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Original Comic Art Tips #177 - Sean Murphy, Buscema, Silvestri!!

February 19 · Issue #177 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #177 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: The Wolverine page by Mike Mignola was sold for “only” $2,9k, probably because it was considered a parody, but the art was great. The X-Men splash by Jim Lee was taken off eBay when bids were over $10k. Outside offer? The cover to Captain America #120 by Gene Colan was sold for $25k, a Superman cover by Ross Andru for a $7,5k Best Offer, the Mr. Freeze commission by Jim Lee was finally sold for $3,9k.
Hero Initiative: The Art Adams/Bradshaw illustration went for $5,6k, the Punisher cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto for $4,3k, the Portacio/Stroman illustration for $2,1k, the Noto/Molina for $1,7k, Bengal/Vatine for $750.
Heritage Weekly Auction: I briefly hoped I could win the Bringing Up Father illustration, instead it was the highest-priced item of the week, ending at $6,6k. A Blum/Baker Golden Age splash went for $6,3k, the Nancy strip for $5,5k. I know they’re rare, but I just discovered that many collectors want Connie original art by Frank Godwin, a half Sunday went for $5,4k.
The Howard the Duck page by Colan went for $4k, the Spidey half splash by John Byrne for $3k, the Terry daily by Caniff for $3,1k. I’m always surprised by Johnny Hazard‘s early strips going for very low prices, this time a daily went for $3,1k. The 1933 Blondie daily for $2,8k, the top On Stage Sunday for $2,6k, a 1936 Gasoline Alley went for $2,4k, another surprising price, the Don Newton Shazam splash went for $2,2k.
ComicLink: here we are with the best art sold for less (much less) than $1k. The winner is probably the collector who bought this JLA DPS by Mark Bagley for only $550. A Robin action page by Gil Kane sold for $600, a very nice Iron-Man page by Paul Smith for $800, Captain America by Bryan Hitch for $425, Batman and Huntress by Tony Daniel for less than $400, and a Doom Vs. Thing half splash by Jim Cheung for $400.
Even lower prices for this Silver Surfer page by Ron Garney sold for $375, Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider by Rick Leonardi for $225, Dr. Strange by Isherwood for the same price, a Supergirl page by Gary Frank for $250.
Catawiki: low prices for great covers, the Avengers cover by Mike Deodato went for €775, the Hawkeye cover for €1,5k, a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet for €850, a commission for €550.
A Corto strip by Pratt for €2,5k, a Magnus model sheet went for €1,7k, a Druuna coloring page by Serpieri for €900, an illustration by Dany for €1,5k.

This week on eBay
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
Sean Murphy himself is auctioning a cover quality commission spot (only one for 2021) and it’s already at $7,5k.
Hero Initiative Auctions: 9 artists on this Jam illustration with a great Thor by Simonson, Vision/Scarlet Witch by Alan Davis and Kevin Nowlan, Spidey/Goblin by Tim Sale and Matt Wagner, Batman/Batgirl by Chaykin/Brereton, a Teen Titans DPS by Tyler Kirkham.
Marvel: a Conan illustration by John Buscema, a Conan half-splash, and another Conan page again by Buscema. Fantastic Four by Rich Buckler, Black Spidey by Ron Garney.
A Deadpool page by Joe Mad (sold a month ago on HA), Spidey by Ryan Stegman, Spidey by Ramos, a $300 Spidey head by John Romita Jr.
DC: a Superman page by Gary Frank, a Superman commission by Tim Sale, a Firestorm cover by Matt Haley.
Great Groo sketch by Aragones, a nice Steampunk page by Chris Bachalo, a Conan cover by Tomas Giorello, a vintage Frank Frazetta sketch.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marc Silvestri - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Marc Silvestri - Wolverine Original Comic Art
DC: Superman and World’s Finest title pages by Curt Swan, a Teen Titans by Eduardo Barreto, a Batman page by Jock, a Batman cover prelim by Adam Hughes, a Wonder Woman splash, and a Batman page by Gary Frank.
Marvel: a Wolverine half-splash by Marc Silvestri, a She-Hulk Vs. Rhyno prelim by Frank Cho, a Marvel Knights cover by Geoff Shaw.
Donald Duck by Massimo De Vita, Gumby by Art Adams.
Strips: 1932 Bringing Up Father Sunday, Uncle Scrooge by Taliaferro, a Terry daily by Caniff, Apt. 3G by Kotzky, a Tarzan illustration by Rex Maxon.
Catawiki Auctions
Mike Deodato Jr. - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
Mike Deodato Jr. - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
A Dago cover by Massimo Carnevale, a page by Manara, an Altai & Johnson cover by Cavazzano, an illustration by Crepax, a Julia cover by Marco Soldi, a Druuna illustration by Serpieri.
A great Spider-Man cover and a Fantastic Four cover by Mike Deodato, a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet, a Django page by Guera, a Nightwing page by Roger Robinson, a Batman commission by Jim Mooney, a Batman sketch by Frank Miller, a page prelim by Will Eisner.
A Homer sketch by Matt Groening, a Torpedo sketch by Bernet, a Black Cat Commission by Paolo Pantalena.
Hake's Auction part 2 of 2: Superhero Art
Last week I highlighted comic strip art, here we are with part 2.
The top piece of the auction is this Curt Swan Action Comics cover, but everybody is watching this Batman page by Mike Mignola, and there’s also a Hellboy page.
A nice War page by Joe Kubert and a detailed Sgt. Rock sketch inside a book. This Batman page by Dick Giordano is a perfect display piece, a Black Spidey page by Alex Saviuk, a Spirit cover by Ken Kelly, an unpublished (later) EC cover by Johnny Craig.
Hake's Auction part 2 of 2: Drag Cartoons Art
I first heard of Pete Millar‘s '60s Drag Cars magazines many years ago by reading the Alex Toth “One for the Road” book. Original art from these magazines seems pretty rare, Hakes is auctioning Millar’s archives.
A painted cover for #44 and a Batman parody story by Millar himself, a very nicely drawn story by Russ Manning, some early stories by Gilbert Shelton, and more.
Some nice pieces by Toth too, all complete 1-page stories: A/Gas, Lovelife, Two of a Kind, and A/Gas again, that was sadly inked by somebody else (signed T+E, so probably Dennis Ellefson).
See you next week!!
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