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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of Original Comic Art Tips. I started collecting original art in 1995 and
October 5 · Issue #1 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to the first issue of Original Comic Art Tips. I started collecting original art in 1995 and I’ve been following the online market since the dawn of eBay. I look at every listing on eBay, Heritage and all the different auction houses offering comic art lots, I also check dealers websites regularly searching for updates and the perfect piece to add to my collection. Lately I had the idea that all this work I do for myself may be useful to other collectors who can’t spend hours online every week and decided to start a newsletter. In the coming weeks, you can expect to find 2/5 links for every auction who is about to close, alerts for dealers websites who updated their offerings and general news on our hobby.
Let’s get started!

This week on eBay
Popeye by Segar Original Art for sale
Just a few worthy pieces for us on eBay, don’t forget to take a look at these two beautiful Popeye dailies by Segar ending next week: one is a classic punch fight with Bluto and the other has Popeye, Olive Oil and Eugene the Jeep.
For the many fans of Mike Mignola, there’s a great (no Hellboy, sorry) pencil illustration.
And for a 90’s nostalgic like me a nice and cheap Mark Silvestri and Scott Williams interior page from Cyberforce #5 starring Ripclaw ending SOON.

Heritage Sunday Auction
Bone by Jeff Smith Original Art for sale
Heritage’s weekly Sunday Auction gets overlooked by most so it’s a great way to snag great Comic Art for cheap, you just have to find the few diamonds hidden between filler material, but I’ve done the hard part for you. Sadly we start with a slow week, but we have one of the few published Bone pieces by Jeff Smith on the market (Smith never sold his pages and donated them to Ohio State University), I know it’s not the piece you dreamed of but…
Then consider this 1979 Star Wars strip by the great Russ Manning starring C-3PO and Luke Skywalker. Star Wars items from the 70’s are always a good investment.
We end with a classic, an Alex Toth / Dick Giordano page from Hot Wheels #1. I had a page from the same issue for years (traded it for a Hate page by Peter Bagge) the cool part is that Toth penciled and lettered them in blue pencil, so all his lines are there to see.
Don’t forget to save money for the November 16-18 Signature Auction, I’ll send you my highlights in a forthcoming newsletter!

Comic link Focused Auction
Dracula by Gene Colan Original Art for sale
Nothing big this time on Comic Link, a nice example from one of my favorite series: Tomb of Dracula by Gene Colan, Dracula vs Blade. (I had two originals from this series, all gone years ago, but still searching for the perfect one).
Not one but three Dawn painted illustrations by Linsner (this is the one I’d buy). He does a ton of them but they’re always nice if taken for the right price.
Speaking of 90’s nostalgia many will fondly remember the first issues of Witchblade by a young Michael Turner. If you thought that a Turner original is out of your league this one may be for you.

This is the end of the first issue of Comic Art Tips, next week you’ll find the usual Original Comic Art highlights and we’ll start to dig into the great catalogue of Urania Aste’s next auction.
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