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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #125

Welcome to #125 of Original Comic Art Tips, many auctions to see and a surprise near the end! Origina
February 21 · Issue #125 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #125 of Original Comic Art Tips, many auctions to see and a surprise near the end!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Calvin & Hobbes tribute by Harry Bliss was sold for $4,300, the X-Force page by Rob Liefeld for $3,000, the X-Men page by Kubert/Sienkiewicz for $1,700, the original Batman page by Paul Pope for $1,500, the Batman page by Gary Frank for $800, the Sal Buscema Cap page for $1,100, the Cable/Iron-Man cover by Ed McGuinness went for $850.
An X-Men DPS by Jim Lee ended under the reserve at $5,700.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The winner is Al Williamson with his 1950’s jungle page sold for $4,800. Not the greatest Hulk page by Dale Keown, but it was sold for $3,300, the Excalibur splash by Alan Davis went for $2,600, the X-Force page by Joe Quesada for $2,000, a Deadman page by Jim Aparo for $1,800.
Heritage record for Steven Hughes, the Lady Death DPS went for $1,700. I can’t say why this Hot Wheels #1 page by Alex Toth was sold for $1,300, I bought a better one from the same issue a few years ago for $450.
The Wolverine page by Andy Kubert was a good deal at $1,100, a 1987 Garfield daily went for only $660, the detailed cover prelim by Art Adams for $480, Incredible Hulk original art by Herb Trimpe was sold for $380, a nice Romita Jr. page for $300.

This week on eBay
Angel Medina - Green Goblin Original Comic Art
Angel Medina - Green Goblin Original Comic Art
Marvel: a nice Captain America Half Splash by George Tuska, Incredible Hulk original art by Todd McFarlane (no Hulk), Peter Parker page by John Byrne, Avengers by Alan Davis, Conan pages by Rudy Nebres, Sal Buscema and Rich Buckler, a Thor title splash (no Thor) by Ron Frenz, a Fantastic Four page by Paul Ryan.
A great Green Goblin by Angel Medina, Dr. Strange by Chris Bachalo, a Storm commission by Tim Sale, an X-Men DPS by Leinil Yu.
DC: Batman original art by Gary Frank, Superman by George Perez, Teen Titans by Barreto, Superman by Doug Mahnke, Flash by Howard Porter and a Wonder Woman commission by Jerry Ordway.
Youngblood covers one and two by Rob Liefeld, Tom Strong by Chris Sprouse, The Walking Dead original art by Charlie Adlard, a beautiful Dino Battaglia page.
Strips: a Bloom County and a B.C. Sunday, Wizard of ID and Mary Perkins dailies, a Jack Davis illustration.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Lee Weeks - Original Batman Cover Art
Lee Weeks - Original Batman Cover Art
Since this is going to be a very long issue I started with the idea of doing a quick update in this section, but it’s really a great week, so I have to show you a lot of pieces.
Marvel: some great Marvel UK covers, Spidey by Sal Buscema, Spidey by Larry Lieber, the Avengers and a beautiful Conan cover by Ron Wilson.
Wolverine original art by John Buscema, Doc Strange by Gene Colan, She-Hulk and Namor by John Byrne. Great Excalibur pages by Alan Davis: the last page from #3, an incredible page from #9 and one from #47.
‘90s: a Spiderwoman title splash by Steven Butler, Deadpool by Ian Churchill, Wolverine by Marc Silvestri and a busy Avengers DPS by George Perez.
After a few lame weeks DC is back with great original art: an Hellblazer page by Dave McKean, a Superman splash by Tim Sale, a Batman cover by Lee Weeks, a How To Draw Superman book cover by Curt Swan, a World’s Finest page by Steve Rude, a fantastic Starman Vs Batman page by Tony Harris and a Batman commission by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Don Martin pieces always go really high on HA, a Dreadstar page by Jim Starlin, a Martha Washington page by Dave Gibbons, a beautiful illustration by Jack Davis.
Strips: first time I hear of the Garry Trudeau Collection, there’s a Pearls Before Swine daily and a Gahan Wilson panel personalized to Garry.
A Gasoline Alley Sunday by Dick Moores and a very nice Tumbleweeds daily.
Heritage Signature part 2 of 3 Comic Strip Special
Winsor McKay - Little Nemo Original Comic Art
Winsor McKay - Little Nemo Original Comic Art
As the title say this is a Comic Strips special, last time we watched covers and next week interiors and pinups. I just discovered that Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau is a Collector, from his collection comes the best piece, this incredible Little Nemo Sunday by McKay.
A Krazy Cat Sunday, a rare Sunday by Rube Goldberg, a great Peanuts Sunday, Tarzan by Hogarth, Bringing Up Father Sundays are getting scarce, this is a good one. Please somebody buy me this Gasoline Alley Sunday from 1925. Great Pogo original art lately, look at this 1958 Sunday. Several early Garfield Sundays.
Garry Trudeau also owned a Calvin & Hobbes daily hand colored by Bill Watterson… a 1926 Little Orphan Annie, a rare The far Side panel, several great Corrigans by Al Williamson, I like a lot this Terry daily by Caniff.

New Quick Blog Post: Comiclink Results Archive
ComicLink Original Art Auction
ComicLink Original Art Auction
I decided to do an exclusive for newsletter subscribers: from January 2020 (tired of auction results disappearing on every website but Heritage), I started screenshotting the most interesting results on Comiclink, eBay, and others and keep an archive for reference.
Since the work is already done, why keep it for me only? I put 60+ results from this month’s Comiclink auction in a handy PDF file and uploaded it on the website. The exclusive part is that to open the PDF you have to write this password: (password deleted! subscribe to receive it!)
As I learned from James Bond the password will disappear from the web version of the newsletter in a couple days, but if you forget it just write me and I’ll send it to you again.
And please let me know if you think this is useful or not to you as I have to decide if I’ll do it again!
BD Encheres
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese Original Comic Art
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese Original Comic Art
The First BD Auction of 2020, two important pieces and many nice originals.
A Corto Maltese page by Hugo Pratt, a Tintin pinup by Hergé, a Poussin illustration by Frank Le Gall, a Scorpion pinup by Enrico Marini, a Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond.
Misc. Auctions
First time I hear of Estate of Mind Auctions thanks to Comic Art Tracker. They have a ballpoint pen Thor sketch by Jack Kirby.
Remember the Marvel Heroes illustration by Sal Buscema and Joe Sinnott sold 3 weeks ago on eBay for $2,600? It was offered at least two times during 2019 for $1,700 and went unsold (despite being a great piece), now it resurfaced very quickly at Nate Sanders’ for a starting price of $8,000…
Sanders is also selling a Prince Valiant panel by Hal Foster, a Cable cover and a Cable/Deadpool cover by Rob Liefeld.
Russ Cochran is auctioning this very nice Pogo Sunday strip by Walt Kelly and the usual selection of comic strips.
Whew!! See you next week!!
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