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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #110

November 8 · Issue #110 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #110 of Original Comic Art Tips! Lucca comics was more hectic than usual, I only managed to see the John Buscema Exhibition (and will do a blog post this weekend). If one of you has pictures from the other exhibitions I’d like to see them!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: A Hulk Vs. Thing commission by Dale Keown was sold for $5,000, a Batman/Superman page by Michael Turner for $2,300.
Somebody sold a lot of four pages: Batman by Irv Novick, Spider-Man, Captain America and Hulk by Sal Buscema for $2,300. The buyer is probably very happy now.
The Spidey sketchagraph by Stan Lee went for $2,000, the Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond for $1,000, the Krypton page by Mike Mignola for $500.
The Batgirl statue design by Frank Cho was sold for $700, $300 seems like a steal for this DC Trinity commission by Jerry Ordway, the X-Men page by Alan Davis went for $250.
ComicLink: the auction ended last night, as usual some good prices and many bargains. The Ms. Marvel splash by Cockrum went for $3,300, the Catwoman commission by Jim Lee went for more than $6k. I’d buy a published page with that sum. The Joker by Bermejo was sold for $2,300.
Byrne: the Superman/Wonder Woman original art went for $3,300, a Spidey modern page for $1,100, the Wolverine page for a nice $1,300.
Bachalo: pages from the second Death mini are growing, this one went for $1,100. The Death pinups he often puts for sale on his website go for less at the second round: $475, $427.
Happy prices: Quesada $325, Skottie Young $375, Tim Sale $210, Grummett $127, Deodato $243, Cho $200 and Mahnke $88.
Heritage Sunday: the three top pieces all went for $3,120. The Jim Lee Superman splash & semi splash and the Art Adams X-men cover.
Dick Tracy strips with dead bodies always go for top prices, this one went for $2,800. A 1976 Avengers page by George Perez went for $2,600, one from 1998 for only $600. Heritage sold hudreds of Warren Kremer Richie Rich stories for very low prices, this one instead went for $1,400.
An early X-Men page by Jim Lee for $1,400.
Happy new owners for a $500 Avengers page by Jerry Ordway, Avengers original art by Mark Bagley for $400, a Green Lantern splash by Carlos Pacheco for $400, a Swan/Anderson Superman half splash for $370 and a Doc Ock splash by Olliffe/Williamson for $280.

This week on eBay
Frank Cho - Original Spiderwoman Cover Art
Frank Cho - Original Spiderwoman Cover Art
Marvel: the best piece of the week (hidden behind a bad picture) is this Fantastic Four page by John Byrne. Look also at this Iron Fist page.
ROM by Sal Buscema, Daredevil by Colan, a Sgt. Fury commission by Dick Ayers, Conan by Howard Chaykin.
Hero Initiative is auctioning huge sketches on canvas: Ron Wilson, Jim Starlin.
X-Men original art by Nick Bradshaw, a Spidey commission by Erik Larsen, a Spidey page by Mike Wieringo, Spidey by Humberto Ramos and a Spiderwoman cover by Frank Cho.
DC: Chris Samnee started auctioning again 10 of his beautiful Inktober Batman drawings. My favorite is this one, I also like this one, and this one. But go see all of them.
Batman again with original art by Barry Kitson, Rick Leonardi, Tom Derenick, Mark Texeira, Kevin Nowlan.
The Atom by John Byrne, a Green Lantern DPS by Howard Chaykin, Superman and JLA by Tony Daniel, JLA by Chuck Patton, a Joker prelim by Garcia Lopez, Wonder Woman by Delbo and Hawkman by Don Heck.
A Hellboy page by Mike Mignola, a TWD back cover by Charlie Adlard, a cover by Jay Anacleto, a quick but nice Witchblade sketch by Michael Turner, a sketch by Artgerm and a cover by Sergio Toppi.
Strips: a Kirby/Wood Skymasters daily, a great gag page by Don Flowers and a funny B.C. Sunday.
Heritage Sunday Auction
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
DC: Superman/Hawkman by Murphy Anderson, JLA and Batman pages by Dick Dillin, Adam Strange and Flash pages by Infantino, a Huntress pinup by Ryan Sook, a Superman splash by Paul Ryan, Superman by Swan/Anderson and a very nice World’s Finest page by George Tuska.
Marvel: great Conan pinup and an Avengers page by John Buscema, a Shang-Chi fight page by Gene Day, a Nick Fury sketch by Steranko and a beautiful Storm pinup by John Romita Sr.
Cap Vs. Red Skull original art by Olivier Coipel, Deadpool/Ghost Rider by Mark Bagley, an Avengers splash by Scott Kolins and a full team Excalibur page by Tom Grinberg.
A BPRD cover by Ryan Sook, a Love & Rockets page by Jaime, a lot of unfinished Wizard King panels by Wally Wood.
Strips: a great Corrigan by Al Williamson, a Wizard of ID Sunday and a Robin Malone Sunday I really like.
Cambi Aste
Cambi Aste is doing something almost new. As you can see from the picture I took to an ad on today’s newspaper they’re having an auction mixing contemporary art and comic art (fumetti in Italian…).
I’m only linking to the best pieces: Valentina by Crepax, a Manara pinup, an illustration by Pazienza and two beautiful Giardino pages from Little Ego.
Excalibur Auctions
A Batman Odissey page by Neal Adams with a low starting price, many Frank Bellamy strips, a 1998 Superman/Doomsday page by Dan Jurgens.
See you Next Week!!
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