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Original Comic Art Tips #179 - Silver Surfer by Moebius, Buscema, Don Rosa!

March 5 · Issue #179 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #179 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Sean Murphy commission spot was sold for a big $13k..! A nude Black Cat page by Greg Land (that was censored in the published version) went for $5k, a Wanda/Vision page by John Byrne was quickly sold for a $3,250 BIN.
The Legion page by Curt Swan for $6,2k, Deadman by Neal Adams for $4,8k, the Lois Lane cover for $5,3k, an American Gods page by Craig Russell for $3,2k, the top Conan page by John Buscema for $2,5k, the painted Wolverine by David Finch for the same price and the Harley cover by Gary Frank for $1,8k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Frank Brunner won, with a Dr. Strange page sold for $7,2k, a Wilbur cover by Bob Montana went for $5,2k, the Fantastic Four page by George Perez for $2,6k, the Flash Gordon daily by Dan Barry for $1,5k.
Mike Parobeck Batman pages always sell for high prices, this one instead went for $400, a nice AvX page by John Romita Jr. went for $650, this great Conan page by Ernie Chan for $500, Teen Titans by Eduardo Barreto for $350. Many nice strips sold for low prices.
ComicLink: auction records for Sam Kieth, with $36k for the MCP cover, $62k for the Spider-Man cover by Mark Bagley, $42k for the X-Men page by Jim Lee, $31k for the Thanos page by George Perez. $20k is a record for both Olivier Coipel and Gabriele Dell'Otto, but 5 interconnected, painted covers would make a record for anyone…
High prices (but they could be much higher) for the Spidey cover by John Romita, sold for $139k, $12k for a Batman splash by Greg Capullo, $61k seems much, but I’m sure the seller is not happy with the sale of the Conan cover by BWS. $48k for the Spidey splash by Todd McFarlane, $36k for the Thor splash by Kirby/Heck.
$315k for the Conan painting by Frank Frazetta. High prices also for John Byrne ($47k), J. Scott Campbell ($20k), and Charlie Adlard ($7k). The First Silk cover by Humberto Ramos was sold for $64k.
Catawiki: a Peter Pan page by Loisel went for €1,6k, the Wally Wood page for €1k, a cover by Marc Sleen for €6,5k, a Don Lawrence page for €2,8k.
The Incredible Hulk cover by Mike Deodato was a good buy for €1,2k, a quick Maus sketch by Spiegelman for €1k.

This week on eBay
Land/Dodson - X-Girls original Comic Art
Land/Dodson - X-Girls original Comic Art
Hero Initiative Auctions: a nice ‘90s Superman artists Jam, Jurgens/Guice/Grummett/Bogdanove, Superman and Green Lantern by Pasqual Ferry and Carlos Pacheco, X-Girls by Terry Dodson and Greg Land, a Red Hood cover by Kael Ngu and Mandalorian by Jeffrey Brown and Katie Cook.
Marvel: some great pieces, mostly sold by P. Craig Russell. I like a lot this Punisher page by Dave Ross and Kevin Nowlan, an Ant-Man page by Russell, a Fantastic Four page by Sienkiewicz/Sinnott, ROM by Ditko/Russell, a Tarzan page and a Conan prelim by John Buscema, a Wolverine commission by Dave Cockrum, a Spidey cover prelim by Alex Ross.
DC: very nice Wonder Woman by Don Heck, Superman by John Byrne, a Superman splash by Gary Frank, a Batman commission by Sean Murphy, a Batman page by Paul Gulacy.
Elric and Elric pages by Russell, Darth Vader by Gulacy/Russell, a Star Wars splash and a page by Plunkett/Russell, American Gods by Russell.
A Preacher page by Dillon, a Daredevil/Hellboy commission by Risso, Grendel by Matt Wagner, a Snake Eyes cover sketch by J. Scott Campbell, a Conan cover by Giorello, a Skeleton by Mignola.
Only one strip, but a super Pogo Sunday by Walt Kelly.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Sal Buscema - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Marvel: great Hulk page by Sal Buscema, a Spidey What If? page by Pat Broderick, the Shadow by Kaluta, a Fantastic Four splash by Alex Saviuk, a Spider-Man page by Simone Bianchi, and a painted one by Dell'Edera + Dell'Otto.
DC: Teen Titans by Barreto, a nice Eerie title page by Chaykin/Wrightson, a Superman splash by Curt Swan, an Aquaman splash by Brett Booth, a JSA page by Alex Ross, and a Superman page by Gary Frank. A Walking Dead splash by Charlie Adlard.
Catawiki Auctions
Beautiful Olivier Rameau illustration by Dany, a Van Gogh portrait by Smudja, nice pages by Crisse (one. two).
An Ultimates cover, a First X-Men and a Defenders cover by Mike Deodato, a Hellboy bust by Mike Mignola, a great painted cover by R.M. Guera, a detailed Scalped page, 100 Bullets by Risso, a Spider-Man page by Ryan Ottley, a Will Eisner page prelim.
Galileus by Sergio Toppi, Dylan Dog pages by Mari and Stano, Kriminal by Magnus, six funny illustrations by Jacovitti, Donald Duck by Silvia Ziche.

Heritage European Auction part 1 of 2
Moebius - Silver Surfer Original Art
Moebius - Silver Surfer Original Art
Top pages by Bilal, Druillet, Graton, Mezieres, an incredible Tintin illustration by Hergé. A Silver Surfer page by Moebius, a Blueberry page from the first album, and one from 1990.
A Silver Surfer page by John Buscema, Captain America by Gene Colan, Wolverine by Mike Deodato, a great Batman cover by Risso, a Batman page by Capullo, a Red Sonja cover by Frank Cho.
A classic Sin City page by Miller, many rare Don Rosa Disney pages.
A Spider-Man cover by Simone Bianchi, a Druuna page by Serpieri, a page by Dino Battaglia.
A Judge Dredd splash by Ezquerra, a Tank Girl page by Jamie Hewlett, a Marshal Law cover by Kevin O'Neil.
See you next week!!
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