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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #122

January 31 · Issue #122 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #122 of Original Comic Art Tips! Big results on ebay, and some nice new pieces here and there.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the New Mutants splash by Rob Liefeld went for $6,800 and the Deadpool/Cable cover for $6,100, the original Venom cover by Tyler Kirkham went for $6,100, the Captain America cover by Mike Allred for $1,500, the X-Men cover by Mike Mayhew for $1,300, 3 pages of Wonder Woman art by Jose Delbo for $1,500, an Hellboy bust by Mike Mignola for $1,200.
An unfinished Wolverine splash by John Buscema went for $2k, a Spider-Man page by Gil Kane for $2k again, the Wonder Woman cover by Warren Louw for a $3,250 best offer.
Two nice Superman pages by Gil Kane went for pretty low prices, one for $270 and one for $290. A Demon page by John Byrne went for $150 and a Superman cover by Pat Gleason for $350. The Adam Hughes Wonder Woman illustration is still going.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a 5 page Archie story by Dan De Carlo was sold for $4,800, the Sky Masters daily by Jack Kirby for $3,800. Hagar Sundays are getting scarce, this one went for $2,300, prices for Garfield dailies are fluctuating again, this week we’re down to $660.
This is one of those weeks when I hate myself for not following my own advice, many grea pieces went for low sums: I’d love to own a Werewolf page by Tom Sutton, this splash was perfect for only $660… that great Secret Wars page by Al Milgrom went for the same price. A 1945 Li'l Abner Sunday went for $450, the Robin page by John Byrne went for only $240, the Superman splash by Dave Taylor for $200, a Batman page by Garcia Lopez for $190 and that great Batman original by Cam Kennedy for $180.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - X-Force Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola - X-Force Original Comic Art
Marvel: a great X-Force title splash by Mike Mignola ending tonight! A Conan cover by Armando Gil, an action Wolverine page by Bill Sienkiewicz, a Wolverine sketch by Jim Lee, an X-Men page by Marc Silvestri. The Marvel Universe illustration by Sal Buscema and Joe Sinnott that went unsold a few months ago is here again, at that price I’d buy it.
Very nice Spider-Man jam piece, a Spider-Man 2099 commission by Rick Leonardi, a Spider-Girl page by Olliffe/Williamson, black costume Spidey by Greg LaRocque.
The Shang-Chi buy it now pages that went unsold last week are now at auction… Avengers original art by Steve Epting, a Cable DPS by Ian Churchill, Gambit by Mike Wieringo and a great Ghost Rider commission by James Harren.
DC: Doomsday Clock original art by Gary Frank, a Batman splash by Dan Brereton, Batman by Eduardo Barreto, a Superman half-splash by Garcia Lopez, two Flash pages by Don Heck.
A TMNT splash by Eastman/Laird , 2 early Image pages by Rob Liefeld with the Beast clone, a Deathmate DPS by Mark Pacella, an Atom Eve pinup by Cory Walker.
Strips: a Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond, an Archie daily by Bob Montana, a Pogo daily and a Wizard of ID Sunday.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Greg Capullo - Batman Original Comic Art
Greg Capullo - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: Tarzan and Avengers original art by John Buscema, a Speedball page by Steve Ditko, the Avengers by George Perez and Secret Wars by Al Milgrom.
Two nice Kitty Pryde-Excalibur pages by Alan Davis (one, two), a Hulk DPS by Mark Bagley and a Daredevil page by Michael Lark.
DC: Do you like the Dark Knight? Here’s a Batman page by Greg Capullo, a Batman commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a Batman daily by Al Plastino, Batman painted by Kyle Baker, Robin and Supergirl by John Byrne, Azrael by Quesada/Nowlan.
A beautiful Humorama cartoon by Dan De Carlo, Love & Rockets original art by Jaime, great Placemat illustration by Robert Crumb.
Strips: Big week for strips, here are the highlights but there’s much more. An incredible Prince Valiant panel by Hal Foster, a Steve Canyon comic book page by Caniff Studio, a great Buz Sawyer daily by Roy Crane, a Shoe daily and a Beetle Bailey daily.
Comic link Focused Auction part 3 of 3
Mike Zeck - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Mike Zeck - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Not much left to see in the last pages of listings, mostly prelims and commissions. The auction will be next Tuesday.
The best piece left is this Spider-Man page by Mike Zeck, a Spidey page by Leinil Yu, a Star Wars cover prelim by Mike Mayhew and an Hawkman cover prelim by Kevin Nowlan.
For commissions I like this Voodoo by Jason Pearson and this Batgirl by Cameron Stewart, a Hellboy illustration and an original I Hate Fairyland page by Skottie Young.
We close with a nice Sergio Toppi illustration on Catawiki.
See you next week!!!
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