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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #116

December 20 · Issue #116 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #116 of Original Comic Art Tips!! websites are slowing down but there are still many interesting pieces to see, and in January we’ll start again with some big auctions..!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: many high results, the Peanuts strips went for $10k, the Warlord DPS by Mike Grell for $4,500 and the splash for $2,500. An Avengers page by George Perez went for $1,750, one by John Buscema for $3,000, a Micronauts page by Pat Broderick went also for $3,000, a Daredevil title splash by Bob Brown for $2,850, a Preacher page by Dillon for a best offer of $1,950.
Heritage Sunday: the highest prices were made by the early strips by George McManus, a Newlyweds Sunday went for $3,500. A Dick Tracy 1945 daily went for $1,700. The two Ranxerox pinups by Tanino Liberatore went for $2,600.
A Luke Cage page by George Tuska went for $1,100, an Howard the Duck page by Gene Colan went for $1,700.
Happy collectors took home a nice Green Goblin page by Humberto Ramos for $150, a Superman cover by Ryan Sook for $800, that nice Wonder Woman prelim for $150 and a finished Aquaman pinup for only $87.
A Morbius commission by Sienk for $290, a Captain America Commission by Ron Garney for $150 and a Cap vs. Hulk commission by Khoi Pham for $50.
Millon: some really high results, the winner is Tardi with the cover to the first Adèle Blanc-Sec album, sold for €100k, a Gaston page by Franquin for €54k and a Spirou page for €50k.
A Oumpah-Pah page by Uderzo for €44k, a Valerian cover for €31k, a Lucky Luke illustration for €24k, a Jerry Spring cover by Jijé for €24k and a 1991 baseball themed Peanuts strip for €8,2k, it’s rare these days to find one for that price.

This week on eBay
Olivier Coipel - Hawkman Original Comic Art
Olivier Coipel - Hawkman Original Comic Art
Marvel: a great Hawkman & Cloak splash by Olivier Coipel, if you like Rob Liefeld there’s a Captain America splash from Heroes Reborn Avengers #1. A very nice X-Men action page by Andy Kubert, and the price in 2020 money is quite good.
A Paul Pope Spidey page, a Guardians of the Galaxy splash by Ed McGuinness, a classic Mysterio/Hobgoblin page by Erik Larsen and a Spider-Woman. A Cap half-splash by Dan Jurgens, a $75 Punisher sketch by Jim Lee, Ultimate Spider-Man original art by Mark Bagley.
Namor by Bill Everett, Iron-Man by George Tuska, Defenders by Sal Buscema, a Star Wars cover by Frank Springer.
DC: Andy Kubert again, with a JLA page, a Penguin splash by Tony Daniel, a Batman head sketch by Bruce Timm, a Killing Joke prelim by Brian Bolland, a Bane splash by Nicola Scott.
A Power Girl sketch by Adam Hughes, a Wonder Woman commission by David Finch, an Atom prelim by Gil Kane, Superman Original art by Curt Swan, no superheroes but great art in this Wonder Woman page by Kevin Nowlan.
Two TMNT by Easman/Laird for charity (one, two), Wildcats art by Jim Lee, a nice Shade page by Chris Bachalo, a Sandman sketch by P. Craig Russell, Hellboy by Jae Lee, an American Gods cover by Glenn Fabry.
Strips: a 1958 Juliet Jones daily by Stan Drake, a Pogo daily by Walt Kelly, a nice X-9 daily by Bob Lubbers, a 1940 Terry daily by Caniff.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Sal Buscema - Namor Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Namor Original Comic Art
DC: the best piece is this Swamp Thing page by Veitch/Alcala, a nice Metamorpho cover recreation by Fradon/Giella and an Aquaman pinup by Fradon, Superman by Swan/Anderson, a Wonder Woman page by Bob Brown and one by Jose Delbo.
A series of several head sketch commissions by Bruce Timm. Batman, Ivy, Harley and more.
Marvel: Thor original art by John Buscema, Loki and Namor pages by Sal Buscema, Avengers by Bob Brown, Luke Cage by George Tuska.
An unpublished Incredible Hulk page by Bernie Wrightson, a nice Shang-Chi by Gene Day.
Great Dick Tracy painted cover by Kyle Baker, Flash Gordon original art by Reed Crandall, a Spy Vs. Spy title page and a page by Prohias, Love & Rockets by Jaime, two Ranxerox pencil illustrations by Tanino Liberatore, an Archie cover by Dan De Carlo.
Strips: a Mutts print with a painted remark by McDonnell, a Ben Casey daily by Neal Adams, a great 3G Sunday by Alex Kotzky, a Steve Canyon 1952 daily, 2 lovely On Stage dailies (one, two), a perfect Wizard of ID Sunday, a 1944 Blondie Sunday and a funny Garfield daily.
Russ Cochran
Chester Gould - Dick Tracy Original Comic Art
Chester Gould - Dick Tracy Original Comic Art
The usual dozens of cheap strips, but this time there are also a few very nice pieces. A very early (1933) daily Dick Tracy Strip by Chester Gould, and it’s also an action scene. 9 consecutive 1951 dailies with the birth of Tracy’s daughter, a nice 1947 daily.
A Christmas themed Cicero’s Cat strip by Fisher, a color Smilin’ Jack specialty piece by Zack Mosley and a great Moon Mullins specialty drawing by Frank Willard that needs some heavy restoration.
see you next week, and happy holidays!!
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