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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #11

Welcome to Comic Art Tips, the newsletter about Original Comic Art for sale. We are getting closer to
December 13 · Issue #11 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Comic Art Tips, the newsletter about Original Comic Art for sale. We are getting closer to Christmas, Dealers and Auction houses are all in a race for our money, I can’t show you everything in a short Email, so If you’re searching for something don’t forget to make a tour of all the websites! Last week I highlighted some of the lots from the Little Nemo auction of next Saturday, they finally put the lots on Live Auctioneer for you to browse.

Huberty & Breyne Gallery Auction
Tintin Original Panels by Hergè
If you’re a fan of French BD this is as usual an auction to watch, all of the greats are represented with first quality Artwork, the only “stranger” is Will Eisner with a Spirit cover.
Hergè is represented by many pieces, some panels from the first edition of Tintin’s early adventures, some preliminary art and sketches will all go for big prices. A Michel Vaillant cover from 1958 by Jean Graton, and a Buck Danny iconic piece by Hubinon from 1959. A lot of beautiful originals by Jean Giraud/Moebius from all of his many series, like Blueberry from Chihuahua Pearl, the Incal, and a full-color Arzach page (eur 60.000 estimated price). The biggest Originals from an already rich auction are a Spirou page by Franquin (with an estimated price of eur 80/100.000) and the real historic piece of the auction a Peyo page from “La flûte à six schtroumpfs” the album that introduced the Smurfs to the world (eur 150/180.000)… wish I had enough money!
This week on eBay
Batman Original Art by Dave Finch
A good week if you are a Pogo fan, some great art by Walt Kelly this week on eBay and Heritage: a nice daily starring Pogo and a comic book cover with all the gang. The same seller has a lot of vintage covers for sale, like this Mickey Mouse by Paul Murry and a Bugs Bunny by Ralph Heimdahl. The last one for comic strip fans is this Nancy daily with all the kids by Ernie Bushmiller. Then for superhero fans, we have a layout to the famous Uncanny X-Men #126 cover by Dave Cockrum. The image looks like a xerox to me, so be careful… Here’s a link to a cheap Batman page by Dave Finch who is getting a lot of viewers, be quick if you like it! A Namor page by Jae Lee, and a published cover by Walt Simonson (an artist whose originals are always rare).
Heritage Sunday Auction
Pogo Original illustration by Walt Kelly
A very strong Sunday Auction with many big and important pieces this week, let’s start again with Pogo Possum with a lot of illustrations drawn by Walt Kelly in the sixties for a music sheet, look at the first one!! Two nice originals by Joe Kubert, a charming Black Cat Golden Age piece from 1944 and 23 years later a Tales of The Green Berets Sunday strip. I always like Pia Guerra pages from Y the Last Man and I always drool over Al Williamson’s art from Flash Gordon… A detailed Opus illustration by Berke Breathed and a Classic Superman page by Al Plastino. Johnny Hazard Originals from the 40’s to the mid-sixties are pretty rare to find, this week we have not one but three early pieces by Frank Robbins: a very early daily from 1944 (2 months after the first strip!), a not-so-great but still early daily from 1959, and a 1955 Sunday with very detailed backgrounds. Don’t forget also this Donald Duck Sunday by Al Taliaferro.
We end the Heritage section with a bomb: two pages from Eerie #2 by Alex Toth, the splash can be the centerpiece of the collection for any Toth fan…
Nate D. Sanders Auction
Just one piece of Original Comic Art in this month’s Autographs Auction but a big one as usual: a Robert Crumb cover from the Complete Crumb. Somebody has probably seen the Calvin and Hobbes signed print that sold for $10.000 on HA two weeks ago, Sanders has another one with a starting price of $5.000.
See you next week for the 12th Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
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