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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #112

November 22 · Issue #112 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #112 of Original Comic Art Tips! Lots of things to see…
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the vintage Marvel pages from last week are still going, Chris Samnee Batman pinups: this week prices were lower on average, the best one made $1,000, this one was nice and more affordable at $425.
The Graham Ingels EC page went for $2,000, the Ghost Rider splash by Don Perlin for the same price, the Loki page by Esad Ribic for $1,400, the Spidey page by John Byrne for a $1,100 Best Offer.
Heritage Sunday: Interesting. The Wonder Woman illustration by Bruce Timm went for $5,500, it was already sold in last August’s Signature Auction for $4,300. The art itself had a 25% growth in value in less than 3 months, but the seller, considering buyer’s/seller’s premium, actually lost a big sum of money on it…
A Thanos/Cap. Marvel/Warlock commission by Jim Starlin went for $3,700, Starlin commissions have grown significantly in the last couple years, since he stopped drawing. In the HA archives there are a Thanos commission with backgrounds added by Milgrom that was sold in 2018 for $4,200, and a similar commission with backgrounds by Rubinstein sold for $3,600 in 2014.
With an added background this last one could go up of at least $2k. The owner of this commission sold in 2015 for $1,600 should be very happy.
The UK Spidey cover by Larry Lieber went for $3,800, the MAD Strip parodies by Wally Wood for $2,700, the 3 panels from a Beyond Mars strip by Lee Elias went for $1,100.
Nice Namor pages by John Byrne are still affordable at $660, a Batman fight page by Bob Brown and a nice World’s Finest by Dick Dillin both went for $380, a Namor page by Rich Buckler for $260.

This week on eBay
Gene Colan - Howard the Duck Original Cover Art
Gene Colan - Howard the Duck Original Cover Art
Marvel: let’s start with this classic Thor page by Jack Kirby, a Monsters on the Prowl cover by Kirby, an Howard the Duck cover by Gene Colan, a Mary Jane Watson strip by Fred Kida.
Excalibur original art by Alan Davis, a Thanos sketch by George Perez, a Shang-Chi page by Gene Day, nice Venom page by Liam Sharp.
There’s no Spidey, but I like this 2099 page by Rick Leonardi, a Phoenix commission by Tony Daniel, Phoenix + White Queen by Tyler Kirkham, cheap Spidey commission by Erik Larsen, modern Avengers page by Ron Lim.
DC and Chris Samnee: last batch of 12 Inktober Batman sketches, I like this one, this, and also this one.
Batman pinup by Michael Cho, a Joker splash by Jamal Igle, the Atom by John Byrne, Superman sketch by George Perez.
A Wonder Woman + Batgirl sketch by Adam Hughes, color Wonder Woman commission by David Finch, nice Supergirl page by Mahmud Asrar.
A page from Sandman #5 by Sam Kieth, an Invisibles cover prelim by Brian Bolland, price lowered again on this Hellboy page by Mike Mignola, a Cyberfrog page by Ethan VanSciver, Power & Glory art by Chaykin, the Crow sketch by James O'Barr. No nice comic strips, this week…
Heritage Sunday Auction
Eduardo Risso - Batman Original Art
Eduardo Risso - Batman Original Art
A shorter section to make way for the Signature Auction, only the best pieces.
DC: a Batman splash by Cliff Chiang, a Wonder Woman cover by Jenny Frison, a Batman Who Laughs page by Jock, two great Batman pages by Eduardo Risso (one, two), Teen Titans original art by George Perez, a nice JLA page by Don Heck and a Batman sketch by Frank Cho.
Marvel: very nice Savage Sword page by John Buscema, a Galactus page by Buscema/Sienk and a Tarzan splash by Sal, Shang Chi original art by Mike Zeck and an early Spidey page by Rick Leonardi.
A detailed Spidey cover prelim by Frank Cho, Avengers by George Perez, Captain America by Chris Samnee, an X-Men page and a great Cap splash by Leinil Yu.
A Spawn page by Greg Capullo, an American Flagg splash and a page by Chaykin, Tarzan by Russ Manning, a Thunder Agents prelim by Wally Wood.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2 of 2
Jack Kirby - Fantastic Four Original Sketch
Jack Kirby - Fantastic Four Original Sketch
The signature auction will start today (with the lots we watched last week) and continue this weekend. As usual there are multiple great pieces for most artists, I’ll choose the best one or my favourite.
A of Aparo, with a great Batman cover. A Red Sonja cover by Frank Brunner, an early Conan splash by John Buscema (go see the other pieces..) and a Namor cover by Sal Buscema. John Byrne with the original art to a 1977 Spider-Man Team-Up and a vintage Superman illustration.
A Harley/Ivy cover by Frank Cho, an X-Men page by Dave Cockrum, an incredible F4 wraparound cover by Alan Davis, Creeper by Ditko, a 1979 Superman pinup by Garcia Lopez, a Rorschach page from Watchmen.
Early Avengers art by Heck/Wood and a splash from the first Annual, beautiful Dr. Strange cover by Adam Hughes, a Wizard cover with Batman and a 4-page Wildcats spread by Jim Lee, a Joker cover by Andy Kubert, a Spidey splash by Todd McFarlane.
Go see every piece by Mike Mignola, here’s a colour Wondercon program cover.
Great Krazy Kat Sunday, the 24th daily Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond.
A historic Batman/Bane splash by Graham Nolan, 300 original art by Frank Miller is rare, here’s a Wizard cover. A Cap Marvel half splash by Jim Starlin, a Spider-Man complete issue by John Romita Jr., a Batman DPS by Alex Ross, a 1959 Peanuts Sunday.
A complete Hulk issue by Trimpe, Daredevil art by Wally Wood, a Batman cover by Frank Cho, a Tank Girl pinup by Jamie Hewlett.
A selection of festive Garfield strips, several Christmas and new year dailies and Sundays, here’s an early one.
Yes, a page of Black Jack Original Art by Osamu Tezuka.
Yes, a page of Black Jack Original Art by Osamu Tezuka.
It all started last year with the sale of an incredibly rare Astroboy page by Osamu Tezuka. This time there’s a selection of pages, pinups and sketches for most of the series created by Tezuka. Here’s a great one.
There are as usual 300 top quality pieces, I’ll link to a few, or this newsletter will be too long. Hergé, classic Liberatore, a Spirit cover by Eisner, many Hugo Pratt pages, Milo Manara.
See you next week!!
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