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Original Comic Art Tips 182 - Original Art by Everybody & a Blog Post!

March 26 · Issue #182 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #182 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
ebay: the title splash to Silver Surfer #73 by Ron Lim was sold for $10k, the Venom page for $8,2k, the Captain America (#427) cover by Dave Hoover for $8,8k, a Scarlet Spider (#1) cover by Mark Bagley for a $3k Best Offer, an Ultimate Spidey cover (#96) for $1,9k, the Silver Star page by Jack Kirby for $2,7k.
A Mike Zeck Captain America page went for $1,3k, the Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank for $1,3k, the Micronauts page by Pat Broderick for $1,4k.
Hero Initiative Auctions: the Miller/Janson Daredevil illustration went for $11,6k, the Joe Mad Battle Chasers for $2,2k, a Leinil Yu cover for $1k.
Catawiki Auctions: Frank Quitely came to a convention in Rome in 2019 and gave a free sketch to everybody who asked, I saw them selling for €600 since. This Superman (unpersonalized) went for more than €1k. A Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond went for €1,3k, the Elektra sketch by Sienkiewicz for €600, a nice Batman page by Tom Mandrake for only €350.
an illustration by Lorenzo Mattotti went for €2,3k, the pinup by Milo Manara for €1,7k, the illustration by Magnus for €1,1k, one by Sergio Toppi for €800, a Dylan Dog page by Micheluzzi for €600.
Heritage European Auction: many very high prices in this auction, the winner was Charles Burns with the cover to Raw #4 sold for more than $80k. Not an expert on Burns’ prices, I know that they’re high, and this was a historic piece.
An incredible record for this Tank Girl cover by Jamie Hewlett sold for almost $70k, which triples the price of the last cover sold on HA just six months ago.
$40k for this Tintin illustration is low compared to the usual prices for Hergé original art, an unrepeatable opportunity for somebody not rich enough to pay a million for original art. I already reported how the quick Tintin sketches are growing: €800 one year ago, €1,2/1,5k in the last months, and now this one sold for $2,2k (€1,9k).
The Silver Surfer page by Moebius went for $37k, all of the pieces by Giraud were sold for high prices, like this early Blueberry page sold for the same $37k. Gold medal high jump for Don Rosa, with this Uncle Scrooge page sold for $27k. Everybody already commented on this Sin City page by Miller sold for $16k, almost double what was expected.
The Peanuts daily at Nate Sanders’ was sold for $49k.

This week on eBay
Gary Frank - Batman Original Comic Art
Gary Frank - Batman Original Comic Art
DC: last week’s classic Superman splash by Dan Jurgens still has 2 days to go, currently at $12k. A Batman commission by Bernie Wrightson, Flash by Don Heck, an Anarky page by Norm Breyfogle, Robin by Graham Nolan, Harley by Garcia Lopez.
An incredible Batman splash by Gary Frank, a Batman splash by Chris Burnham, a Lobo splash by Mike McKone, an early Lee Bermejo page, Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar.
Nice Shade by Chris Bachalo, Invisibles by Phil Jimenez.
Marvel: a Spider-Man page by Tim Sale, Dr. Strange by Gene Colan, a Frankenstein half splash and a Howard the Duck page by Val Mayerik, a great Dr. Doom page and a Two In One by Herb Trimpe, White Tiger by Giffen.
A Kitty Pryde cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, a busy Avengers page by Mark Bagley, Peter Parker by John Byrne, a Storm illustration sold for charity by Todd Nauck.
A Death illustration by Marc Hempel, Promethea by J.H. Williams, a very detailed Aliens cover by Mark Nelson, Judge Dredd by Brendan McCarthy, a top Dawn illustration by Linsner, a Ring page by Gil Kane.
An EC prelim by Frank Frazetta, a Jack Kirby Romance cover, an uncredited Bob Powell page from an early issue of The Fly.
Strips: I like this 1939 Terry daily by Caniff, a 1939 Blondie, a nice 1971 Johnny Hazard Sunday by Robbins.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Frank Cho - Brandy Original Comic Art
Frank Cho - Brandy Original Comic Art
Marvel: Captain America by Ron Lim, a Galactus splash by Pat Olliffe, a Hulk splash by Pacheco, a Thanos splash by Romita Jr., a nice Spider-Man page by Alex Saviuk, a Kickers Inc. cover by Scott Williams.
DC: an Outsiders page by Kevin Nowlan, rare Superman page by Curt Swan and Al Williamson, Teen Titans by Eduardo Barreto, an Azrael splash by Roger Robinson, a Superman splash by Brett Booth.
A Brandy pinup by Frank Cho, Love & Rockets by Jaime, a sketch by Moebius, a Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
Strips: a Steve Canyon daily, a nice Li'l Abner, a 1945 Dick Tracy, a Pogo, a Perfect Garfield, a very funny B.C. Sunday, a 1932 Blondie Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Duncan Fegredo - Star Wars Original Cover Art
Duncan Fegredo - Star Wars Original Cover Art
A big Illustration and a sketch by Milo Manara, a model sheet by Magnus, Ken Parker by Milazzo, Air Mail by Micheluzzi.
A Star Wars cover by Duncan Fegredo, a good 100 Bullets page by Risso, a Scalped page and a cover by Guera, a Space Punisher cover by Mark Texeira, a Sgt. Fury page by J.P. Leon.
Bob Morane by Vance, Lester Cockney by Franz.
Heritage Signature Auction part 3: interior art
Best Wishes to your money from Jack Kirby
Best Wishes to your money from Jack Kirby
Hard to choose what to leave out, when all of the pages look great..!
Let’s start from the top: the first appearance of Daredevil from #1 by Bill Everett, early Spider-Man original art by Steve Ditko, Swamp Thing by Wrightson, Daredevil by Mazzucchelli, a Thanos page by George Perez, X-Men art by Jim Lee, Fantastic Four by Romita, Avengers by Michael Golden, New Mutants by Liefeld.
Artists with multiple great pieces like Jack Kirby, look at this Fantastic Four page, Barry Smith, with some Conan pages, many X-Men pages by Cockrum, here’s Nightcrawler origins from Giant-Size #1. hard choice for Frank Miller, here’s Daredevil, Warlock by Starlin, Silver Surfer by Buscema, Many Fantastic Four pages by Byrne, Longshot by Art Adams.
New Blog Post: eBay Top 10 Winter 2021
Here’s a new blog post on the ComicArt.Tips website, a top 10 of the highest auction end prices in Winter 2021 - followed by a top 10 of charity auctions!
See you next week!
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