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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #106

October 10 · Issue #106 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #106 of Original Comic Art Tips! A very, very long issue, this week, my eyes are aching…
Original Comic Art Auction Results.
eBay: ROM pages by Sal Buscema starting from $0,00 sell for $1,000 and not $5k… The Hero Initiative blank cover by Sienkiewicz went for almost $4k! The cover by Tony Parker for $900, one by Rick Leonardi for $1,400, I’m a bit surprised by the Barry Kitson cover sold for $1,300.
The Russ Heath page went for $1,000, a George Perez Avengers page was sold for a Best Offer of $2,700, a classic Sinister Six splash by Erik Larsen went away quickly for $5k. The X cover by Huddleston for $1,500, the Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank is ending tonight and still affordable. The FAKE Herb trimpe drawing was sadly sold for $735.
Heritage Sunday: the guest appearance of Hitler in this Sgt. Fury page by Dick Ayers takes the price to $6,600. Buscema/Alcala Conan pages are climbing up, this last one ws sold for $2,100. Very happy for my wallet when I say that I prefer pages inked by Ernie Chan.
A Dr. Strange page by Sal Buscema for $1,800, a Betty & Veronica pinup by Harry Lucey went for $2,200, the Crumb placemat went for almost $2k, the Lady Death page by Steven Hughes and the great Tarzan daily by Bob Lubbers for $1,000.
Many great bargains this week, a Hulk splash by Mark Bagley sold for $80, an Elektra pinup by Alex Maleev for $120, a nice F4 page by Rafa Sandoval for $40, Daredevil/Punisher original art by David Lapham for $150. The usual page I thought was worth more by John Romita Jr, Spider-Man by Ron Lim for $250, a Wally Wood page for $430, Superman by Murphy Anderson for $480 and that nice Frenz/Sinnott Thor sold for $500.

This week on eBay
Alan Davis - Warlock Original Cover Art
Alan Davis - Warlock Original Cover Art
DC: a (modern) Final Crisis page by George Perez for a good price. 2 World of Krypton pages by Mike Mignola (one, two), two Superman pages by Kerry Gammill, a beautiful Ed Benes JLA cover, a Superfriends by Ramona Fradon, a Swamp Thing sketch by Bernie Wrightson.
Marvel: a Joe Orlando page from Daredevil #4. Wow! Marvel 2in1 by Jim Mooney, a Spider-Man page by Ross Andru, a nice Defenders page by Don Perlin, an Avengers page by John Byrne, a Conan by John Buscema.
Hero Initiative blanks: Adam Kubert, Tom Raney, Whilce Portacio.
Avengers original art by George Perez, a Warlock cover by Alan Davis, X-Factor by Jan Duursema, Spider-Man by Rich Buckler.
A Magneto cover and a I don’t know cover by Mike Huddleston, two X-Statix pages by Mike Allred, a painted Black Panther bust by Brian Stelfreeze.
Star Trek by Byrne, a sketch by Peter Laird, an Alex Ross cover prelim, a Scion cover by Jim Cheung, some painted Tom Sawyer pages by Mike Ploog.
Strips: many Pogo dailies, here’s one, a nice Li'l Abner daily, some early Rusty Riley dailies.
Heritage Sunday Auction
John Byrne - Commissioned Original Art
John Byrne - Commissioned Original Art
We have to starti with Marvel and with this Scarlet Witch and Captain America commission by John Byrne, another Cap commission, this time by Neal Adams. This Cap sketch by Alex Ross and the signature are a bit off, what do you think? A Cap page by Dan Jurgens, a great Conan page by John Buscema, a MOKF by Gene Day.
I like this Moon Knight pinup by Bill Sienkiewicz, Spider-Man by Ron Lim, AVX by Romita Jr, Deadpool by Mark Bagley.
DC: Superman by Murphy Anderson, a full team JLA by Dick Dillin, Batman by Dick Giordano, an All Star cover prelim and a Witching Hour page by Wally Wood.
A Batman daily by Carmine Infantino, an Aquaman pinup by Nick Cardy, a Jurgens/Perez Teen Titans DPS and a Clay Mann Ivy and Catwoman splash.
A Betty Christmas pinup by Dan De Carlo, a Casper cover by Warren Kremer, a Lady Death DPS by Steven Hughes, a Penny Century page by Jaime Hernandez, a Crumb sketch.
Strips: a 1962 Mary Perkins Sunday, a 1959 Johnny Hazard Sunday, an Archie Sunday by Bob Montana, a Mac Raboy Flash, a Bob Lubbers Tarzan.
So little time, so many Heritage Auctions...
Jim Lee - Batman Sketch Original Art
Jim Lee - Batman Sketch Original Art
1) A Charity Auction with many nice pieces, all contemporary, as they were probably donated by the artists.
A to Z. A very nice Spider-Gwen pinup by Adam Hughes on a blank cover, a Batman portrait sketch by Jim Lee, I like a lot this Cloak/Dagger/Batman pinup by Rick Leonardi and Nowlan, a Green Lantern cover by Nowlan, a Superman DPS by Howard Porter, a cover by Eric Powell, 3 nice cover prelims by Sienk, here’s Detective #1000.
a Superman cover by Ryan Sook, a Black Panther cover by John Cassaday, a Lee Weeks Batman commission.
2) Heritage MAD Auction. From the Collection of William Gaines, 66 pieces of MAD Original Comic Art. Coming from MAD’s publisher you can imagine there are no bad pieces to edit out. I’ll put a generic link for you to see.
3) Illustration Auction. I think this is the last time I’ll look into an illustration auction searching for pieces by comic artists… Too much time lost looking at great illustration and only a few pieces to show.
Daniel Maghen Original Comic Art Auction
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Original Comic Art
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Original Comic Art
Well I don’t know where to start, This is the second generic link of the week. One of the best auctions I’ve ever seen, I’d have to show you everything, and this newsletter is already too long. All of the european masters are represented with multiple top pieces. Go!
Profiles in History has only one interesting piece, this time, an Alex Toth Batman storyboard drawing.
Septimus has many cheap sketches and one incredible piece: a 1964 Asterix illustration by Albert Uderzo.
New Blog Post: Top Ten original art on eBay
New Blog Post!
New Blog Post!
After a summer-long hiatus in eBay top ten lists, I made a recap on the website with the highest prices paid from June to September. Read it here (and let me know what you think!).
A long tour the force, I’ll see you next week..!
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