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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #104

Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips #104, many auctions to see, let's start with results! Original Com
September 27 · Issue #104 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips #104, many auctions to see, let’s start with results!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Paolo Rivera painted sketch cover was sold for $2,800, the other cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli for $700, the X-Men cover by Mike Huddleston for $1,500, the Magneto splash by Adam Kubert for $1,000, the Batman sketch by Jim Lee for $380 and the Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy for $1k. I don’t know why the Cap page by John Cassaday went for only $360, I liked it a lot.
Heritage Sunday: the Buscema/Sienk Spider-Man page went for $1,200, the Dick Ayers Sgt. Fury page was sold for, as you probably guessed, $3,300. These Almuric pages by Tim Conrad are going strong, at $1,500. Never heard of this Epic graphic novel, it probably has many fans… (hit reply if you can give me some info). A 6 page Archie story by Dan De Carlo went for $2,100, the Hellboy page by Richard Corben for $1,500, the Will Eisner preliminary page for $1,300.
Happy collectors are waiting to receive an X-Men page by Alan Davis paid $650, a nice Green Arrow page by Dan Spiegle sold for $400, an Avengers by Paul Ryan for only $350, a Hulk half splash by Carmine Infantino for less than $500, World’s Finest by Dick Dillin for less than $300, a Cap splash by Dan Jurgens for the same price and Conan original art by John Buscema for $300.
This Avengers page by John Romita Jr. for $260 is really a steal.

This week on eBay
Jeff Dekal - Wonder Woman commission
Jeff Dekal - Wonder Woman commission
Marvel: This Rob Liefeld double figure commission ends tonight and it’s still at $400. Romitas: a Fantastic Four cover and a Carnage splash by JR, an A.P. Artist’s Edition with a nice Punisher sketch by SR.
Some Spidey Sunday strips by Saviuk/Sinnott: Spidey/Black Cat, Spidey/Mysterio, Spidey/Mole Man.
A Nightcrawler cover by Mike Huddleston, a Storm cover by Salvador Larroca, an X-Men page by Ian Churchill. A Who’s Who pinup by Ditko, a painted Elektra by Jeff Dekal, Avengers original art by Steve McNiven, an Avengers splash by Larry Stroman, cheap Avengers page by Mark Bagley.
DC: 2 Flash pages by Don Heck, a Wonder Woman half splash by John Byrne, a nice Lobo cover by Christian Alamy, a Batman prelim by Jock, Wonder Woman by Jeff Dekal and Tony Harris.
Some cheap Rick Leonardi pages, JLA,  World’s Finest, a Batman pinup.
Jim Lee original art: price lowered again on that page, Wonder Woman sketch, Batman sketch.
Nice Judge Dredd page by Glenn Fabry, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams, early Love & Rockets original art by Gilbert Hernandez, a doodle page by Alex Toth and some strips: Flash by Mac Raboy, a B.C. Sunday, Rusty Riley, Pogo and Beetle Bailey dailies.

Heritage Sunday Auction
Rich Buckler - JLA Original Comic Art
Rich Buckler - JLA Original Comic Art
Really a great auction, this week, we start with a Captain America page by Jack Kirby, an Avengers title splash by Milgrom/Sinnott, a nice Spider-Man page by Keith Pollard, Avengers by Dave Cockrum, Hulk original art by Herb Trimpe, Defenders by Sal Buscema, Conan by John.
All of the Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men in a single Infinity War page by Ron Lim, a Marvel Heroes illustration by Marie Severin, Micronauts by Butch Guice.
Another Avengers/X-Men by Romita Jr., Wolverine original art by Humberto Ramos, a Captain America DPS by Stuart Immonen.
DC: A JLA splash by Rich Buckler, World’s Finest by Murphy Anderson and Dick Dillin, another Superman origin page by Curt Swan from Action #500, a Legionnaires page by Adam Hughes.
Batman by Dave Taylor, an Hawkman cover by Ryan Sook and a great Wonder Woman painting by Steve Rude.
Beautiful, early Love & Rockets original art by Jaime Hernandez, a painted illustration by Wally Wood, a very early The Tick pinup by Ben Edlund, an Archie story by Dan De Carlo.
Strips: a WW1 Mutt & Jeff daily, a 1946 time travel Alley Oop daily, a funny Garfield daily, a Wizard of ID Sunday, a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy, an On Stage Sunday and a very well drawn Bringing Up Father daily.
Art-Rite Original Comic Art Auction
Milo Manara - X-Men Girls Original Comic Art
Milo Manara - X-Men Girls Original Comic Art
Some quick links, but there are many other pieces to see. A nice Manara page and another from the X-Men graphic novel. I like this Blackhawk page by Howard Chaikin, the Inhumans by Gil Kane, a Johnny Hazard Sunday strip and a few beautiful Attilio Micheluzzi pages.
Catawiki Auctions
Sergio Toppi - Original Illustration
Sergio Toppi - Original Illustration
1) Catawiki once in a while does an event auction with high end original art. Manara has a nice Tulum page and a beautiful Gulliveriana splash, a painted cover by Massimo Carnevale, a colour cover by Magnus, a Ranxerox sketch by Tanino Liberatore and a painted illustration by Sergio Toppi.
2) Nice Con is auctioning original art by their guests for charity (I think). The piece everybody is watching is this Batman pinup by Alan Davis, a very nice Batman/Catwoman painted by Guillem March, Batman by Alex Maleev, Elric by Esad Ribic. A Judge Dredd by Clint Langley and a great Dredd portrait by Ben Oliver.
See you Next Week!!
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