looks like, the cover to Dracula #1 by Neal Adams that was extended before publication. That said, I’d use the $2k (Best Offer) to buy original art…
Great week for the Heritage Weekly Auction, with 40+ items sold for over $1k. The highlights are the Paul Gulacy pinup sold for $6,5k, a Superboy page by Dave Cockrum for more than $4k, the Darkseid illustration by Jack Kirby for $4k.
A Dick Tracy daily went for $3k, a Green Berets by Kubert for $1,400. If you want to see the other high prices here’s a handy link.
Heritage Signature: I’m afraid we’ve already seen the most interesting results last week, what’s left are a record price for an Andy Kubert X-Men page, sold for $6k. A great page, they went for $2k until a couple years ago. Another record for an Adam Hughes cover, sold for $13k, you probably remember the Catwoman cover sold on ComicLink for $18k. An interior X-Men page by Jim Lee makes $24k, the debut on Heritage for Stanley Lau, with a Batman cover sold for $12k. A Tarzan page by Burne Hogarth went for a relatively low $9,5k.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Harley Quinn Original Splash Page
Jim Lee - Harley Quinn Original Splash Page
DC: an Harley Quinn splash by Jim Lee, an Hawk & Dove splash by Rob Liefeld, a Wonder Woman page by Daniel Warren Johnson, a Batman commission by Mark Buckingham, a Supergirl commission by Bob Layton and a Joker by Garcia Lopez.
A cover prelim by Steve Rude, a modern Batman page by Jim Aparo and an Infantino/Perez page.
Marvel: the price is high but look at this Illustration by John Buscema, a Fantastic Four page by Rich Buckler, nice Man-Thing by Don Perlin, Iron-Man by Luke McDonnell, a Godzilla page by Herb Trimpe.
Spidey original art by Mark Bagley, a nice Spidey page by Romita Jr, modern X-Men by Paul Smith, Fantastic Four by Paul Ryan and Peter Parker by Claudio Castellini.
Deadpool by Rob Liefeld, cover prelims by Art Adams, Captain America by John Cassaday and Chris Samnee, Spiderwoman by Greg Land and a cheap Thing vs Juggernaut page by Ed McGuinness.
A TMNT cover prelim and a page by Kevin Eastman, a small Baltimore spot by Mike Mignola.
Strips: I like this Wizard of ID Sunday, a Tumbleweeds Sunday and a B.C. daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - DC Calendar Original Comic Art
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - DC Calendar Original Comic Art
Marvel: a John Buscema Conan page, Spider-Man original art by Sal Buscema, Iron-Man by George Tuska, a nice Dracula by Gene Colan.
A page of preliminary sketches by Wally Wood for Daredevil #6
Captain America by John Byrne, New Mutants by Rob Liefeld, an Excalibur page by Rick Leonardi, X-Men art by Chris Bachalo, a Wolverine splash by Lee Weeks and a Daredevil splash by Joe Quesada.
DC: great Calendar original art by Garcia Lopez, Superboy by Dave Cockrum, a Lobo splash by Keith Giffen, a Warlord page by Grell, Teen Titans by Nick Cardy.
I like this cover by Mike Allred, a Madman pinup, an Heavy Metal page by Simon Bisley, a Love & Rockets back cover by Jaime.
Among the usual strips there are a nice Tarzan by Bob Lubbers and a Buz Sawyer daily by Roy Crane.
Septimus Original Art Auction
Many low priced pieces and a few highlights: a Thorgal page by Rosinsky, a Blandy illustration by Delaby, some Talon pages by Greg, a Wonder Woman pinup by Marini, a SkyDoll pinup by Barbucci and some quick and cheap Blueberry sketches by Giraud.
New Blog Post: 70+ Comiclink March Results
ComicLink - Best Comic Art Sold in March
ComicLink - Best Comic Art Sold in March
As it happened last month I made a PDF containing the 70+ most interesting results for comic art sold on ComicLink last week. This time I had a hard time squeezing everything in the list, the document started with 150+ pages.
The password for opening the PDF is the same we used last month:
password deleted, subscribe to receive it!
This is an exclusive bonus for Comic Art Tips subscribers, save the password, I’ll delete it from the online version in a couple days!
See you next week!!
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