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Original Comic Art Tips #181 - Kirby, Romita, Miller's Daredevil!

March 19 · Issue #181 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #181 of Original Comic Art Tips! Very long update, with many auctions.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: many high prices. The New Mutants page by Bill Sienkiewicz was sold for $4,6k, the Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby for $2,4k, Incredible Hulk by Sal Buscema for $2,3k, a Firehair page by Joe Kubert for $2,1k, an Inhumans page by George Perez for a $2,4 Best Offer.
A Green Lantern cover by Riccardo Federici went for $3k, a Walking Dead cover (#138) by Charlie Adlard for a $2,5k B.O., a Teen Titans cover by Mike McKone for the same price, a Cavewoman page by Budd Root for $1,7k.
Hero Initiative original art: the Simonson/Hildebrandt Thor illustration was sold for $6,2k, the Sook/Cheung Batman/WW for $5k, the Dave & Jeff Johnson Wolverine for $700, Marvel Zombies by Phillips/Kirk for $600.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Spider-Man cover by Ron Frenz went for $15k, the Excalibur page by Alan Davis for $3,3k, a UK Iron-Man splash by Jim Craig for $3,1k, an A-Team title splash by Marie Severin for $3,1k.
Catawiki: the illustration by Sergio Toppi went for €4,4k, the Milo Manara pinup for €4,6k, the Maser by Frezzato for €1,9k, the Wolverine cover by Mike Deodato was sold for €2,5k, a Batman splash by Dave Taylor for €1,8k, the Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet for 600, the Batman sketch by Jim Lee for €600.

This week on eBay
Frank Miller - Daredevil Original Art
Frank Miller - Daredevil Original Art
Some top pieces from Hero Initiative: a huge (20x30") Daredevil/Elektra illustration by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson and an extremely rare Battle Chasers page by Joe Madureira.
DC: a Death of Superman era splash by Dan Jurgens, already at $10k, a Robin cover by Tom Grummett, a Teen Titans half splash by Erik Larsen, a beautiful Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank, a Wonder Woman page by Yanick Paquette.
Not a fan of color guides myself, but DC colorist Trish Mulvihill is selling many Wonder Woman guides over John Byrne art, like this DPS, and this splash.
Marvel: two classic pieces from the ‘90s, a Captain America cover by Dave Hoover, and an early Venom page by Mark Bagley.
A Captain America page by Mike Zeck, Micronauts by Pat Broderick, a great Thanos DPS by Simone Bianchi, an Iron-Man cover recreation by Bob Layton, a very nice Spider-Man Sunday strip by Saviuk/Austin.
A Silver Star page by Jack Kirby, a vintage Grendel page by Matt Wagner, Cavewoman by Budd Root, Dreadstar by Jim Starlin, a 1985 Indiana Jones commission by Kerry Gammill, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams, a Penthouse Comix splash by Adam Hughes.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Trimpe/Romita - Captain America Original Cover Art
Trimpe/Romita - Captain America Original Cover Art
DC: Sgt. Rock by Russ Heath, Teen Titans by Barreto, Deadman by Garcia Lopez, a 1994 Superman splash by Dan Jurgens and a Flash-splash by Brett Booth.
Marvel: a Captain America/Campbell giveaway cover by Trimpe/Romita, very nice Conan DPS by Gary Kwapisz, a Dr. Strange cover by Carl Potts, a Punisher page by Portacio/Williams, a Captain America page by Butch Guice.
A Western title page by John Severin, a Goon page by Eric Powell.
Strips: look at this Terry specialty drawing by Milton Caniff, a 1933 Blondie Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Milo Manara - Sabrina Salerno Original Pinup
Milo Manara - Sabrina Salerno Original Pinup
Sabrina Salerno by Milo Manara, an illustration by Toppi, a Druuna coloring page by Serpieri, a color illustration by Magnus, a Lamù pinup by Paolo Pantalena, a Disney page by Sergio Asteriti, Tex and Bud Spencer by Civitelli, an illustration by Mattotti.
A Durango cover by Girod, a Torpedo illustration by Bernet, a Mafalda sketch by Quino, a Rip Kirby strip by Raymond with a low starting price.
A quick Elektra Commission by Bill Sienkiewicz, Losers by Jock, a nice Batman half-splash by Tom Mandrake, 100 Bullets and a Spaceman splash by Risso, Scalped by Guera, a cover by Bradstreet, Black Science by Scalera, Winterworld by Butch Guice.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2: Covers
Simon Bisley - Lobo Original Cover Art
Simon Bisley - Lobo Original Cover Art
We start with the queen of jam illustrations, the DC Universe poster drawn by all the greatest superhero artists. Historic pieces are also the cover to Lobo #1 by Simon Bisley, the Marvel calendar cover by Kirby and Romita, a Thor cover by John Buscema, the cover pencils by Jack Kirby to Captain America: Madbomb.
Dr. Strange by Frank Brunner, a great Spider-Man cover by Dave Cockrum, Conan by Gil Kane. Hulk original art by Todd McFarlane, a Wonder Woman cover by Bolland, Avengers by Steve McNiven.
An Aliens World cover by Dave Stevens is going up, a Spawn cover by Capullo/McFarlane, a Space Girl illustration by Travis Charest, a TWD cover by Charlie Adlard, a beautiful illustration by Winsor McKay.
Septimus Auctions
Big XIII illustration by Vance, pages by Hermann, Tibet, Rosinsky, an early Gaston pinup by Franquin, a detailed Asterix sketch by Uderzo, a Blacksad commission by Guarnido, a Scorpion commission by Marini.
Millon Auctions
A Jeremiah page by Hermann, one and two Lucky Luke illustrations by Morris, Druillet, many Ric Hochet pages, and illustrations, Franquin, Yslaire.
A big Moebius illustration, a Smurfs sketch by Peyo, a page by Crepax, and a Wizard King splash by Wally Wood.
Misc. Auctions
Bruneau & Co.
A few nice pieces, seems like they don’t know what they have for sale, like a Spider-Man half splash by John Byrne with an estimation of $300 (don’t run, it’s already at $2k), a Captain America page by Byrne, a JLA cover by Rich Buckler, a nice Kull cover by Ernie Chan.
Nate Sanders Auctions
As usual, there’s a funny, early Peanuts strip with a high starting price.
See you next week!!
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