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Original Comic Art Tips #183 - Bachalo/Gaiman jam, Art Adams, Byrne!

April 2 · Issue #183 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #183 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: the iconic black suit Superman splash by Dan Jurgens was sold for $22,8k, the E.C. panel prelim by Frank Frazetta for $6,7k, the True Bride To Be cover by Jack Kirby for $4,5k, the Mark Nelson Aliens cover for $6,3k, a Phantom 2040 splash by Steve Ditko for $4k, the cover to Star Brand #17 by John Byrne for a $2,7k B.O.
The Spidey page by Tim Sale went for $3,7k, a great Transmetropolitan splash by Darick Robertson for $2k, the Batman cover by Gary Frank for $1,8k, a Batman page by Risso for $1,2k, a Batman sketch by Jim Lee for a $1,150 B.O.
This Snoopy sketch by Charles Schulz (maybe too shaky to be real) went for a $1,5k B.O.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Kevin Nowlan page went for $3,3k, I just discovered that Goon pages by Eric Powell are worth $3,1k+, a top Spidey page by Alex Saviuk went for $3,1k, a Cerebus page for $2k. A Long Sam Sunday strip by Bob Lubbers (from the 1st year) was sold for $1k, I was used to strips going regularly for $200.
It’s not a secret that Ron Lim‘s pages are growing, this Captain America went for $900.
Catawiki: an Uncle Scrooge page by Romano Scarpa went for €1,5k, another page for €500, one by Luciano Gatto for €500, a cover by Daniel Torres for €1,8k, a sketch by Rosinsky for a surprising €1,7k, one by Manara for a surprising €800, the Punisher cover by Mark Texeira for €950.
Bruneau Auctions: the Spidey half splash by John Byrne went for $7,5k, the Captain America for $4,6k, the JLA cover by Rich Buckler for $8,2k, the Ernie Chan Kull cover for $5,2k, an Eastman/Laird TMNT page for $11,5k.

This week on eBay
Chris Bachalo & Neil Gaiman - Dr. Strange Original Art
Chris Bachalo & Neil Gaiman - Dr. Strange Original Art
Hero Initiative: the Chris Bachalo/Neil Gaiman jam auction is on, and it’s already at $12k, a Mike Del Mundo/David Mack Jam, a Mahmud Asrar X-Men page, a Paolo Rivera Witchblade pinup.
Marvel: brown bag Spidey page by Ron Frenz, a Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino, Conan by Gary Kwapisz, a nice Spidey page by Jim Mooney, a Captain America cover by Butch Guice.
DC: a Harley cover by Gary Frank, three Wonder Woman pages by Don Heck, a JLA page by Howard Porter, more Wonder Woman color guides by Trish Mulvihill over Byrne, a Superman page by Tom Grummett.
A Love & Rockets back cover by Beto Hernandez, a cover by Glenn Fabry and a Corrigan strip by Al Williamson.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Gene Colan - Captain America Original Art
Gene Colan - Captain America Original Art
Marvel: a Longshot page by Art Adams, a Fantastic Four half splash by Buckler/Sinnott, I like this title page by Sal Buscema, some nice Gene Colan pages, like this Captain America, an Iron Fist splash by Rudy Nebres, Thor by Keith Pollard, Avengers by David Wenzel.
A great Hulk splash by Mike Deodato, a She-Hulk half splash by Gary Frank.
DC: Wonder Woman and Batman by Gene Colan, Outsiders by Kevin Nowlan, a beautiful Batman page by Marshall Rogers, Batman/Superman by Curt Swan.
Superman and Wonder Woman by Gary Frank, Flash by Brett Booth, Teen Titans by Barreto.
An early Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
Catawiki Auctions
A Satanik cover by Corteggi, Kriminal by Magnus, a big illustration by Jacovitti, a Disney ducks page by Romano Scarpa, Lucrezia by Silvia Ziche, Tex by Buzzelli, a great aviation page by Micheluzzi.
A Rip Kirby strip by Raymond, a Clara pinup by Bernet, a TWD page by Charlie Adlard, a Green Arrow splash by Jim Aparo.
Comic link Focused Auction
Ron Lim - Infinity Gauntlet Original Comic Art
Ron Lim - Infinity Gauntlet Original Comic Art
A West Coast Avengers page by John Byrne, Green Arrow by Garcia Lopez, Superman by Gil Kane, and Superman by George Perez.
Spider-Man original art by Sal Buscema, X-Men by Rick Leonardi, Infinity Gauntlet by Ron Lim.
A Deadpool cover by Tradd Moore, a Spider-Gwen cover by J. Scott Campbell, a Judge Dredd cover by James Stokoe, a Dr. Strange pin-up by Chris Bachalo, Invincible by Ryan Ottley, Spider-Man by Stuart Immonen.
Heritage Disney Storybook Original Art Auction
Illustrations for Disney storybooks, many nice pieces but no comic art, so if you’re interested take a look here.
See you next week!!
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