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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #120

January 17 · Issue #120 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #120 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic art Auction Results:
eBay: a Superman Vs. He-Man page by Curt Swan went for $1,550. De gustibus non disputandum est, as the Romans said. A Shang-Chi page by Paul Gulacy went for $4k, a Spider-Man page by Rick Buckler went for $1,200, a Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank for $750, I’d probably pay $250 for a Mike Mignola page like this one.
Heritage Weekly: an action packed Dick Tracy daily strip went for $6,6k, the Weird War page by Alex Toth went for $2,9k and the Creepy splash for $2,6k.
The Miss Lace painting by Milton Caniff went for $2,5k, the Ghost Rider splash by Dick Ayers for $2,3k, the Sgt Fury page for $1,6k, a Pogo daily for $1,1k.
The Fantastic Four storyboard by Jack Kirby went for $900, a very good price for a full team image (if you consider Herbie part of the team…). The beautiful Kyle Baker painted cover went for only $900, a Lady Death DPS by Steven Hughes went for $600, the same price was enough to buy the Superfriends title splash by Ramona Fradon.
Catwoman pages by Jim Balent are rare but still affordable, this one went for $450 (there’s a new one on Comiclink). Odd Facts panels, when signed, are a good way to buy a cheap and well drawn piece by Will Eisner. Pencil only pages always go bad in online auctions, this Fantastic Four splash by Mark Bagley went for only $200.

This week on eBay
David Mazzucchelli - Daredevil Original Comic Art
David Mazzucchelli - Daredevil Original Comic Art
Very nice pieces from Marvel, like this Daredevil page by David Mazzucchelli, a New Mutants DPS by Rob Liefeld, it passed $8k. A really quick, but rare Spider-Man sketch by Todd McFarlane. I like a lot this Frenz/Buscema Hulk page, a Hulk Vs. Wolverine pinup by Herb Trimpe.
Daredevil original art by John Buscema and a nice Conan page, Spidey Vs. Demogoblin by Tom Lyle, a great Spidey page by Alex Saviuk, X-Men by Salvador Larroca, and a funny Rocket Raccoon sketch by Sara Pichelli.
DC: House of Mystery original art by Bernie Wrightson, a nice Flash page by Ron Garney, a Superman illustration by Tom Grummett, the Ray by Joe Quesada, Doomsday Clock by Gary Frank.
A Superpowers page by Jack Kirby, a Superman/Wonder Woman illustration by Adam Hughes, a Harley sketch by Bruce Timm, a Batman pinup by Bill Sienk, a nice Shade page by Chris Bachalo.
Witchblade original art by Darwin Cooke, a Wizard of ID Sunday, a Bringing Up Father daily and a Blacksad sketch by Guarnido.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Dan De Carlo - Original Pinup Art
Dan De Carlo - Original Pinup Art
DC: a Batman title splash by Walt Simonson, another great painting by Kyle Baker, this time of Static, and two classic Shadow pages.
Some of the notorious cut Golden Age Flash panels by Carmine Infantino, a JLA splash by Mike Collins, a DC Trinity splash by Mark Bagley, Superman by Paul Ryan and a Batman sketch by Dave Cockrum, Captain Action by Wally Wood.
Marvel: a 1957 page by Al Williamson, Sgt Fury by Dick Ayers, a Richard Dragon splash by Estrada/Wally Wood, a Tarzan page by Sal Buscema.
Excalibur pages by Alan Davis are back again. X-Men original art by Simone Bianchi, a Spidey page by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Tarzan by Yeates/Williamson, a great sketch by Williamson, a Spirit page by Eisner+Studio, a Love & Rockets page by Jaime, a Neat Stuff page by Peter Bagge, a big lot of Rudolph prelims by Sheldon Mayer, a beautiful Dan De Carlo 1950’s pinup.
Strips are from the usual big lots with no highlights.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 3
Adam Hughes - Black Canary Original Comic Art
Adam Hughes - Black Canary Original Comic Art
DC: a Wonder Woman pinup by Art Adams, a great Batman page by Jim Aparo, a nice Supergirl pinup by Mahmud Asrar, Catwoman original art by Jim Balent, a Batman splash by Tony Daniel, a Batman page by Gary Frank, full team JLA by Bryan Hitch.
Many Adam Hughes commissions, the best one is this Black Canary. A Batman splash by Carmine Infantino, one by Tyler Kirkham, a Power Girl commission by Jim Lee.
Marvel: GenX by Chris Bachalo, a Hulk cover by Mark Bagley, a Guardians cover by Nick Bradshaw, a very nice Fantastic Four page by Buscema/Sinnott, a Wolverine page by John Byrne, a Spidey Vs. Avengers splash by Mike Deodato.
What If? by Gil Kane, great Marvel coloring book by Fred Kida and Marie Severin, Thanos+Warlock and Silver Surfer original art by Ron Lim.
See you next week!!!
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