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Original Comic Art Tips #73 - Mignola, Kieth, Madureira and more!!

February 21 · Issue #73 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter, here we are with our Auction results:
Ebay Auction Results:
The Venom cover by Steven Butler went for $4,500, the Wolverine/Hulk original art by Sam Kieth for $1,400, the Godzilla page by Herb Trimpe for $2,800, the Cap and Iron-Man paintings by Adi Granov sold very quickly for $850.
The Dracula art by Gene Colan went for $650, the Wonder Woman lot by Don Heck for $650, the nice Flash page by Tony Daniel ended at only $100 and the John Byrne page with Robin for $200.
Heritage Sunday Auction Results:
The Andru/Buscema Incredible Hulk page went for $1,100, the Mike Sekowsky JLA page for $1,800, the Azrael original art by Quesada/Nowlan for $900 and the Mignola Christmas card for $700 (!).
A Dan Barry Flash Gordon Sunday ended for $1,100, the Dick Tracy daily for $1,300, the George Herriman original panel for $900 and a Robin Malone Sunday for $1,000.

This week's Original Comic Art on eBay
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Comic Art
We can start with the two most watched items of the week, a published Hellboy illustration by Mike Mignola and a page from Sandman #5 by Sam Kieth (well, the most watched is, as usual, a Jim Lee sketch cover but the other two are more interesting…).
DC: Don Newton this week has a full figure Batman title splash, great Batman Vs. Joker original art by Whilce Portacio, Batman cover by Rags Morales, nice Batman page by Stephen Segovia, Batman art by Garcia Lopez and Batman head sketch by Alan Davis.
Nice, and probably affordable, John Byrne Flash page, Flash Vs. Green Lantern by Howard Porter, JLA art by Rick Leonardi, nice Aquaman half-splash by Ron Garney.
Marvel: How much would you pay for a pair of Hulk hands drawn by Todd McFarlane? Very nice Pat Olliffe cover from Spider Girl #57, a Captain Marvel page by Ron Lim, once in a while nice Jorge Zaffino original art comes to an auction.
Excalibur art from a teenage Joe Madureira, Punisher page by Erik Larsen, F4 page by Rich Buckler, Wolverine pinup by Dave Cockrum.
Captain America half-splash by Chris Bachalo, Dr. Doom and Thor pages by Frenz/Sinnott, early Gambit sketch by Travis Charest, zombie Spider-Man commission by Sean Phillips, Phoenix original art by Kenneth Rocafort and Tony Moore, Cable half-splash by Ed McGuinness and Thor bust by David Finch.
Spawn original art by Capullo/McFarlane, nice Walking Dead commission by Charlie Adlard, Hot Wheels #1 page by Alex Toth, look at this Alien commission by James O'Barr. Warlord page by Mike Grell and a couple Panels: Dennis the Menace one and two, Ziggy by Tom Wilson.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Teen Titans Original Art
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Teen Titans Original Art
Good News! Finally, after almost 2 months of disappointing Sunday Comic Art Auctions, we have a really strong list of pieces, I even had to edit out quite a bit of lots. I’ll start with Marvel and the title splash to Sub-Mariner #72 by Dan Adkins, I like this original page from Fantastic Four #154 by Bob Brown, a Gene Colan Half-splash from Daredevil #32, a Don Heck page from X-Men #45, beautiful Mooney/Sinnott art from Ms. Marvel #4 and a Hulk page by Herb Trimpe.
The return of the Buscemas: John with original art from Thor #178 and an action Conan page, Sal with 2 Thor pages, one from Thor #240 and the Loki title splash from Thor #375.
I wasn’t a Dave Hoover fan in the 90’s, now, with nostalgia mode on, I really like this What If? title splash and this Captain America cover. Very nice Butch Guice original art from a Swimsuit pinup book, Purves/Austin Spider-Man Vs. Joe Fixit page, Wolverine commission by Rob Liefeld and a Cyclops splash by Leinil Yu.
DC: Phantom Stranger and Batman by Jim Aparo, nice Batman page by Kevin Nowlan, nice Wildcats Vs. Aliens by Sprouse/Nowlan. Have you ever seen Batman killing dolphins? Beautiful Teen Titans original art by Garcia-Lopez, and a Batman/Catwoman illustration.
Dick Giordano has a cover for Black Canary #1, Ryan Sook a great Kamandi page, Hawkwoman commission by Greg Land and a New Frontier era cover sketch by Darwyn Cooke.
Warlord half-splash by Mike Grell, beautiful Books of Magic splash by Kelley Jones, an EC page by Jack Davis, a Ghita illustration by Frank Thorne and a Scott Pilgrim page.
This section is already too long, I’ll leave out the usual, returning strips and only highlight this Joe Palooka 1932 Sunday and this Katzenjammer Kids Sunday by Doc Winner.
Other Comic Art Auctions
Nate Sanders:
There’s a 1965 Peanuts daily with a $12k starting price.
Vermot et Associés:
A Largo Winch page with Largo in all panels, a nice Olivier Rameau page by Dany and not much else.
BD Encheres:
2 very rare original art pieces by Alessandro Barbucci, a page from Echo and a Skydoll pinup, a Tanguy et Laverdure page by Uderzo and another early Largo Winch page.
See you next week and don’t forget today’s Heritage Platinum Night starting NOW!!
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