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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #108

October 25 · Issue #108 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #108 of Original Comic Art Tips! I had to wait for the Heritage website to come back online, this week… Let’s start with Auction Results.
eBay: A Wizard painted cover by Alex Ross was sold for $5k, an Iron-man cover by Bob Larkin for $5,100, an early Adam Hughes cover went for a Best Offer of $3,200. the DC Trinity illustration by Ed Benes went for $850, the Alex Toth cover prelim for $670, the Adam Hughes Stargirl pinup is for sale again with a lowered price.
Three Batman prelims by Greg Capullo went for $325, Greg sold these for $75 each. A Tony Daniel page with Bats/Supes/WW went for $250.
Hero Initiative covers: Chris Moreno for $1,500, Rodolfo Migliari for $1,300, Todd Nauck for $1,100, Fabio Moon for only $450.
Heritage Sunday: you probably heard that the Heritage website was down for several days at the beginning of the week. Let’s hope our credit card information is safe. The Sunday auction was prolonged until yesterday, prices stayed low, but I have to say there was nothing worth spending big money on…
The nice Batman pinup by Garcia Lopez went for $300, a Spider-Man fight page by Humberto Ramos was sold for less than $500, a Superman page by Delbo for $168, a Hulk DPS by Mark Bagley for $132, the usual Romita Jr page for $250.
Post-2000 Garfield dailies are dropping in value after some months of constant weekly auctions, this one went for $330. Harold Knerr Sunday strips are pretty rare, this is a late strip but $500 is a great price.

This week on eBay
Doug Mahnke - Batman Original Comic Art
Doug Mahnke - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Ms. Marvel page by Mike Wieringo, a Spidey commission by Erik Larsen, an Archangel pinup by Whilce Portacio, a nice Rogue illustration by Ed Benes, an Elektra page by Joe Madureira.
Cheap Avengers page by Mark Bagley, Captain America by Leinil Yu, a Weapon X page by Mark Texeira, an Ultimate cover by Ty Templeton, a Magik sketch by Sienkiewicz, a vintage Punisher by Dan Brereton.
A Master of Kung-Fu page by Gene Day, a Marvel Saga page by Ron Frenz, New Warriors original art by Mark Bagley.
DC: Several Alex Saviuk Superman pages from this seller, a Superman title page by Ron Frenz, a Batman/Joker inkwash commission by Garcia Lopez, very nice Batman page by Doug Mahnke, some detailed Batman prelims by Barry Kitson.
Some early Batman pages by Sean Murphy, the Atom by John Byrne, Flash by Don Heck, let’s see the end price of this Jim Lee Batman doodle.
An original Invincible cover by Ryan Ottley, a nice Spawn and Angela page by Capullo/McFarlane, an early Hellblazer page by John Ridgway. Hellboy busts by Mike Mignola one and two, a Blacksad commission by Juanjo Guarnido, Crossgen covers by Claudio Castellini one and two.
Strips: a Bloom County daily, a Pogo daily, a funny and early Beetle Bailey daily.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Ryan Sook - Superman Original Cover Art
Ryan Sook - Superman Original Cover Art
DC: Hawkman by Murphy Anderson, World’s Finest by Dick Dillin, Wonder Woman by Gene Colan and a nice Superman title splash by Curt Swan.
An iconic Action Comics cover and a Green Lantern pinup by Ryan Sook.
Marvel: great Hulk page by Sal Buscema, X-Men by Marc Silvestri, Avengers original art by Steve Epting, Colossus by Rick Leonardi.
No Hulk but two nice girls on this Dale Keown page, Venom by Mark Bagley and AVX by Romita Jr.
An R. Crumb placemat, a Veronica pinup by Dan De Carlo, a Wrightson fantasy sketch, a well drawn Peanuts parody from MAD.
I usually don’t link to the weekly George Herriman illustrations, but this time there’s a cat and the moon…
Comic link Focused Auction (part 1 of 2)
Dave Cockrum - Ms Marvel Original Comic Art
Dave Cockrum - Ms Marvel Original Comic Art
A Joker/Harley page by Lee Bermejo, a full figure Catwoman sketch by Jim Lee, a great Catwoman painting by Esad Ribic, a rare Batman page by Jim Balent, a Zatanna commission by Adam Hughes.
John Byrne: many pieces like this classic Superman - Wonder Woman page, Wolverine original art and a modern Spidey page.
Chris Bachalo: a page from the second Death mini and a Death pinup.
Lots of pieces by Mike Deodato, like this original Spider-Man half splash.
a Ms. Marvel splash by Dave Cockrum, a Hulk DPS by Ron Garney, a great Captain America splash by Jurgens/Layton, a nice Silver Surfer page by Larsen/Buscema, Doc Strange by Tim Sale and an incredible color Daredevil illustration by Matt Wagner.
Come back next week for part 2!
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