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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #101

Welcome to #101 of Original Comic Art Tips! Very long newsletter this week, let's start! Original Com
September 6 · Issue #101 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #101 of Original Comic Art Tips! Very long newsletter this week, let’s start!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Hulk half splash by Buscema/Sinnott was sold for $2,000, the X-Men cover by Mike Huddleston for $1,700, the Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams for $1,000, The Batman title splash by Curt Swan for only $850 and the Bill Sienkiewicz Fantastic Four page for only $550.
The Superman page by John Byrne finally ended for $3,600, a Thanos splash by Romita Jr. went for $2,200, a JLA wraparound cover by Ed Benes for $5,500, a Frank Miller sketch for $1,800, a Thor cover by M.C. Wyman for $2,500.
Hero Initiative sketch covers: Gibbons $1,275, Hardman $1,080, McGuinness $840, Samnee $730.
Comic Book Auctions: the McMahon 2000 AD cover went for £9,600, the John Bolton X-Men Classic pinup for £1,400.
Heritage Sunday: the Joe Kubert cover went for $5,700, Milgrom/Mooney Spectacular Spidey pages for $3,800 are not a surprise anymore, the Sgt Fury page by Dick Ayers went for the usual $3,300. The Frank Robbins page went for $2,400 ($400 less than the post-it price tag), a Cynthia Martin Spidey splash went for $1,500, the Ed McGuinness Defenders cover went for $1,400. The Sojourn splash by Greg Land was sold for $4,000, last year many great covers and splashes from Crossgen were sold on eBay for bargain prices, maybe it’s time to sell them on HA? Or was this the result of a bidding war?
ComicLink: The auction went very well, with many high results (and many low results), the surprise auction winner is Marie Severin, with an early Captain Marvel cover sold for more than $20k. Then we find the Spidey splash by Erik Larsen and the complete EC story by Graham Ingels sold for $17k. The Marvel Monster splash by Jack Kirby was sold for $16k, while interior pages remained very affordable. An Iron-Man splash by Don Heck went for $15k, for the same price were sold a page from The Walking Dead #1 and the Monster cover by Steve Ditko. An Avengers cover by Milgrom went for $10k, a Cap cover by Mike Zeck for more than $9k and a 2 in 1 cover by John Buscema for $9k. A Walking Dead cover by Charlie Adlard went for $4,500.

This week on eBay
Humberto Ramos - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Humberto Ramos - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Pollard/Mooney Rampaging Hulk page, a preliminary page by Gil Kane from Amazing Spidey #97, a Namor page by Sal Buscema, a cheap Shang-Chi page by Mike Zeck, a Scarlet Witch & Wonder Woman commission by John Byrne.
John Buscema: a Conan page, another one, a Fantastic Four page, a third Conan. Conan by Pablo Marcos, a color Iron-Man by Steve Rude.
Cheap Avengers page by Ian Churchill, a Spider-Girl cover by Olliffe/Williamson, a Spider-Man page by Scott Kolins, X-Men original art by Andy Kubert.
Very nice Spider-Man page by Humberto Ramos, a White Queen cover by Mike Huddleston, a She-Hulk commission by Artgerm, Hulk and Dr. Strange art by Romita Jr., some Dr. Strange pages of original art by Chris Bachalo, cheap Iron-Man commission by Mark Brooks, Black Cat pinup by Greg Land, Scarlet Witch by Larry Stroman and a Moon Knight commission by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Hero Initiative is auctioning sketch covers by John Cassaday, Jim Cheung and others.
DC: a Sandman page by Jack Kirby, very nice Plastic Man title splash and an Hawkman page by Ramona Fradon, a Legion page by Curt Swan, Robin by Lee Elias.
A Batman bust by Jason Fabok, a Batman page by Jock, a Joker page by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Jim Lee, a Batman pinup by Ryan Stegman, a Gotham Central cover by Michael Lark.
Superman by Gary Frank, Superman by Michael Golden, a Supergirl cover by Mahmud Asrar. An Aquaman page by Ivan Reis, an Hawkman splash by Stephen Segovia, a Green Lantern cover by Ethan VanSciver and a JLE DPS by Doug Mahnke.
Mark Alessi’s daughter opened an eBay account to sell her dad’s collection of Crossgen original art. There’s a Sojourn splash by Greg Land, a Route 666 DPS by Karl Moline and some others.
A Skottie Young OZ page, a TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman, a Crow illustration by James O'Barr, an X-O page by Barry Smith, a Mouse Guard illustration by Petersen, a Shadow illustration by Bruce Timm, a skull pinup by Mike Mignola.
Joelle Jones is auctioning a spot for a commission and it’s already at $3,300.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Ron Lim - Infinity War Original Comic Art
Ron Lim - Infinity War Original Comic Art
We start with this great Conan page by John Buscema, a Spider-Man page by Ross Andru, a Shang-Chi end page by Gene Day, an Alpha Flight title splash by Michael Bair.
2 Spectacular Spidey pages by Sal Buscema, one with the Punisher and one with the Sienkiewicz, a Scarlet Spidey splash by Patrick Zircher, a Fantastic Four+Spidey half splash by Javier Saltares. If you lost the auction for that Spidey splash by Erik Larsen sold for $17k, this page will probably go much cheaper.
This Infinity War half splash by Ron Lim is really nice, keep an eye on it.
A Daredevil Illustration by J.G. Jones, an X-Statix splash by Dragotta/Allred, a Daredevil splash by Rob Haynes. An Avengers page by Steve Dillon and original Doc. Strange art by Chris Bachalo.
DC: I like this Green Arrow/Batman page by Jim Aparo, a great Adam Strange page by Gil Kane, World’s Finest by Murphy Anderson, a Batman splash by Ernie Chan, Superman by Rich Buckler.
An Infinity Inc splash by Todd McFarlane, a Superman half-splash by Jim Starlin, a Lobo page by Val Semeiks, a Superman illustration by Michael Cho and a Batgirl splash by Rafael Albuquerque.
The NCS is having a charity auction with Popeye themed illustrations (for Popeye’s 90th birthday): Garfield and Popeye by Jim Davis, Lynn Johnston, Patrick McDonnell, Tom Richmond, Garry Trudeau and many more.
Comiconnect Comic Art Auction
Chris Bachalo - X-Men Original Comic Art
Chris Bachalo - X-Men Original Comic Art
Nice Auction, a good selection of superhero art from classic to modern.
A Ghost Rider cover by Gil Kane, two Johnny Comet strips by Frank Frazetta (one here), a Tales of Suspense #39 recreation and three Mister Miracle pages by Jack Kirby (one here), a Tarzan DPS by Russ Manning.
A Warlock page by Bob Brown, Wonder Woman original art by Don Heck, Spectacular Spidey by Jim Mooney, a nice JLA page by Dick Dillin, a Nick Fury splash by Butch Guice, Corum original art by Mike Mignola.
A Spider-Man splash by Angel Medina, Jimi Hendrix and Spidey commissions by Bill Sienkiewicz, a Batman pinup by Jae Lee, a Batman splash by Gary Frank, a Captain America cover by Adi Granov and if you like Chris Bachalo original art there’s a beautiful X-Men cover.
Heritage Science Fiction Illustration Auction part 2
Paulo Siqueira - F4 women Original Comic Art
Paulo Siqueira - F4 women Original Comic Art
Another batch of vintage illustrations with some comic art sprinkled here and there (see how the first part went on #93).
Many Barry Smith pages, Conan Original Art from #16, then Rune: a splash (sold last November for $800), a half splash (sold last November for $2k), a page (sold last November for $1,8k), another page (sold last October for $1,4k).
A big lot of Planetary pages by John Cassaday (here’s a splash), a great Conan page by Tim Conrad and a Fantastic Four pinup by Paulo Siqueira I really like.
See you next week!!
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