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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #118

January 3 · Issue #118 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to the first issue of Original Comic Art Tips of 2020! We enter our fourth year with #118, let’s hope we all find some great pieces for our collections in the new year.
If you buy a piece after seeing it here, reply and let me know, I’m curious.
And if you enjoy this newsletter and want to contribute to it, can you take a moment to recommend it? You can forward it to your friends or post in the online communities you frequent, I’d really like to expand readership, we are a few 100’s and collectors round the world are tens of 1000’s! Let’s go see some comic art, now!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Flash page by Carmine Infantino went for $7,800, the Superman/Batman DPS by Michael Turner for $4k, the Doom Patrol page by Bruno Premiani for $3k, a Strange Tales page by Ditko for $3k.
The Laird/Eastman TMNT original art went for $3,500 and won over the Eastman/Laird sketch sold for $2,800.
The Batman page by David Finch went for $1,200, the Fantastic Four page by John Byrne for $1,300. The Howard the Duck cover by Gene Colan ends today.
Heritage Sunday: the Thor cover by Ron Frenz went for more than $5k, a Dick Tracy daily for $3,2k, a Golden Age page by Alex Blum for almost $3k, the early MAD page by Jack Davis for $2,1k, a Spidey cover recreation by Mike Esposito for $1,8k, a Garfield daily and a R. Crumb placemat drawing for $1,4k.
Four painted pinups by Mike Mayhew for $780 are a good catch, a nice Green Lantern page by Keith Pollard went for $360. $360 seems like a really good price for this Wolverine page by Gene Colan, Gene also had a Batman page sold for $228.

This week on eBay
Adam Kubert - Wolverine Original Cover Art
Adam Kubert - Wolverine Original Cover Art
Not bad for a holiday week, many nice pieces here and there.
Green Arrow/Black Canary Vs. Deathstroke again by McDaniel, a World of Krypton DPS by Mike Mignola, a full-team JLA page by John Byrne, a JLA DPS by Tim Sale, a Flash title splash by Don Heck.
Marvel: the big piece of the week is this Adam Kubert wraparound Wolverine cover, already at $15k. There’s also a page from Ultimate X-Men #1.
A nice Venom cover by Declan Shalvey, Infinity Crusade original art by Ron Lim, I like a lot this Chris Bachalo Avengers page, and it’s cheap. (Modern) Avengers half-splash by John Byrne, a Thor page by Simone Bianchi and one by Frenz/Sinnott.
A Spidey page by Humberto Ramos, one by Mark Brooks and a Gwen Stacy commission by Jeff Dekal.
A Murder Falcon page by Daniel Warren Johnson, a Walking Dead variant by Nick Dragotta, a Mouse Guard illustration by David Petersen, a lot of 22 sketches by various artists, there are a Cable by Liefeld and a Wolverine by Silvestri. An Alex Toth doodle page, a color bust by Artgerm.
I find this fake Manara “illustration” very funny.
Strips: a Wizard of ID Sunday, an Alley Oop Sunday, Hagar, Nancy, B.C. dailies and five Odd Facts panels by Will Eisner.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Milton Caniff - Terry and the Pirates Original Comic Art
Milton Caniff - Terry and the Pirates Original Comic Art
Seems like with the first week of 2020 the Sunday auction has been renamed the Sunday & Monday auction… I’ll keep on using the shorter old name.
DC and Superman original art: another very nice painted cover by Kyle Baker, a Curt Swan page, a nice title splash by Buckler/Giordano, a fight page by Murphy Anderson and a Superboy page by Bob Brown.
A great piece, a Cosmic Odissey splash by Mike Mignola, a Doom Patrol splash by Matthew Clark, a Swamp Thing illustration by Alfredo Alcala and a Batman page by Cowan/Sienkiewicz.
Marvel: not much but some great pieces like this Infinity Gauntlet page by George Perez, a classic 1969 Alter Ego cover by Kane/Severin, the cover for Marvel Classics’ “The Iliad” by John Buscema, a Captain Marvel page by Don Heck, MOKF by Gene Day.
A Wolverine Vs. Batman commission by David Finch, a Mr. Sinister cover by Nick Bradshaw, an Avengers page by George Perez.
An Atomics cover by Mike Allred, a beautiful Starman page by Craig Hamilton, Love & Rockets original art by Jaime, a 1972 Archie cover by Dan De Carlo, a Kelly Green page by Stan Drake.
Strips: I like a lot this very early Terry strip by Milton Caniff, seems like 2001 was a great year for Garfield, every week there’s a funny strip here, and they all go for high prices. Three nice Dick Tracy dailies, 1933, 1934, 1945.
A Mutts daily by Patrick McDonnell, a 1974 B.C. daily.
See you next week!!
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