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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #107

October 18 · Issue #107 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #107 of original Comic Art Tips!! Another very long issue, mostly due to AuctionResults:
eBay: a few years ago high end pages were put for sale on ebay to gauge interest and sell for a lower price privately… Look at the Daredevil #4 page by Joe Orlando, instead, sold for $7,700 (a good price) and the Avengers page by John Byrne sold for $8k.
A Superman DPS by Dan Jurgens was sold for a best offer of $1,800, a Star Wars painting by Gabriele Dell'Otto went for $2,100. I’m pretty sure this Kirby Avengers page sold for $3k is fake… what do you think?
The Mike Huddleston Magneto cover went for $1,700, the JLA cover by Ed Benes for only $1k, Avengers original art by Perez for $1,000, the Warlock cover by Alan Davis for a best offer of $900.
High prices for Hero Initiative blanks, George Perez went for $2,500, Adam Kubert for $1,900 and Whilce Portacio for $1,100.
Heritage Sunday: the great Conan page by Buscema went for more than $4k, MOKF pages by Gene Day doubled prices in just a couple months. I think John Byrne is not accepting commissions anymore, but still the Cap/Witch piece went for $700, the exact “2 characters with no backgrounds” price JB asked a few years ago. This Lady Death DPS by Steven Hughes went for $400, I thought it would sell for two times that price. Any DPS inked by George Perez for $300 is good.
Heritage Charity Auction: the Batman portrait by Jim Lee went for $2,700, the Superman by Chris Samnee looked like his regular $500 commissions, happy this one went for $1,300. The Rom prelim by Bill Sienkiewicz went for $800, while the Superman one for only $230. The wraparound sketch cover by Adam Hughes went for only $660, a Superman DPS by Howard Porter for only $150. I really don’t know why a John Cassaday cover went for only $900.
The Frazetta illustration went for almost $500k.
Gaines/MAD auction: Original art from MAD artists is not often for sale, I’m not really aware of prices. Let’s say that almost all pieces ended over the $1k mark, the top seller was a CGC 9.8 copy of MAD #1 sold for $96k, then a Kelly Freas cover sold for $45k, a Will Elder illustration for $22k. A big drop to the $10k of this Don Martin page and all the rest.
Daniel Maghen: the auction went well and they even made an overview of the results, less work for me. This is a Google translation from french that I edited a bit adding links.
“Success for this 1st auction comic book and illustration by Daniel Maghen Auctions with 94% of the lots sold.
TOTAL RESULT: 2.406,079 € All tax included
HERGÉ - The Black Island - The Little Twentieth - 1938 (cover of Petit Vingtième n ° 6). Realized price: 264 000 € All tax included. All the original Hergé (6 lots) were sold for 517 200 € TTC.
ANDRE JUILLARD - In the opening of this sale, a first part was dedicated to André Juillard; 29 works out of 31 were sold and reached 350 000 € TTC (estimate: 230 000 €).
The best selling of this section is an original color page of Blue Book (pl.6, 1993), estimated at € 10,000 and acquired at € 37,000 including tax.
Some artists have set new world records: Juan Gimenez (cover of La Caste des Méta-Barons at € 37,700), Alex Alice (cover of the Third Testament at € 31,600) and Gos (cover of Scrameustache at 11,190) € VAT included).
Among the best sales, we find André Franquin (the five lots were sold for € 279,120 including tax, including a cover of Spirou and Fantasio € 191,000 TTC and a half-board of Gaston € 47,400 including tax), Jean Giraud (The five lots sold for 85 100 € TTC, including a board of Blueberry 35 500 € TTC, Hugo Pratt (half-board of Corto Maltese to 52 640 € TTC), Enki Bilal (original plate of Hunting Party to 29 000 € TTC), Jean-Pierre Gibrat (the two lots to 43 430 € TTC including a board of the Flight of the Raven to 27 640 € TTC), Ana Mirallès (the two lots sold to 31 300 € TTC whose coverage of the integral from Djinn to € 19,140 including taxes), Joann Sfar (Rabbi Cat cover volume 8 to € 24,250), Benjamin Lacombe (Curiosities luxury cover to € 20,400) and Sylvain Vallée (Katanga board to € 14,000) TTC).
Some works have produced very good prices: Cosey (cover of Jonathan to 17 870 € TTC), Vance (cover of Bruno Brazil to 16 590 € TTC), Gotlib (board Superdupont to 14 480 € TTC), Roger (board of Jazz Maynard at 5 740 € TTC) and Sempé (illustration at 10 270 € TTC).”
What I noticed is that most of the pieces sold remained near the low estimate, the Blacksad page went for a high but regular price, two pages of original art by Enrico Marini went unsold, the Blueberry page (with a €13/15k estimate) was sold for more than €35K.
A half page of Corto Maltese went for $52k, while a watercolour sketch page stayed inside the regular evaluation.

This week on eBay
Jason Fabok - Wonder Woman Original Commission
Jason Fabok - Wonder Woman Original Commission
DC: a nice Trinity illustration by Ed Benes, a Wonder Woman bust by Jason Fabok, a Batman page by Tony Daniel, a Batman bust by Jae Lee, three Batman prelims by Greg Capullo, a Batman sketch by Bernie Wrightson, a cover quality Batman and Bane commission by Graham Nolan.
I think the price for this Batman illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz is not so bad, and offers accepted.
Nice Wonder Woman page by Liam Sharp, a Stargirl pinup by Adam Hughes, a Weird Western page by Dick Ayers.
Marvel: original art from X-Men #10 by Jack Kirby, a classic Avengers page by George Perez, Thunderstrike by Ron Frenz. A Spider-Man page by Dell'Otto. No superheroes but a nice/cheap Byrne Avengers page.
Hero Initiative covers: Nowlan, Nauck, Migliari, Sean Phillips, Fabio Moon.
Quick but very nice Elektra commission by Bill Sienkiewicz, two small Captain America and Bucky busts by Steve Epting.
Look at this cover prelim by Alex Toth. Several Grendel pages by Matt Wagner, Leia by Terry Dodson, a Scion splash by Jim Cheung, a Nibelung page by Gil Kane, This Witchblade sketch by Michael Turner looks real.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Batman Style Guide Original Art
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Batman Style Guide Original Art
Not much this week…
Marvel: a Kingpin page by Sal Buscema, an X-Men page by Marc Silvestri, MOKF by Gene Day, a Hulk DPS by Mark Bagley, AVX by John Romita Jr and a nice Spidey by Humberto Ramos.
DC: Superman by Swan/Anderson, Superman by Jose Delbo, Batman by Irv Novick, a great Batman pinup by Garcia Lopez, JLA by Stuart Immonen.
A Crumb placemat, a Dark Horse page by Bernie Wrightson, a Tom Strong splash by Sprouse, a Wildcats cover by Sean Phillips, a Jamie Hernandez L&R, a Slaine by Greg Staples.
Strips: a nice Nancy daily, a daily by Lou Fine, a funny Garfield, a Green Berets by Kubert, a Dick Tracy daily with a murder.
A rare Harold Knerr Sunday, a B.C. Sunday, an Archie Sunday and a Buster Brown panel.
Boucq - Original Illustration
Boucq - Original Illustration
A nice auction with a few great pieces and many affordable others.
A Largo Winch page, a Gaston illustration, a Spirou illustration and several sketches by Franquin. A very nice page by Barbucci, a color illustration by Boucq, a page by Delaby, some Tintin sketches by Hergé.
Vittorio Giardino - Unpublished Original Cover Art
Vittorio Giardino - Unpublished Original Cover Art
In a couple of weeks the Lucca Comics Convention will start, and the now traditional Urania Auction will take place in Lucca on the first Con day.
The auction will start with 62 lots of original art drawn by Bonvi, a favorite of all the Italian kids from the 60’s to the 90’s. Original pages drawn by Bonvi, especially for his comic strip “Sturmtruppen” have been extremely rare on the market until this auction.
For the international market there’s a Swamp Thing splash by Redondo, an Incredible Hulk page by Romita Sr. sold a few months ago by Romitaman, a Fantanstic Four page and an Avengers splash by John Buscema with pretty high starting prices, a 1991 Superman page by Dan Jurgens, Namor and Wonder Woman by John Byrne. then an Avengers page by Mike Deodato, a Monkeyman illustration by Art Adams, a Torpedo page by Jordi Bernet and an Invaders page by Frank Robbins with an affordable price.
For the Italian collectors we have the best of the auction: Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt, many great Magnus pieces, a Toppi painted illustration, an Aficionados page by Pazienza, Valentina by Crepax, Giardino with a color cover and a page from Max Fridman.
I prefer the non-erotic pieces by Milo Manara, like this Scimmiotto splash, and this great, detailed page, but everybody else will look at this painting.
See You Next Week!!

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