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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #109

October 31 · Issue #109 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #109 of Original Comic Art Tips! Tomorrow I’m heading to Lucca Comics, there are John Buscema and Jeff Jones original art exhibitions I’ll try to report (if the crowds will permit…).
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a nice 1952 Chamber of Chills cover by Al Avison was sold for a best offer of $5,250, a Mark Schulz Xenozoic Tales pinup went for more than $3,000, the Invincible cover by Ryan Ottley for $2,000.
The Capullo/McFarlane Spawn page went for “only” $1,000, the early Hellblazer original art for $800, that Atom page by John Byrne was nice and ended for only $200, the Joe Mad Elektra page for $400 and the auction for the Jim Lee Batman doodle is still going.
Heritage Sunday: the no-Hulk page by Dale Keown and the Superman cover by Ryan Sook were sold for $1,800, a generic Iger Studio golden age page went for $1,600. An original X-Men page by Silvestri with Forge and Banshee went for $900…
The Love & Rockets page by Jaime went for only $600, an Avengers page by Steve Epting for less than $500.

This week on eBay
Alan Davis - X-Men Original Comic Art
Alan Davis - X-Men Original Comic Art
Marvel: remember that Joe Orlando early Daredevil page sold three weeks ago for $7,700? The same seller has another Daredevil page by Orlando and a good selection of vintage Marvel Original Art. ROM by Ditko, a Buckler/Sinnott Fantastic Four page, the original Ghost Rider by Dick Ayers, a Spidey/Cap Team-Up by Sal Buscema and a Werner Roth full team X-Men page.
A Spider-Man page by Sal Buscema, Johnny Blaze by Don Perlin, Spider-Man by Rich Buckler and a Stan Lee Spidey sketch on a Silver Age sketch card.
An Earth-X DPS by J.P. Leon, a great Alex Maleev Daredevil cover, an X-Men page by Alan Davis, Kitty Pryde by Terry Dodson, Deadpool by Declan Shalvey.
Hero Initiative is auctioning some big white sketched canvases, here’s a Thanos by Ron Lim.
DC: very nice Batgirl statue sketch by Frank Cho, a Catwoman commission by Tim Sale, a Harley & Ivy sketch by Adam Hughes, a Wonder Woman page by John Byrne.
Original Superman art by Jim Lee, Superman by Doug Mahnke, a DC Trinity commission by Jerry Ordway, a World of Krypton half splash by Mike Mignola, a Joker splash by Bart Sears.
Another Hero Initiative canvas with Joker and Crow heads by Bisley/O'Barr.
A Russ Heath Rocketeer page, a Hit Girl cover by Skottie Young.
This dude has been selling fake pieces for months.
Some really funny strips, this week: a Wizard of ID daily, a Tumbleweeds daily, a 1961 B.C. Sunday.
A Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond and a nice strip by Opper.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Jim Lee - Superman Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - Superman Original Comic Art
Marvel: I like this Doctor Strange page by Sal Buscema and this Thor page is nice. A Namor page by John Byrne, speaking of Namor there’s a funky cover by Geoff Isherwood. Early Avengers original art by Mark Bagley, early She-Hulk by Mark Silvestri, Marvel Girl by Mooney/Sinnott.
This is not the greatest X-Men page by Jim LeePeter Parker by Erik Larsen, an X-Men cover by Art Adams, Classic Avengers and Modern Avengers by George Perez, Avengers by Jerry Ordway.
DC: a Superman semi splash and a splash by Jim Lee, Superman by Rich Buckler, Superman by Curt Swan, Hawkman by Murphy Anderson, Batman by Bob Brown.
A placemat by Crumb, Love & Rockets original art by Jaime Hernandez, a beautiful prelim by Wally Wood, a funny Garfield daily, a Dick Tracy daily with a corpse.
Comic link Focused Auction (part 2 of 2)
Chris Bachalo - Death Original Comic Art
Chris Bachalo - Death Original Comic Art
See last week’s newsletter for part 1.
Not much to see. An original Death sketch by Chris Bachalo, a Superboy page by Tom Grummett, a Cyclops pinup by Joe Quesada and many commissions: Phoenix by Skottie Young, Batman & Robin by Ty Templeton, Wonder Woman & Supergirl by Humberto Ramos, Giant Man by Paolo Rivera.
Hake's Original Comic Art Auction
Al Milgrom - Captain America Original Cover Art
Al Milgrom - Captain America Original Cover Art
Kirby: a Sky Masters daily strip and several pre-hero Marvel pages, a big lot of Infinity Inc pages by Todd McFarlane, here’s the best one.
a VERY big lot of Spider-Man original art pages by Ross Andru, this is the best one.
An early Hawkman page by Murphy Anderson, Star Wars original art by Howard Chaykin, a Spidey page by Romita Jr./Sinnott, a classic Captain America cover by Al Milgrom (with a Romita face?).
Strips: a Dick Tracy Christmas day Sunday, a Russell Patterson Sunday and a Vietnam Doonesbury daily.
See you Next Week!
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