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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #123 - Alan Davis, Joe Quesada, Liefeld!

February 7 · Issue #123 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #123 of Original Comic Art Tips, long results section and a great Heritage auction!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
the Mike Mignola X-Factor splash was sold for $4,900, a Bill Sienkiewicz Conan illustration went away quickly for a $4,000 Best Offer, the nice Marvel Universe illustration by Sal Buscema was finally sold for $2,600, the original TMNT page by Eastman and Laird for $2,300, an early The Tick page by Ben Edlund for the same price and the Wolverine page by Buscema/Sienk for $2,200.
The Wolverine Sketch by Jim Lee was sold for a $1,000 B.O., the X-men page by Marc Silvestri for $1,300, $2,000 wasn’t enough to go over the reserve on the Extreme pages by Rob Liefeld.
ComicLink original art auction:
some interesting prices, but most of the pieces fall in the category of bargains… The winner was easy to spot while browsing the auction, it’s Tim Sale with the Batman kissing Catwoman splash sold for $5,300.
The Defenders page by Gil Kane went for $3,700, the original Batman title page by Carmine Infantino for $2,500, an Infinity Abyss title splash by Jim Starlin was sold for $2,400 and a Dejah Thoris cover by Lucio Parrillo went for $3,000.
Early John Romita Jr. original art is growing month after month, this X-Men page went for $2,500 even without action scenes. The Mike Zeck Spidey half splash went for $1,700, the Ms. Marvel half splash by Jim Mooney for $1,600.
Some pages all went for $1,400: a great Batman piece by Jim Aparo, a Wolverine by John Byrne and a Power Girl commission by Jim Lee. If the original buyer had asked for Batman now we’d be speaking about a $5k result… Scot Eaton art is usually nice and affordable, this time a super detailed Batman DPS went for $1,100.
Heritage Weekly:
the sexy illustration by Dan De Carlo went for $6,600, the Batman page by Greg Capullo was sold for $3,700, the Avengers page by George Perez for $2,500.
The original Buz Sawyer strip by Roy Crane went for $1,000, the same strip was sold two years ago for $600.
I never put links here for the regular Bob Lubbers lots. Dailies go on sale every week in batches of 10. Prices for Robin Malone strips are rising, buyers are flipping them on ebay for $150/200, now they’ll have to double the asking price, with 10 strips lot selling for $3,100.
I hoped for this beautiful 1926 The Gumps Sunday strip to remain low and try a bid, but many collectors noticed it too, taking it to $1,300.
As usual, commission prices drop on the secondary market. This Batman commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto, sold for $900, would cost you $1,500/2,000.
Prices for this week’s two Excalibur pages by Alan Davis are surprisingly low, one went for $780 and the other for $530.
Steve Ditko‘s original art for less than $400 is not bad, a Robin/Supergirl page by John Byrne for $200 even better.

This week on eBay
Joe Quesada - Daredevil Original Comic Art
Joe Quesada - Daredevil Original Comic Art
A few high end pieces at Marvel and DC.
Let’s start with Marvel, Daredevil original art by Joe Quesada is pretty rare and in high demand.
The flood of Rob Liefeld art on eBay continues with a page from X-Force #1 and a great Cable cover ending today.
A Spider-Man half splash by John Romita Jr, a Spidey Sketchagraph by John Romita Sr., a page of sketches by John Buscema, a ROM page by Buscema/Sinnott, a nice Red Sonja sketch by Frank Thorne.
Avengers West Coast original art by John Byrne, a NAM splash by Michael Golden, a beautiful DUNE title splash by Bill Sienkiewicz, Shogun Warriors by Herb Trimpe, an Iron-Man splash by Patrick Zircher, an Excalibur splash by Jae Lee.
DC: great Batman & Robin page by John Romita Jr, Doomsday Clock by Gary Frank, a Joker DPS from Batman #400 by Steve Lightle and a Teen Titans page by Adam Hughes, The Demon Vs Jesus by John Byrne.
Some classic pages: Batman by John Calnan, Batman by Dick Dillin, Batman by Curt Swan, a nice Wonder Woman page by Don Heck.
The perfect Shade page for fans of Chris Bachalo, TMNT by David Petersen, four pages from Badrock #1 by Rob Liefeld, an American Gods cover by Glenn Fabry, a Thunder Agents page by Reed Crandall.
Strips: a B.C. Sunday and a Gordo daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Simon Bisley - Batman Original Comic Art
Simon Bisley - Batman Original Comic Art
Some great pieces, this week… Marvel: a Savage Sword page by John Buscema, an Avengers cover recreation by Sal Buscema, She-Hulk original art by John Byrne and a great Wolverine in action page by Marc Silvestri.
Many nice pieces by Alan Davis, like this Excalibur page and an X-Men page. Rare original art by Joe Madureira with a Deadpool page, a very nice Spidey piece by Alex Saviuk, an Amazing Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen (no Spidey), and Spidey by Olliffe/Williamson.
DC: I really like this prime period Simon Bisley Batman card, a great Batman/Robin pencil illustration and a JLA page by Alan Davis, a Batman sketch by James Jean.
Fantastic Action Comics cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, Superman & Supergirl by John Byrne.
Finally, The Shadow appears in a Kyle Baker page, a Sugar & Spice cover by Sheldon Mayer and a well drawn Romance page by Don Heck.
A 1956 Archie story by Harry Lucey, Love & Rockets by Jaime, original Witchblade art by Michael Turner.
Strips: a color Buster Brown illustration by Outcault, a Dick Tracy daily and a Marmaduke panel.
Heritage Great American Comic Strip Auction
As the name says a great auction, featuring the incredible collection of cartoonist Jack Kent, famous for his classic strip King Aroo. He corresponded with all the strip artists of the 30’s, and received many originals, from the best artists and also from the forgotten ones. I discovered quite a few strips by browsing these pages.
A Prince Valiant page by Hal Foster, an original Popeye strip by Segar, a 1935 Mickey Mouse strip by Floyd Gottfredson, a pre-Dick Tracy strip by Chester Gould, a Tim Tyler’s Luck ghosted by Alex Raymond, a nice hand-colored Mutt and Jeff daily from the 1910’s.
Look at this Scorchy Smith daily by Noel Sickles. A WWI illustration by Winsor McCay and a great NYT illustration by Al Hirshfeld.
Pogo strips by Walt Kelly often come for sale, but these two dailies are the best I’ve seen since I started doing this newsletter. One from 1949 and one from 1950.
Apart from the Kent collection there are dozens of lots from the usual Bob Lubbers and Jim Davis consignments.
Lubbers has his usual lots of 10 dailies and several sunday strips, like this early Long Sam and this nice Robin Malone.
Garfield is represented by some lots of six dailies, many Sunday strips, like this Christmas themed one and many very early pieces, the only strips 100% drawn by Davis, like this funny 1980 Sunday.
See you next week, we’ll start digging into the next Heritage Signature Auction!!
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