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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #102

September 14 · Issue #102 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips #102!! Yes I’m late this week, I had a big job to finish first… 😥 let’s go.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Joelle Jones commission spot went for $3,600, the Sojourn splash by Greg Land went for only $500, the X-Men cover by Mike Huddleston for $1,600. the Byrne commission went for $800, She-Hulk by Artgerm for $750, the Jim Cheung charity sketch cover for $1,800, a Berserker cover by Mike Mignola for the same price.
Heritage Science Fiction Auction: the Planetary splash by John Cassaday was sold for $4k, the Tim Conrad Conan for $1,3k, I wasn’t the only one who liked that Paulo Siqueira commission, it was sold for $1,6k, pretty impressive for an unpublished (?) piece.
The Conan page by Barry Smith was sold for $4k. Everybody should listen to the old rule of “Hey! Don’t sell again that page on Heritage! It’s too soon!”: the Rune splash by BWS lost $240 in 10 months, the half splash lost $1,170 🙀, the page $550, the other page $252. (not considering the seller’s fees).
Heritage Sunday: the Sgt. Fury page by Dick Ayers went for $4k, the Infinity War page by Ron Lim for $1,1k, good catch. A Richard Corben sketch page went for $3k, the period is good for Corb, but the art not too exciting. The Erik Larsen Spider-Man page went for $800, a good price if you don’t want to spend $5k for a better piece.
Spectacular Spidey pages by Sal Buscema are rarely offered for sale at less than $1,000. Guess we better buy them at auction: $660 and $660 for two very nice pages. Good to know.
Nice prices: Steve Dillon for $140, Murphy Anderson for $300, Rafael Albuquerque for $400, Rich Buckler for $400, Michael Bair for $500.
ComiConnect: the Jack Kirby TOS cover recreation went for $24k, the Ghost Rider cover by Gil Kane for $10k, the Johnny Comet strip by Frank Frazetta for more than $7k, the X-Men cover by Chris Bachalo for $3,8k.
The Spider-Man splash by Angel Medina went for less than $500, the Hulk DPS for $370. The Batman splash by Gary Frank was sold for $1,500, based on the most recent auctions I imagined a higher price.
The Spidey/Kingpin commission by Sienkiewicz was sold for $500, the Batman one for $125. A Batgirl cover by Scott McDaniel for $380 and a Black Panther page by Sal Velluto for $71 (!).

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Thor Original Comic Art
Really great Thor original art by Jack Kirby, another Kirby page with The Falcon, Spectacular Spidey by Jim Mooney, nice Hulk page by Severin/Trimpe, Warlock by Gil Kane.
Avengers and Fantastic Four art by Kieron Dwyer, a Thing commission by Ron Wilson, Micronauts by Kelley Jones and a nice Silver Surfer/Thanos page by Ron Lim.
Two Avengers covers by Leonard Kirk (one, two), a new X-Men cover by Mike Huddleston, cheap Dr. Strange page by Butch Guice, Spidey by Ed McGuinness and Ryan Ottley, very nice Mary Jane commission by Greg Land.
An Hero Initiative cover by Walt Simonson.
DC: a Batman/Superman page by Bernie Wrightson, Superman by Jose Delbo, very nice Wonder Woman title splash by Chris Marrinan, “cheap” Green Arrow cover by Jerry Ordway.
A Birds of Prey cover by Greg Land, Hawkman splash by Howard Porter, really cheap Supergirl page by Rick Leonardi, a Batman sketch by David Finch.
Invincible one and two by Ryan Ottley, OZ by Skottie Young, Hellboy page and a painted Valiant cover by Mico Suayan.
Strips: a nice Corrigan daily by Al Williamson, a Wizard of ID daily and a BC Sunday.
Heritage Sunday Auction
J.P. Leon - Earth X original DPS Comic Art
J.P. Leon - Earth X original DPS Comic Art
DC: Batman original art by Greg Capullo, Batman by Nick Derington, this Batman: Europa splash by Camuncoli & Jim Lee was for sale on ebay a few months back for $5k, a Nightwing splash and a Batman page by Scott McDaniel, Batman/Green Arrow by Jim Aparo. Azrael splashes by Sergio Cariello and Vince Giarrano.
Nice Superman page by Swan/Anderson, Ma & Pa Kent find the rocket in a Superman origin page from Action #500 by Swan. And Kal-El leaves Krypton from another origin story by Swan/Ordway.
Beautiful Wonder Woman page by Jose Delbo, JLA by Tony Daniel, a Legion splash by Giffen, 2 Birds of Prey covers by Ed McGuinness and this great one by Matt Haley.
Marvel: I’d really love to own this 1979 Nightcrawler commission by John Byrne. Original Thor cover sketch by Dave Cockrum, Conan Gil Kane style, Ghost Rider title splash by Don Perlin, The Thing by Ron Wilson.
Nineties! Early X-Men page by Art Thibert, F4 by Paul Ryan, Thor by Mike Deodato, Spider-Man original art by Buscema/Sienk, Jae Lee‘s Namor, Ghost Rider DPS by Saltares, Cap by Rik Levins and my 25 years too late discovery of Dave Hoover continues with this Captain America art.
Recent pages: Epting, J.P Leon, Lim, Yu, Velluto.
A nice Neal Adams inked Eerie page, an incredible fantasy painting by Gil Kane, an XO splash by Bart Sears and a lovely Witching Hour title page by Alex Toth. A perfect Wizard of ID Sunday and a nice Pogo daily.
BD Encheres
Frank - Manon Illustration
Frank - Manon Illustration
Many low priced items, not much from the big names: Franquin, Vance, Frank, Remacle, Hermann.
New Blog Post: Best Deals on the ComicLink Auction
Anybody noticed that last week I only commented the high prices on the ComicLink auction? I was saving the best deals for a new blog post, after a Summer hiatus, there were many great pieces sold for low prices. Click here to read!
See you next week!!
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