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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #105

October 4 · Issue #105 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #105 of Original Comic Art Tips! This week I’m late, so I’ll be quick, wait for a longer issue next time…!
eBay: the Lobo cover by Christian Alamy was sold for $1,300, three Eduardo Barreto covers were sold last week, this Wonder Woman went for a Best Offer of $2,400. A Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond for $2,200.
The Batman sketch by Jim Lee for $630, the Wonder Woman for $500, the Superman page was finally sold for $750.
The Nightcrawler cover by Mike Huddleston was sold for $1,700, the Hero Initiative sketch cover by Fiona Staples for $1,000.
Heritage Sunday: the Dick Ayers Sgt. Fury page went for a surprising $5,300, the Al Milgrom Avengers splash for $3,200. I know early art for The Tick has many fans, but I never imagined this pinup going for $3,100. The Kirby Captain America page went for $3,100, the Keith Pollard Spiderman for $2,400 and a Mutt & Jeff daily for $2,200.
Happy collectors took home the Infinity War page by Ron Lim for less than $800, the nice Iron Man page by Paul Smith and the Legionnaires page by Adam Hughes for less than $400, a Conan by John Buscema for $330, a Captain America DPS by Stuart Immonen for the same price and an AVX page by Romita Jr. for $320.
Catawiki: the Tulum page by Manara went for €4,800, the Gulliveriana splash for €8,200, Batman/Catwoman by Guillem March for €900, Batman by Alex Maleev for €500, the Elric by Esad Ribic went for only €350 and the Batman by Alan Davis for a not-so-high €750.

This week on eBay
Mike Huddleston - X-Men Original Cover Art
Mike Huddleston - X-Men Original Cover Art
Marvel: a nice ROM page by Sal Buscema, a Black Spider-Man page by Alan Kupperberg, Avengers original art by Steve Epting. This clearly fake Trimpe sketch is getting a lot of bids, this one looks real. A Jae Lee Cap page, an Avengers splash by Jorge Molina, a Nightcrawler sketch by Chris Bachalo, I really like this Apocalypse cover by Mike Huddleston.
Some nice Captain America sketch covers for Hero Initiative: Sienkiewicz, Leonardi, Land, McCrea, Tony Parker, Marcos Martin, Kitson.
DC: a Superman page by Tom Grummett, a very nice Sea Devils page by Russ Heath, a Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, Superman art by Gary Frank, a Wonder Woman splash by Scot Eaton, the WW page by John Byrne has a lowered price, a Deathstroke sketch by Scott McDaniel.
A Tarzan pinup by Joe Kubert, a Preacher page, a TMNT page by Eastman/Laird, a cheap OZ page by Skottie Young, a Donald Duck illustration by Don Rosa, a Wizard of ID sunday and a Bringing Up Father daily.
Heritage Sunday Auction
John Romita Jr. - AVX Original Comic Art
John Romita Jr. - AVX Original Comic Art
DC: I always liked floating heads pages, this is a great Carmine Infantino Flash with many characters. Batman original art by Irv Novick, World’s Finest by Murphy Anderson, Aquaman by Bob Brown.
JLA by Stuart Immonen, Wonder Woman by Aaron Lopresti and a Superman/Wonder Woman sketch by Bruce Timm.
Marvel: 2 beautiful Buscema/Alcala Conan pages (one, two), a Nick Fury pinup by Luke McDonnell, Kung-Fu action by Gene Day, Spidey by Ron Lim.
A great Frenz/Sinnott page with Thor and X-Factor vs. Juggernaut. An X-Men page by Carlos Pacheco, AVX by John Romita, Elektra by Alex Maleev.
A Robert Crumb placemat drawing, a pinup by Sam Kieth, a great Whoa Nellie page by Jaime Hernandez, a Betty & Veronica 60’s pinup by Harry Lucey, a Lady Death page by Steven Hughes, a Magnus page by Russ Manning, a Witzend page and an incredible strip prelim by Wally Wood.
Strips: Terry by Caniff, Phantom by McCoy, Tarzan by Lubbers. Sundays: Popeye by Sagendorf, Archie by Montana, B.C. by Hart, an early Snuffy Smith by DeBeck and a nice panel by Herriman.
See you Next Week with a couple of Heritage auctions and two huge French comic art auctions!!
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