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Original Comic Art Tips #180 - Simonson's Thor & a Disney cover by Barks!

March 12 · Issue #180 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #180 of Original Comic Art Tips! Some Surprises, in results and new auctions.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Hulk page by Todd McFarlane was sold for $12k, the ROM page by Steve Ditko for $3,3k, a Marvel Zombies splash by Sean Phillips for $2,5k, the Star Wars page by Paul Gulacy for $2,2k, the Punisher by Ross/Nowlan for $1,5k, Conan original art by John Buscema for the same price, an X-Men pinup by Mike Zeck for $1,6k, the great Pogo Sunday strip for almost $1,7k.
The Batman sketch by Sean Murphy is still going with a lot of bids. Hero Initiative auctions: the Superman Jam went for $5,1k, the Kael Ngu DC cover for $2,7k, the Land/Dodson pinup for $1,5k, the Mandalorian by Jeffrey Brown and Katie Cook for $860, the Ferry/Pacheco for $650.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Sal Buscema Hulk page was sold for $3,3k, the JSA page by Alex Ross for the same price, a Li'l Abner Sunday went for $2,9k, a Thor cover recreation by Chic Stone for $2,7k, a Marvel Knights page by Eduardo Barreto went for a surprising $2,5k, all the Barreto pages this week went up compared to the last weeks. A Garfield daily was sold for only $400.
Catawiki: the Galileus page by Sergio Toppi was sold for €2,1k, the Ultimates cover by Mike Deodato for €1,6k, the Spider-Man page by Ryan Ottley for €500, a Magnus sketch for €500, and a Dylan Dog page by Angelo Stano for €350.

This week on eBay
Walt Simonson - Thor Original Comic Art
Walt Simonson - Thor Original Comic Art
Hero Initiative: a great week of charity auctions, starting from this Simonson/Hildebrandt Thor illustration, Batman/Wonder Woman by Sook/Cheung, Dave & Jeff Johnson drawing Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth, Hulk Vs. Wolverine by Sean Phillips & Leonard Kirk.
Marvel: a New Mutants page by Bill Sienkiewicz, Thor original art by John Buscema, Incredible Hulk by Sal Buscema, Dr. Strange by Green/Austin, and Howard the Duck by Val Mayerick.
A very nice Spider-Man page by John Byrne, Spidey/Doc. Ock by Ron Frenz, Spidey by Mike Deodato, a Wolverine splash by J.H. Williams, and a full team Avengers DPS by John Romita Jr. Look at this Spider-Man cover by Ryan Ottley.
DC: a Mister Miracle page by Jack Kirby, a Superman page by Bob McLeod, one by Ed Benes, one by Gary Frank, one by Kurt Schaffenberger.
a Wonder Woman sketch cover by Frank Cho, a Wonder Woman sketch by George Perez, a Batman splash by Jerry Bingham.
An Uncle Scrooge cover by Carl Barks with a low starting price of $100k.
Black Cat by Lee Elias, an Hellboy page by Adam Hughes, a top Cavewoman page by Budd Root, and a Tars Tarkas commission by Gil Kane.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Ron Garney - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Ron Garney - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Spider-Man cover by Ron Frenz, a Thunderstrike page by Frenz/Buscema, and a Hulk page by Garney/Buscema. A Hulk title splash by Gary Barker and one by Jim Mooney, a Spider-Man page by Alex Saviuk.
DC: a Wonder Woman page by Mike Deodato and a Batman page by Dick Dillin.
A Whoa Nellie splash by Jaime Hernandez and some strips: an early Blondie Sunday, an early Scorchy Smith daily, a Donald Duck by Taliaferro, and a B.C. Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Mike Deodato - Wolverine Original Cover Art
Mike Deodato - Wolverine Original Cover Art
A great Wolverine cover by Mike Deodato, a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet, a weird Batman sketch by Jim Lee, a Spider-Man page by Marco Checchetto, a 100 Bullets page by Risso.
An illustration by Milo Manara, a great color illustration by Sergio Toppi, a big illustration by Jacovitti, a Masers page by Frezzato, Paperinik by Cavazzano, and Mickey by Massimo De Vita.
Heritage Signature auction: Comic Strips
Alex Raymond - Flash Gordon Original Art
Alex Raymond - Flash Gordon Original Art
The signature auction will be on the first weekend of April, I’m starting by looking at comic strips, then we’ll see covers and interior pages.
A big pile of early Garfield strips, like this 1979 Sunday. A Little Nemo Sunday, a beautiful Prince Valiant panel, several Peanuts strips, like this early daily, some Rip Kirby dailies, and a Flash Gordon page by Alex Raymond, an early Dick Tracy daily, I like this Terry daily by Caniff and this Sunday strip by Rube Goldberg, a 1938 Mickey Mouse daily by Floyd Gottfredson.
Misc. Auctions
Russ Cochran Auctions:
A Durango Kid page by Frank Frazetta, an X-9 daily by Alex Raymond, a Breed illustration by Jim Starlin, a Garfield Sunday.
By Dealers Auctions:
First auction I see from this Montreal auction house, thanks to Comic Art Tracker. A Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby, one by John Buscema, Dracula by Gene Colan, an illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz, a romance page by Alex Toth.
See you next week!!
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