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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #111

November 16 · Issue #111 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with #15 of Original Comic Art Tips! Another long newsletter, with many auctions and a new blog post.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: an Umbrella Academy pinup by Gabriel Ba went for $3,100, the Byrne Fantastic Four page went for $2,600, the Iron Fist page for $800, and a Superman page for $2,200. Chris Samnee earned $6,250 with his ten Batman Inktober sketches. I can’t tell why this Robin went for $880… this great Batman/Robin went for $850, the other one for $800 and my favorite Batman for $700.
The TWD back cover by Charlie Adlard and the Jay Anacleto cover both went for $800.
Heritage Sunday: I noticed that lately there’s more art in the bargain section. The big surprise is this STAT of a Daredevil splash sold for almost $4,000… I don’t know what to think, it’s not original art but at least it’s not one of those xerox copies sold on eBay.
A Pogo daily went for $2,900, the Storm pinup by Romita Sr. for $2,700, the Conan pinup by John Buscema for $1,900.
A BPRD cover by Ryan Sook went for only $660 and that nice Huntress pinup for $150. Batman/Superman original art by George Tuska went for less than $400, Flash by Carmine Infantino for $330, a Superman splash by Paul Ryan for $150.
Excalibur: an X-Men page by Alan Davis was sold for 200GBP, a Superman Vs. Doomsday (from 1998) page by Dan Jurgens went for 150GBP.
Cambi Aste: the only interesting result is the Little Ego 2page story by Vittorio Giardino sold for $6,500.

This week on eBay
Chris Samnee - Batman Original Comic Art
Chris Samnee - Batman Original Comic Art
A great selection of classic comic art, mostly from Marvel: a Buscema/Sienk Wolverine splash, Daredevil/Black Panther by George Tuska, a Spidey half splash by Ross Andru, Hawkeye by Milgrom/Heck, an early full team X-Men splash by Don Heck, Thor by Frenz/Sinnott.
Herb Trimpe: She-Hulk + Spidey, Hulk, Defenders and Hulk/F4 original art.
Don Perlin: a Ghost Rider splash, a page, and a Defenders page.
Alex Saviuk: Spidey one. two and three.
Two great Spidey commissions by Erik Larsen: one and two (with BG).
Venom by Sam Kieth, Cap by Rob Liefeld, a Loki page by Esad Ribic.
DC: Superman art by Gary Frank, a Superman Sunday strip by Jose Delbo, Superboy by Tom Grummett. A Robin title splash by Aparo/Sienk, a Batman page by Jim Aparo, Batman by Jock, a Batman/Deathstroke splash by Pagulayan and a rare Wonder Woman sketch by Amanda Conner.
Chris Samnee Batman illustrations: 10 new pieces, all great. I like this Batman, then this one, and this one too.
An EC horror page by Graham Ingels, an early Cerebus page by Dave Sim, a great Star Wars parody from MAD by Tom Richmond, an early Adam Hughes pinup and a cover by Jay Anacleto.
Strips: a rare Pearls Before Swine daily, an illustration by Lynn Johnston and a Wizard of ID Sunday.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Marvel: very nice Marvel UK Spidey cover by Larry Lieber, a Dracula cover prelim by Gil Kane, Avengers original art by John Buscema, a Namor page by Rich Buckler.
Namor original art by John Byrne, a Cap half splash by Rik Levins, a great Thanos/Cap Marvel/Warlock commission by Jim Starlin.
A Squadron Sinister cover by Jim Cheung, an X-Men page by John Cassaday, Avengers by Alan Davis and a Cap cover by Chris Sprouse.
DC: a colour Wonder Woman illustration by Bruce Timm, Batman by Bob Brown, World’s Finest by Dick Dillin, nice Teen Titans art by George Perez.
Ducks prelim by Carl Barks, Wrestling themed page by Jaime, dinosaurs by Al Williamson, two of the famous comic strip MAD parodies by Wally Wood, three rare Beyond Mars panels by Lee Elias.
Heritage Signature part 1 of 2
Neal Adams - Batman #251 Original Cover Art
Neal Adams - Batman #251 Original Cover Art
No need to say that there’s more jawdropping art than I can link here…
A to Z: A of Neal Adams, with the cover to Batman #251. Carl Barks with a rare Uncle Scrooge page and a rare cover, a Captain America cover by Sal Buscema.
A Spidey page by Steve Ditko.
I wonder if this complete 2011 comic by Ditko comes from his heirs, I’m sure they found hundreds of pages in his studio…
Thun'Da original art by Frazetta, Watchmen by Gibbons, Batman by Finger/Kane. The usual big selection of Kirby pages, like the full Fantastic Four Annual #2, here’s the splash. A Silver Surfer and an Hulk pinup would also look great on a wall.
Hey, there’s the full story by McMahon with the first Judge Dredd appearance.
Rare Ghost Rider cover by Mike Ploog, a Spidey page by John Romita.
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese Original Comic Art
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese Original Comic Art
A great auction of European masters, represented with multiple top pieces. All 300+ pieces are worth a look, I’ll link to the higher end art.
Hergé has a big selection, the most historic one is a Tintin page from 1939, Jaques Martin has many Alix pages like this one, It was difficult to choose between pieces by Giraud/Moebius, here are a Blueberry and an Incal page.
Juillard, Vance with XIII, an incredible Gaston by Franquin, Lucky Luke by Morris, a career spanning selection for Uderzo, and also this Asterix page.
Italians: Serpieri, Marini, a Corto Maltese Watercolour by Hugo Pratt and many Manara paintings and illustrations.
New Blog post: John Buscema exhibition in Lucca
John Buscema - Thor Original Art
John Buscema - Thor Original Art
As promised I wrote a quick blog post on the Buscema Exhibition during Lucca Comics. 2 complete issues, some covers and splashes.
I took many pictures and also posted closeups of the best panels.
Go take a look, and see you next week!!
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