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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #117

December 27 · Issue #117 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #117 of Original Comic Art Tips, the Christmas edition. Who received some original art from Santa?
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Metron pinup by Jack Kirby went for $5,000, last week’s Peanuts strip was sold again for less, $9,800, the Star Wars cover by Frank Springer went for $3,700, a Terry daily by Milton Caniff for $3,400, the Killing Joke prelim by Brian Bolland for $1,300, the Olivier Coipel splash for $1,200, a Tales from the Crypt page by Graham Ingels went for $1,800.
The Paul Pope Spidey page is still going.
Heritage Sunday: The Spy Vs. Spy title page was sold for $4,500, this Curt Swan Superman page went for $2,200, much more than usual. the placemat by Robert Crumb for $1,900, the Love & Rockets page by Jaime for $1,700.
The Batman Beyond sketch by Bruce Timm went for $700 and won over the regular Batman sold for $550.
A painted Kyle Baker cover for $660 is not bad, nice prices also for a Thor page by John Buscema ($480), and a Namor by Sal for $550.
None of the Dick Tracy strips on auction yesterday at Cochran’s met the reserve.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Fantastic Four page by John Byrne, Ant Man original art by Steve Ditko, a Transformers splash by Jose Delbo, a Howard the Duck cover by Gene Colan, Spidey and Daredevil by Jeff Aclin, a Thor splash by Paul Kupperberg.
Vintage commissions, Nightcrawler by Dave Cockrum and Doctor Strange by Paul Smith.
A Spider-Man page by Alex Saviuk, one by Patrick Scherberger, an X-Men DPS by Carlos Pacheco and a great cover by Steve McNiven.
DC: Doom Patrol by Bruno Premiani, a Superman/Batman DPS by Michael Turner, an incredible Batman/Bane page by David Finch, a Green Lantern cover by Darryl Banks.
A JLA splash by Ed McGuinness, Doomsday Clock original art by Gary Frank, the Demon by John Byrne, a nice Legionnaires page by Chris Sprouse.
Two very nice Capullo/McFarlane Spawn pages (one, two) and some Strips: a 1965 Wizard of ID daily, a funny 1961 B.C. Sunday, a 1957 Pogo daily and a 1921 Gasoline Alley daily.

Heritage Sunday Auction
Kyle Baker - Original Comic Art
Kyle Baker - Original Comic Art
Not much from DC, a Swamp Thing pinup by Alfredo Alcala, a Spectre DPS by Ryan Sook, Superman Original Art by Curt Swan, an Hawkman cover recreation by Sheldon Moldoff and a Green Lantern cover recreation by Joe Giella.
Marvel: Daredevil and Wolverine original art by Gene Colan, a Thor cover by Frenz/Sinnott, a full team Avengers page by Brown/Heck, the Fantastic Four by Mike Mayhew, a nice Black Cat page by Terry Dodson and a painted cover by Kyle Baker.
A placemat by R. Crumb, Preacher original art by Steve Dillon, Shade by Chris Bachalo, an early MAD page by Jack Davis, Love & Rockets by Jaime.
Strips: Robin Malone by Bob Lubbers is back with a Sunday, a 1945 Dick Tracy daily and a Zits daily.
Heritage ERB/Tarzan original art auction
Burne Hogarth - Tarzan Original Comic Art
Burne Hogarth - Tarzan Original Comic Art
From a collector’s estate, top pieces by all of the best Tarzan artists.
See you in 2020!!
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