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Original Comic Art Tips #71 - Mignola, Sale, Byrne and More!



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February 7 · Issue #71 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #71 of Original Comic Art Tips! some auction results to start:
the Original Gil Kane Creatures on the Loose cover went for $4,300, the Hulk page by Sal Buscema went for $2,000, the Superman cover by Stuart Immonen for $1,300.
$500 for a Thanos page by Jim Starlin (even if it’s a modern one) is a good price, better yet is $300 for a Batman splash by Tony Daniel.
Heritage Sunday:
the Batman original by Jim Aparo went for $1,100, Superman by Wayne Boring for $3,100, Nick Fury by Kane/Romita for $1,200, the Al Williamson Corrigan daily original art for $1,400, Alex Raymond‘s Rip daily for the same price and the panel by Herriman for $1,900.
A nice Robin page by Pat Gleason was sold for only $94, again for $94 the Kid Flash pinup by Ryan Sook, a Superman page by Curt Swan for $330, and an Orphan Annie Sunday for $560.

This week on eBay
Tim Sale - Bartman Original Art
Tim Sale - Bartman Original Art
Three pages from last week’s newsletter are ending today and prices are still very low: Don Newton‘s Batman at $70, a B.C. Sunday at $75, and a Wizard of ID daily at $250.
I don’t care for sketch covers, but there’s a cheap Jim Lee Wonder Woman you may be interested in seeing (quick!)…
Two Mike Mignola covers. no Hellboy, sorry… but great comic art: BPRD here and Baltimore here. 
I like this Daredevil page by Scott McDaniel, Namor page by Marie Severin, Rick Leonardi Spider-Man DPS original art, Daredevil and a great Dracula page by Gene ColanThor art by Jack Kirby, Daredevil by Infantino, really nice Iron-Man commission by George Perez and if you’re always late to Paul Smith’s sketch sales here’s a Magneto.
Batman original art by Stephen Segovia, Batman color commission by Paolo Rivera, Batman by Don Newton, Batgirl splash by Freddie Williams, Batman/Catwoman illustration by Tim Sale.
Look at this beautiful Wonder Woman title splash by Don Heck, JLA DPS by Doug Mahnke, some 2 strips Superman lots by Jose Delbo and a nice Teen Titans page by George Perez. No nice comic strips this week..!
Heritage Sunday Auction
Leonard Starr - On Stage Sunday Original Art
Leonard Starr - On Stage Sunday Original Art
2018 was a great year for Heritage‘s weekly original comic art auctions, with many pieces usually found on bigger events. 2019 looks really different for now, every week I have a hard time finding enough interesting art to show you… let’s try.
A Batman page by Jim Aparo, World’s Finest by Dick Dillin, a very nice Batman original strip by Joe Giella, Batman Vs. Batman by Shaffenberger, Superman/Flash original art by Curt Swan.
Silver Surfer and Pip page by Jim Starlin, Power Man by George Tuska, 3 color commissions: Doc Strange by Frank Brunner, Shang Chi by Paul Gulacy, Conan/Red Sonja by Ernie Chan.
Strips: a Rusty Riley Sunday, Orphan Annie Sunday, a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy, a very nice Mary Perkins Sunday, nice Alex Raymond original art, nice Al Williamson Corrigan and a George Herriman panel.
Heritage Signature Auction
Adam Hughes - Wonder Woman Original Art
Adam Hughes - Wonder Woman Original Art
A great auction as usual (this is part 2 of 3, see last week’s issue of Comic Art Tips for the first part).
Conan cover by Buscema/Chan and Conan cover by Buscema/Sinnott, I love these UK Marvel covers by Jim Starlin, here’s the Hulk and here’s the F4.
X-Men original art by John Byrne and Dave Cockrum, Iron-Man splash by Byrne, Spider-Man splash by Mark Bagley, X-Men commission by Travis Charest, great Infinity Gauntlet page by Ron Lim.
Neal Adams has a great Green Lantern/Green Arrow page, Batman #331 cover by Jim Aparo, incredible Adam Strange splash by Carmine Infantino, the perfect Alex Ross JLA piece, and the perfect Adam Hughes Wonder Woman piece.
Beautiful Preacher poster original art by Steve Dillon, classic Charest/Lee/Campbell Wildstorm pinup, several Hellboy covers by Mike Mignola.
Zorro comic art by Alex Toth is very rare, here’s a (modern) cover, Al Williamson on Flash Gordon and Star Wars (this one is great), the best Lee Elias piece I’ve seen for sale, Weird Science page by Wally Wood.
Strips: the biggest names, 1953 Prince Valiant art, McCay’s Rarebit Fiend, nice Popeye by Segar, some Peanuts dailies.
See you next week for part three!!
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