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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #103

September 19 · Issue #103 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips #103! Let’s start with results as usual.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: The Thor page by Jack Kirby was sold for $7,300, the Hulk page by Severin/Trimpe for $2,500, the Paul Pope page for $2,600, the Walt Simonson sketch cover for Hero Initiative for $2,200, the cover by Dan Brereton for $1,600.
The Warlock page by Gil Kane went for $1,000, the Ron Lim Silver Surfer page for $900, the Green Arrow cover by Jerry Ordway for $800.
Heritage Sunday: a 9 pages anonymous Golden Age story was sold for $10k, a Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers went for $3,100 again, the Camuncoli & Jim Lee Batman splash went for $3k, I bet we’ll see it for sale again soon. The Gil Kane painting was sold for $2,600, the Witching Hour splash by Alex Toth for $2,900. Again for $1,900 went the Ghost Rider title splash by Don Perlin, the Greg Capullo Batman for $2,500, a Conan by John Buscema for $2,400 and the Nightcrawler by John Byrne for $1,500. This week there were many more pieces sold for $1,500 and up, I’ll stop it here.
Not an action piece, but this Batman/Green Lantern page by Jim Aparo went for less than $400. lately prices have been lowering for mid-range Aparo pages, a good time to buy. A Two In One page by Ron Wilson for $240, Fantastic Four by Paul Ryan for less than $300, a Ghost Rider DPS by Javier Saltares for $100 (!). The Spider-Man page by Buscema/Sienkiewicz went for $500, the Birds of Prey cover by Ed McGuinness for $480. I honestly thought that Conan page by Gil Kane would sell for more than $330…

This week on eBay
Paolo Rivera - Captain America original Comic Art
Paolo Rivera - Captain America original Comic Art
Not a great week for Original Comic Art on eBay, but there are a few very nice pieces here and there.
Marvel: a Thor page by John Buscema, a Conan page by JB, an Avengers page by Steve Epting, Spider-Man by Ron Frenz, Spider-Girl by Olliffe/Williamson, Shang-Chi by Gene Day, Infinity Crusade original art by Ron Lim.
A nice+cheap Dinosaur Commission by Art Adams, Spider-Man commission by Dave Johnson, an Avengers page by Jim Cheung.
A Magneto splash by Adam Kubert, a Kitty Pryde cover by Mike Huddleston, an X-Men page by Sean Chen, a Captain America page by John Cassaday, a Cap prelim by Travis Charest, Hero Initiative Cap by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Paolo Rivera, a Fantastic Four page by Howard Porter.
DC: a Wonder Woman page by Cliff Chiang, a nice Batman page by Scott McDaniel, Batman+Joker sketch by Jae Lee, a JLA page by Dick Dillin, a Batman remark by Jim Lee.
The Superman page by Jim Lee is for sale again with a lowered price.
An American Gods cover by Glen Fabry, a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy and a Dondi Sunday by Irwin Hasen.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Richard Corben - Hellboy Original Comic Art
Richard Corben - Hellboy Original Comic Art
Marvel: a 1960 Kid Colt splash by Keller/Ayers, a Conan page by John Buscema, a nice Hulk half splash by Carmine Infantino, a Ghost Rider action page by Don Perlin.
Very nice Spidey/Scarlet Spider page by Buscema & Sienkiewicz, an Avengers page by Paul Ryan, Daredevil by Scott McDaniel and Spider-Man original art by Ron Lim.
An Avengers action page by Romita Jr., a Captain America splash by Dan Jurgens, two X-Men pages by Alan Davis (one, two).
This makes me think that there were no Excalibur pages in the last few auctions, remember last year? Great pages auctioned until March for $500/750, then nothing until October when pages started selling for $1,500/3,000…
DC: great classic pages, this week. A Wonder Woman splash and an Action Comics splash by Curt Swan, a Superman splash by Shaffenberger, World’s Finest by Dick Dillin and Rich Buckler, Batgirl by Jose Delbo, a Black Canary splash by Dick Giordano, Canary and Green Arrow by Dan Spiegle, Wonder Woman by Don Heck and a War DPS by Sam Glanzman.
A Wonder Woman page by David Finch is the only modern artwork of the week.
A Hellboy and a Den page by Richard Corben, a 1960 Betty & Veronica story by Dan De Carlo, a Will Eisner preliminary page and a Wally Wood preliminary art lot, some Warren Kremer Harvey pages.
Strips: an On Stage Sunday, a Felix daily by Otto Messmer, a Rube Goldberg daily and two beautiful Zorro tryout strips by Russ Manning.
Various Auctions
Profiles In History
has a collection of pieces from the personal collection of Martin Landau, sketches, drawings and comic strips.
Nate Sanders
has the usual lot of four Peanuts strips.
Russ Cochran
has Hagar dailies and a Sunday, a Beetle Bailey Sunday, a war themed 1943 Barney Baxter Sunday, a Jungle Jim Sunday by Alex Raymond, a complete EC story by Jack Davis, a Joe Simon painting.
See you next week!!
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