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🔍👉Original Comic Art Tips #74 - Byrne, Ramos Quesada and more!

March 1 · Issue #74 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with #74 of Original Comic Art Tips, the Comic Link Auction is ending soon and is full of great original art, I had to squeeze everything to keep this week’s newsletter manageable…
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Original Comic Art Auction Results:
Ebay: the Hellboy illustration by Mike Mignola went for $1,900. I paid $75 for a similar drawing in 1997… I’m getting old. the Batman splash by Don Newton went for $4,3k, the Spider-Girl cover by Pat Olliffe went for $1k, the Conan page by Zaffino went for almost $1k, I’d like to see how high a really good Zaffino page would go… the Jim Lee sketch cover went for $1k and somebody actually paid $1,499 for Hulk Hands drawn by Todd McFarlane.
Heritage Sunday: the Black Canary cover by Dick Giordano ended at $6,6k, the Ryan Sook Kamandi page went for $4k, the Kevin Nowlan Batman page for $4,3k, the Ms. Marvel page by Jim Mooney for $3,1k, the Namor splash by Dan Adkins for $2,2k and many other pretty high prices. A great week for HA.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art. STRA-ZAM!
John Byrne - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art. STRA-ZAM!
Classic X-Men page by John Bolton, a Fantastic Four page by John Byrne, the starting price is pretty good, let’s see. X-Men page by Marc Silvestri, Original Art from Avengers #6 by Jack Kirby, Daredevil by Gene Colan, nice Spider-Man splash by Mark Bagley, Lee Weeks and Tom Raney Iron-Man pinups, Cap commission by Chris Samnee, Sam Kieth Wolverine original art. Cyclops and Jean Grey sketches by Walt Simonson, if you want to make a couple…
Harley Quinn (sort of) cover by Amanda Conner, nice Lois Lane splash and Wonder Woman page by Ed Benes, Superman comic art by Kevin Maguire, a Batman commission by Tim Sale, JLA by Bryan Hitch, New Gods and Superman by Jim Starlin, Wonder Woman by Garcia Lopez.
A Batman sketch by Humberto Ramos and Art Adams, a 1985 Raphael painting by Kevin Eastman and an Hellblazer page by Steve Pugh.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Humberto Ramos - Thanos Original Comic Art
Humberto Ramos - Thanos Original Comic Art
Another auction with a lot of things to see, there’s a Don Newton Batman action page, the cover to World’s Finest #239 by Ernie Chan, a beautifully detailed Teen Titans page by George Perez, a nice Azrael page by Quesada/Nowlan, Garcia Lopez has an incredible Twilight page, a Superman illustration and a Batman/Robin style guide pinup.
A Wonder Woman DPS by Phil Jimenez, a Catwoman page by Paul Gulacy, a great Batman page by Sean Phillips, a Vigliante page by Gil Kane and I really like this Jonah Hex page by Dan Spiegle.
Marvel: big lot of original art by Dick Ayers, like the title splash to Sgt. Fury #90 and to Rawhide Kid #36, Black Widow page by Syd Shores, Namor Original Art by Don Heck, Wolverine page by John Buscema, X-Men comic art by Alan Davis and a Thanos cover by Humberto Ramos.
Lady Death page by Steven Hughes, nude girl pinup by Bruce Timm, an Alex Toth page from “The Land Unknown”, Star Trek original art by Adam Hughes, very nice Luba page from Love and Rockets #12 by Gilbert Hernandez.
Lots of great pieces of original comic strip art to see: Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, some great 1924 color Moon Mullins Sundays, look at the art on this Terry and the Pirates daily, a nice 1935 Alley Oop daily, a 1931 Wash Tubbs daily, a 1930 Katzenjammer kids Sunday by Knerr and many more.
Comic link Focused Auction
Joe Quesada - Wolverine Cover Original Comic Art
Joe Quesada - Wolverine Cover Original Comic Art
ComicLink had their best auction last November, followed by a weak one. This one is really interesting again. I’ll start with artists who have multiple original art pages to look at, like John Buscema. Here’s the splash to Fantastic Four #112 (and here’s all the rest). Sal has lots of nice pieces too, I like this Cap Vs. Kingpin page (see the other pages). John Byrne original art? 8 high end pieces, look at this Spider-Man page (then see the other 7).
Dave Cockrum: original cover to Ms. Marvel #18 (and 3 other), some incredible Jack Kirby original art, starting from the third appearance of Thor in JIM #85 and many other pieces. Four great pieces by Joe Quesada, can’t choose one, John Romita has classic original art from Spider-Man #61, an X-Men pinup and the Punisher sketch that was sold on eBay before Christmas for $1080, it resurfaced very quickly here, let’s see how it goes.
Many really incredible pieces by John Romita Jr. here’s a Wolverine wraparound cover but look at all of them. Marc Silvestri has some Marvel and Top Cow original art.
J. Scott Campbell has a Gen13 page and a Marvel cover, Lee Bermejo a Batman Vs. Joker half-splash (!), six Batman family covers by Jason Fabok, I like a lot this Jae Lee Batman cover, look at this Batman DPS by Dick Sprang, Superman/Batman cover and Hulk DPS by Ed McGuinness, a Joker commission by Jim Lee, Joker and Harley original art by Sean Murphy, a Batman half splash and a Wolverine page by Sam Kieth, Green Lantern pinup by Gil Kane and an Haunted Tank DPS by Russ Heath.
Some more classics: key Hulk page by Steve Ditko, Avengers #11 original art by Don Heck, Thor #244 cover by Buckler/Sinnott, Hulk page by McFarlane, Wolverine and Daredevil by Frank Miller.
And we end with an Avengers cover by Jim Cheung, X-Men cover by Alan Davis, X-Men cover by Terry Dodson, Age of Apocalypse Wolverine splash by Adam Kubert, a page from TMNT #5 by Eastman/Laird, a Prophet DPS by Stephen Platt and a Conqueror Worm page by Mike Mignola. Whew! 😅
Heritage Signature Original Comic Art Auction Report
This week’s newsletter is too long, to keep it shorter I posted the most interesting results (many HA auction records!) from last weekend’s Signature Auction on the website, more space there, shorter newsletter here! (let me know if you enjoy it and I’ll do more). Without space constraints I made an entire post instead of the usual few lines:
See you next week for a preview of the next Comic Connect auction and the usual great Original Comic Art!!
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