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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #115 - Peanuts!!

December 13 · Issue #115 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #115 of Original Comic Art Tips!! This week we have a long auction results section.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Superman/Batman cover by Ed McGuinness went for more than $4,000, a Captain America cover by Paul Neary was sold for a Best Offer of $4,200, a Spidey cover by Angel Medina for $3,200, a Namor page by Marie Severin for $2,100. I think $2,350 for a generic monster drawing by Todd McFarlane are a bit too much, this Cyberfrog DPS by Ethan VanSciver went for a $2,200 Best Offer.
An early Daredevil page by Joe Orlando went for $4k, I think it may be the same that was for sale last month, but I’m late this week, no time to check… the same seller sold a $2k+ Fantastic Four page by Buckler/Sinnott.
Profiles in History: nobody noticed that the Frankenstein cover by Bernie Wrightson was sold for $1 million +BP? It is the most famous piece drawn in his career, but this sale goes straight in the olympus of the most valuable original art, with Frank Frazetta and Hergé.
Complete stories: (all prices before BP) an EC 6 pager by Harvey Kurtzman went for $55k, a 7 pager by Wally Wood for $42k, one by Graham Ingels for $20k. The complete Iron-Man story by Romita Jr. went for $17k, considering the BP it means more than $1,000 for each page, a very high result. A complete issue of Fantastic Four Original Art drawn by John Byrne went for $75k. A complete Thor issue by Jack Kirby went for the same price.
A Spidey action page by Steve Ditko went for $75k, more or less in line with past results, a lower quality page instead went for $25k, which is a very good price.
Weapon X pages by Barry Smith went up a bit at $18k and $12k. This detailed Conan prelim went for a nice $5,500, and a good catch was this Conan page sold for $4,500.
Comic Link: a Thor cover by John Buscema went for $19k, the last page from F4 #112 for $13k, the title splash from #108 for $6k and a Wolverine half splash for almost $8k.
Happy collectors bought many “affordable” pieces of original art by John Byrne: a 1988 Superman page for $800, an X-Men “Elsewhere” page and a nice She-Hulk page for $1,200, a 1979 Spider-Man page for $3,500, a Fantastic Four page for $1,600, one with the full team Vs. Galactus for $3,600 and a pinup of the entire JLA for $1,100.
Jack Kirby: a Thor splash went for $39k, a Strange Tales splash for $28k, a Kamandi title splash went for $3,700 and a Captain Victory page for less than $1,000.
Modern Avengers covers by George Perez can still grow a lot in price, this one went for less than $5k. I’d like to see on Heritage this Excalibur page by Alan Davis, sold for $900.
A J. Scott Campbell cover went for $12k, $14k for this Flash cover may be a record price for pencils/inks original art by Dick Giordano, a Thor cover by Kane/Romita went for “only” $18k, a Tony Moore Walking Dead page went, to no surprise, for $11k.
A Superman page by Frank Quitely for $6k, the Spidey splash by John Romita Jr. has grown another $500 since September, a Batman cover by Alex Ross was sold for $26k, a Witchblade cover by Michael Turner for $14k, a Captain America cover by Mike Zeck for $11k.
Coutau-Begarie: the Hergé Tintin illustration went for more than €60k, Blueberry pages by Giraud are selling lately for much more than the evaluation, this 25/28k€ page was sold for €38k.

This week on eBay
Charles Schultz - Peanuts Original Strip
Charles Schultz - Peanuts Original Strip
Marvel: a full-team Avengers page by George Perez, Ms Marvel original art by Dave Cockrum, a Two in One page and a ROM by Sal Buscema, Secret Wars by Mike Zeck, two nice Conan pages by John Buscema (one and two).
A Winter Soldier cover by Butch Guice, a Daredevil splash by Michael Lark, a Fantastic Four pinup and a Wolverine cover by Ed McGuinness, a Rogue commission by David Finch.
DC: a Batman page by Dick Giordano, Superman by Curt Swan, a JLApe cover by Art Adams, a Superman cover by Howard Chaykin, a Superman splash by Dan Jurgens, Green Lantern by Tony Daniel.
A Batgirl sketch by Adam Hughes, Mary Marvel by Colleen Doran, Wonder Woman sketches by Mike Deodato, James Jean and Mark Texeira.
Others: two great Warlord pages by Mike Grell, a title splash and an half splash, a beautiful Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams, an EC page by Graham Ingels, an AXA pinup by Romero, a Tonantzin pinup by Beto Hernandez, an illustration by Jay Anacleto.
Strips: a Peanuts daily from the 80’s with a low starting price, a Wizard of ID Sunday and a B.C. daily.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Tanino Liberatore - Ranxerox Original Illustration
Tanino Liberatore - Ranxerox Original Illustration
A bit better than last week, no big pieces but some nice pages and sketches.
DC: nice Superman cover by Ryan Sook, from the same artist there are also a Superman and a Wonder Woman prelim and a Style Guide Aquaman pinup.
Superman original art also by: Steve Rude, Dan Jurgens, Pat Gleason, Jose Delbo.
A JLA page by Mark Bagley, Batman by Ernie Chan, Teen Titans by Keith Pollard.
Marvel: a 1985 Spidey AD by Marie Severin, a nice Thor page by Don Heck, Black Panther by Bob Brown, Power Man by George Tuska, a Squadron Supreme pinup by Keith Pollard, Howard the Duck by Gene Colan.
A Morbius sketch by Bill Sienkiewicz, Green Goblin by Humberto Ramos, Captain America by Steve McNiven, a Scarlet Witch painting by Alex Maleev.
Others: I don’t know why these two color Ranxerox pinups by Liberatore are on Heritage (and as a set), they will probably go for much less than they would in Europe, the first one is beautiful.
Comic Strips: some early, pre-Bringing Up Father strips by George McManus, probably leftovers from the forthcoming classic comic strips auction… we all know The Newlyweds (here’s a 1900’s Sunday and a 1910’s Sunday), but Panhandle Pete and Cheerful Charley are new to me. I’m tempted.
A nice Steve Canyon daily, a Buz Sawyer Sunday by Roy Crane, a funny Garfield daily, a good girl panel by Dan De Carlo, a Cisco Kid daily by Salinas.
Jean Giraud - Blueberry Original Illustration
Jean Giraud - Blueberry Original Illustration
Great selection as usual with multiple historic pieces.
Big selection of published pieces by Franquin, the big two are a Gaston and a Spirou page. Hergé with a Tintin advertising illustration. Uderzo has an Oumpa-Pah page, an Asterix illustration, a jam piece with E.P. Jacobs and more. Morris with a Lucky Luke page and an illustration. Jijé a beautiful Tanguy page and a Jerry Spring cover. Giraud has a Blueberry color portrait and an illustration.
Great original art also by Peyo, Vance, Pratt, Tardi, a 1991 Peanuts strip and more.
See you next week!!
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