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Original Comic Art Tips #175 - Campbell, Buscema, Neal Adams!

February 5 · Issue #175 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #175 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Star Wars page by Bob McLeod went for $2,6k, the Daredevil cover for $1,3k, the Green Lantern illustration for charity by Pat Gleason went for $1,6k, the JLA cover recreation by Kevin Maguire was sold for $1,5k, a Conan page by Ernie Chan for $1,2k, the Juggernaut cover by Ariel Olivetti for a little less. A (nude) Cavewoman cover by Budd Root went for $2,8k.
Just to add some more research work (!) I went to check what happened on other international eBay websites: a great X-Men page by John Romita Jr. was sold for a €5k Best Offer, a Thor page by Jack Kirby was sold in December for $7,2k, a Fafhrd page by Mike Mignola for €1,9k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Death Dealer painting by Sanjulian was sold for $9k, the Superman page by Alex Ross for $6k, the Morbius page by Paul Gulacy for $5k, Kevin O'Neill‘s League for $3,1k, and Marshall Law for $2,7k.
The Popeye sketch by Segar was rare but still affordable (compared to strips) at $1,4k. The Iron-Man page by Romita Jr. went for $1,1k, the GenX page by Chris Bachalo was a surprise at $1k, the Spider-Man page by Simone Bianchi was a good deal at $600, Thor sketches by Walt Simonson went up at $500.
A B.C. Sunday and a Yogi Bear Sunday at $380 were a good deal.

This week on eBay
J. Scott Campbell & D. Nakayama Original Art
J. Scott Campbell & D. Nakayama Original Art
Here we are with the big news of the month. Hero Initiative will be auctioning 50 illustrations, 5 every week. Each is drawn by two top comic artists working together in a jam. The idea is nice and will surely raise a lot of money, for my taste (and for now) the only really successful jam is the one between Chris Bachalo and Neil Gaiman.
We start with a $$$bang: X-Girls by J. Scott Campbell & David Nakayama (already at $14k with 5 days left). Some artists chose to work together to create a single illustration, like Matt Wagner & Tim Sale drawing Spidey Vs. Green Goblin, Giuseppe Camuncoli & Marco Checchetto with Skywalker Vs. Vader and Paul Renaud & J.G. Jones drawing two Black Widows. Mike McKone and Tom Raney worked on two different, but matching, pinups of Green Lantern and Sinestro.
Marvel: a Frankenstein DPS by Bob Brown, White Tiger by George Perez, a Marvel Classics page by Dave Cockrum, a Conan title splash by Bob Camp.
An X-Men page by Bryan Hitch, a Peter Parker page by Romita Jr.
Speaking of JrJr, the head sketch commission tier has gone up to $200, but more and more are appearing on eBay for $300, like this Wolverine and this Galactus.
A nice Wolvie commission by Humberto Ramos, a color Kitty Pryde by Ed Benes, a 1982 Moon Knight sketch by Don Perlin.
DC: a 1988 Superman page by John Byrne, a JLA cover by Kevin Maguire, Green Lantern/Aliens by Rick Leonardi, Titans by Tom Grummett, and a very nice Twilight page by Garcia Lopez.
A Death commission by Gary Frank makes the pair with last week’s Sandman ending today.
Nice Frankenstein prelim by Bernie Wrightson, an early Scud pinup by Schrab, a Grendel half splash by Matt Wagner, a Goon page by Eric Powell, a poster-sized Big Guy & Rusty pinup by Geof Darrow.
A Nemesis page by Bryan Talbot, a great Judge Dredd page by Brendan McCarthy, a Slaine cover by Glenn Fabry.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Neal Adams - Superman Original Art
Neal Adams - Superman Original Art
Marvel: great Fantastic Four and Thor pages by John Buscema, Warlock by Gil Kane, a 2in1 title splash by Ron Wilson. A Wolverine sketch by John Byrne, Ultimates by Bryan Hitch, a 1991 Spidey/Nova page by Mark Bagley, an X-Men splash by Greg Land, Thor by Mahmud Asrar, a Hellraiser page by Mike Mignola.
DC: a Superman illustration by Neal Adams, a World’s Finest splash by Kurt Schaffenberger, a JLA page by George Perez, a nice Shazam page by Don Newton, Superman and Authority pages by Frank Quitely.
An early Prelim by Jeff Jones, a pinup by Milo Manara, a MAD page by Don Martin, a Punk Rock Jesus splash by Sean Murphy, some rare sketches by Basil Wolverton.
Catawiki Auctions
A no reserve Junglemen page by Hugo Pratt, I Briganti, Alan Ford, Necron, Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus, an illustration and one from Il Salgarone by Jacovitti, an early Zagor page by Ferri and a Torpedo pinup by Bernet.
Walt Simonson original art blog post UPDATED
Back in July, I posted an article on the website analyzing the then-new commission opportunity for Walt Simonson and the drawings he was making for charity.
I just updated it with the sketch card sold for $1k on eBay, the 2020 NYCC Charity piece and 4 more commissions done from the June list. We are at 8/10 (at least based on the information available on the web).
See you Next Week!!
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