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Original Comic Art Tips #176 - Art Adams, Mignola, Byrne, Deodato!!

February 12 · Issue #176 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #176 of Original Comic Art Tips! Really a good week, with many interesting results and big surprises in each section!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: an incredible all-Batman page by Jim Lee was sold for $7,7k (not much for the quality), a detailed Batman sketch, also by Jim, for an $875 Best Offer (again not much), a Zap! Comics page by Robert Williams went for $7,5k.
Hero Initiative Charity: the J. Scott Campbell/David Nakayama pinup went for a big $19,2k, the Matt Wagner/Tim Sale for $5,8k, J.G. Jones/Paul Renaud for $2,2k, the great illustration by Camuncoli/Checchetto for only $1k, Mike McKone/Tom Raney for $900.
Somebody was very lucky in buying a historic Superman/Spider-Man cover prelim by John Buscema for a $750 B.O.
A Kamandi half splash by Jack Kirby for a $2k B.O., a page from Avengers #31 by Don Heck for $3,1k, A Green Lantern splash by Ivan Reis went for a $1k B.O.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Fantastic Four page by John Buscema was sold for $7,8k, the JLA page by George Perez for $6,6k, the F4 splash by Ron Wilson for $5k, the Wolvie sketch by John Byrne for $3,3k.
The Frank Quitely pages were not top tier level but they went pretty high: $6,6k for the Superman, $2k, and $1,4 for the Authority pages.
The Hellraiser page by Mike Mignola went for $1,8, affordable for today’s prices…
Vermot & Associés: a Poussin page by Le Gall went for €2,5k, an Iznogoud illustration by Tabary for €1,3k, a Gaston sketch by Franquin for €1k and a quick Alix sketch by Martin for €800.
Catawiki: a playing card illustration by Hergé went for €5,1k, a Dick Erisson illustration for €1k, a Rameau illustration by Dany for €1,5k, an Eagles of Rome pinup by Enrico Marini for €600.
A Marylin Monroe illustration by Walt Simonson for €220, a nice Spidey prelim by Chris Bachalo for €80, a beautiful Freak Brothers illustration by Gilbert Shelton for €1,2k,
Comiclink: Cosmic Marvel won, with this Ron Lim page sold for $8,6k, this George Perez for $7k, this Thanos DPS by Jim Starlin for $4,5k, and another Ron Lim page for $2,5k.
Then a thousand Dr. Strange pages, with a Gene Colan sold for $4,3k, Dan Adkins for $2,4k, Marshall Rogers for $3,2k, and a Chris Bachalo page sold for more than usual at $950. An X-Men page, also by Bachalo went for $800, with this evaluation yardstick I’d probably sell my X-Men DPS paid $300 just a few years ago…
A Ms. Marvel cover by Valerio Schiti went for $4,1k, an Invincible page for $1,6k, the Lone Wolf illustration by Kojima for $3,1k.
A Batman & Robin pinup credited to Bob Kane went for $2,6k. Probably everybody now thinks all sketches by “Kane” are fake or this would sell for 10 times.
I know Jason Fabok is a hot artist, but paying $3k for a Batman bust seems too much…
Remember the Mafalda sketches by Quino sold recently for €1k? This one went for $400. As usual, there were many quality pieces sold for cheap prices, come back next week for a list!

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Hero Initiative charity auctions: a cover quality X-Men illustration by Art Adams and Nick Bradshaw, X-Factor by Whilce Portacio & Larry Stroman, Gambit/Rogue by Phil Noto & Jorge Molina, Star Wars by Olivier Vatine & Bengal, Gabriele Dell'Otto sent a published Punisher cover.
Marvel: an all-Wolverine page from What The? by Mike Mignola and Al Williamson ending today..! If that wasn’t enough there’s an Uncanny X-Men splash by Jim Lee
Dr. Strange by Geoff Isherwood, Micronauts by Luke McDonnell, a vintage Hulk sketch by Marie Severin, a New Mutants page by Bob McLeod.
A Wolverine painted by David Finch, an Hawkeye commission by George Perez, a Hulk commission by Mark Bagley and a Phoenix commission by Jim Cheung.
DC: a Batman page and a Doom Patrol page by John Byrne, a Batman ‘66 cover by Mike Allred, a Batman page by Matt Wagner, a rare bust Batman sketch and a rare 4 character sketch by Walt Simonson, a $300 Batman sketch by John Romita Jr., a color Superman sketch by Jerry Ordway, The Shadow by Kaluta, Doc. Manhattan by Gary Frank.
A TMNT page by Eastman/Laird, Creature from the Black Lagoon by Nick Bradshaw, a Vampirella sketch by Adam Hughes, -not a profile-.
Heritage Weekly Auction
John Byrne - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
DC: a World’s Finest by Curt Swan, Superman by Murphy Anderson, a Shazam title page, and a splash by Don Newton, very nice Batman title page by Don Heck, Batman by Ernie Chan, Flash by Ross Andru.
Many great pages by Eduardo Barreto, here’s a Superman, but go look at all of them here. A Batman DPS by David Finch, a Flash pinup by Ryan Sook.
Marvel: look at this perfect Howard the Duck page by Gene Colan, a Spidey half-splash by John Byrne, a Young Avengers page by Jim Cheung.
A page by Wally Wood, a kiss in this Love & Rockets page by Jaime, Gumby by Art Adams, an early Hate page by Peter Bagge.
Strips: a big and varied selection of comic strip art, this week, there’s much more than I can include here. My favorite piece is this Bringing Up Father color illustration, I hoped it would slip unnoticed but, with 90 watchers, I doubt it will remain low. A great On Stage Sunday, nice Sunday strips also for Archie, Big Ben Bolt, Apt. 3G, Rusty Riley.
Top dailies, a Pogo, a 1933 Blondie, a museum quality Nancy, a funny 1985 Garfield, a 1936 Terry, and a 1944 Orphan Annie.
Catawiki Auctions
Mike Deodato - Original Cover Art
Mike Deodato - Original Cover Art
Some nice things to see, with a lower than we’re used to reserve price.
An A+X cover a Cable cover and a great Hawkeye cover by Mike Deodato Jr., some Punisher covers and commissions by Tim Bradstreet, Scalped pages by Guera, 100 Bullets pages by Risso, a Vampirella cover by Lucio Parrillo, and many more.
A Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt with no reserve, Druuna by Serpieri, a Swamp Thing page by Breccia, a Model Sheet by Magnus, Mickey Mouse by Mottura and I like a lot this Captain Erik page by Micheluzzi.
Hakes Auction part 1 of 2 - Strips!
A great auction, with a big selection of art from all kinds of comics. We start with strips, come back next week for superheroes and action/adventure original art.
The most important pieces are this beautiful 1931 Mickey Mouse daily by Floyd Gottfredson, only starring Minnie is another daily, but it’s the oldest strip by Gottfredson ever offered for sale. A rare 1931 Earl Duvall daily, and also from 1931, is this Dick Tracy daily, only two months after his debut on the comics page.
A funny 1915 Buster Brown Sunday by Outcault, several early Rube Goldberg machines, a Prince Valiant title panel by Foster, a Superman daily by Win Mortimer, and a quick but lively Uncle Scrooge doodle by Carl Barks.
See you Next Week!!
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