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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #100

August 30 · Issue #100 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #100 of Original Comic Art Tips! Some issues of this newsletter have been a couple days late, sometimes, but I never missed a week, even in the last months, which were the harder with my newborn baby… so if you enjoy this weekly email spread the word with your internet friends, and if you want to talk comic art with me just hit reply!
Original Comic Art Auction results:
eBay A Superman splash by Curt Swan was sold for $7,250, the second Alan Davis Hero Initiative Avengers sketch cover went for more than $800, the George Perez Wonder Woman splash and the Paul Pope Swamp Thing page both went for $1,100. The Doomsday clock page by Gary Frank and the Superman #1 page by John Byrne are still going.
Prices for Joe Sinnott sketches skyrocketed since he announced his retirement from commissions last year, while great pages inked by him in the 80’s go for much less… look at this sketch cover sold for $2,300.
The Batman page by Lee Bermejo went for only $130, I liked it even if there were no costumed characters. A Wonder Woman pinup by Ed McGuinness went for $150, a Flash page by Don Heck for $380, a Demon by Byrne for $130.
Heritage Sunday: the Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet was sold for $5,200, the Sgt. Fury pages by Dick Ayers are going strong, the last one went for $3,800. A nice What If? page by Jim Craig and a Warlord cover by Dan Jurgens were sold for $2,300 each, the Hulk page by Tim Sale for $1,900.
Nice+cheap pages were a Jungle Girl pinup by Greg Land, an Iron-Man page by Tony Harris and one by Mark Bagley sold for $150 each, a JLA page by Gene Ha for $200, the Steampunk splash by Chris Bachalo for $270, a Pogo daily for $370, the Ghost cover by John Cassaday for $570.

This week on eBay
Sal Buscema - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Marvel: let’s start with this Incredible Hulk splash by Buscema/Sinnott, a Power-Man/Iron Fist page by Ernie Chan, Namor by Dave Cockrum, Daredevil original art by Gene Colan, Daredevil and Captain Marvel by Brown/Buscema.
A Fantastic Four page by Bill Sienkiewicz, one by Paul Ryan, Cloak & Dagger by Leonardi/Austin, Spider-Man by Pat Olliffe, Rogue by Mike Wieringo, a Thanos splash by John Romita Jr.
Nice Hulk splash by David Nakayama, Avengers by Mark Bagley, Mike Huddleston is selling another X-Men cover. The price is really high, but take a look at this great Weapon X commission by Gabriel Bà.
Hero Initiative this week is auctioning sketch covers by: Ed McGuinness, Chris Samnee, Dave Gibbons and Gabriel Hardman.
DC: I remember posting this Batman pinup by Jim Lee here some months ago, don’t remember the auction house… Wonder Woman art by Don Heck and Joe Staton, a Batman title splash by Curt Swan and a Jimmy Olsen title splash by Kurt Schaffenberger, Kurt again with Superboy.
Beautiful Promethea DPS and a Batman page by J.H. Williams, a Superman splash by Tony Harris, a Catwoman DPS by Pat Olliffe, a Batman sketch by George Perez, a Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank.
A Land Unknown page by Alex Toth, very nice Punk Rock Jesus page by Sean Murphy, a Mike Mignola sketch, a painted Rose page by Charles Vess, a Miracleman pinup by Matteo Scalera, Tellos by Wieringo and a Star Trek page by John Byrne.
Strips: a B.C. Sunday, a Zippy.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Ed McGuinness - Defenders Original Cover art
Ed McGuinness - Defenders Original Cover art
DC: nice Batman page by Von Eeden/Garcia-Lopez, Batman cover by Jae Lee, Batman splash by Ethan VanSciver, pages by Bob Brown and Ernie Chan, I like this Batman/Joker illustration by Steve Scott.
Aquaman cover by Butch Guice, a splash by Von Eeden and a page by Jim Calafiore. An Hawkman cover by Steve Lieber and a beautiful splash by Rags Morales.
A House of Mystery cover by Joe Kubert, Infinity Inc. original art by Todd McFarlane, Superman by Garcia-Lopez.
Marvel: keep an eye for the near future for Scarlet Spider pages like this Mark Bagley splash, also for Spectacular Spider-Man pages by Milgrom/Mooney and Sal Buscema. Other Spidey artists from the 90’s are growing like Joe St.Pierre in this Spidey vs. Venom page.
Never seen art scanned with the price on a post-it note… this week there are two, one is this Ghost Rider page by Frank Robbins with a $2,800 price tag…
A Not Brand Echh page by Marie Severin, a Clive Barker cover by Gene Colan and a Howard the Duck page, Conan original art by John Buscema, Thor by Sal, Hulk/Wolverine splash by Frenz/Buscema.
A modern Starlin page with Thanos, Cap. Marvel and Thor, an X-Men page by Romita Jr., a Punisher page by Erik Larsen and a DPS by Bill Reinhold, an Elektra splash by Mike Deodato.
A Defenders cover by Ed McGuinness, Iron-Man by Tim Sale, nice Captain America by David Finch and a cover quality X-Men illustration by Sean Chen.
A Sojourn splash by Greg Land, 2 early Savage Dragon pages by Erik Larsen, a Dune page by Sienkiewicz, 2 Vertigo covers: Deadenders and DMZ, a Red Sonja illustration by Frank Thorne and 3 Phantom pages by Pat Boyette.
A Wizard of ID Sunday and the Garfield daily from 1-1-2000.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2 💪
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Cover Art
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Cover Art
The auction is ending on Tuesday, so there’s no time for part 3, I’ll have to look from D to Z… 😅
Ditko, a great Marvel Monsters cover. A tri-fold cover by Adi Granov, a 1964 Iron-Man splash by Don Heck, a Green Lantern splash by Gil Kane, a Batman page by Kelley Jones, a Wolverine/Venom splash by Sam Kieth.
Look at all the wonderful Kirby pieces here.
A Spider-Man title splash by Erik Larsen, lots of DC pages by Jim Lee here, a Thanos page and a Venom splash by Ron Lim, a Secret Wars cover by Ed McGuinness.
An original Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola, 2 pages from TWD #1 by Tony Moore, these were already sold in 2018 if I remember correctly, I should look into the old newsletters…
Great selection of George Perez original pages here.
A Moon Knight page and a Prophet cover by Stephen Platt, a Wolverine cover by Joe Quesada. Many Romita Jr. pages here.
Batman page by Tim Sale, X-Factor by Walt Simonson, a Black Panther cover by Marc Texeira. A color Black Canary pinup by Bruce Timm, a Land Unknown splash by Alex Toth. 4 high-end pieces by Barry Smith.
Other Auctions
Nate Sanders
Four Peanuts Sundays and a daily, here’s the earlier one.
Russ Cochran
Some Hagar strips and many other cheap pieces.
Comic Book Auctions
For British comics fans, many classics: Lawrence, Bellamy, Talbot, a 2000 AD cover by McMahon and also a Classic X-Men back cover by John Bolton.
Excalibur Auctions
I discovered this auction thanks to the always useful auction calendar on Comicarttracker, a few nice things: a Sachs & Violens DPS by George Perez, a Distant Fires page by Kane/Nowlan, Superman by Carlos Pacheco, Batman by Paul Gulacy.
See you next week, with the next big ComiConnect auction and much more!

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