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Original Comic Art Tips #174 - Mignola, Charest, Segar!

January 29 · Issue #174 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #174 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the quick Frank Frazetta sketch was sold for $2,5k, a Spider-Man cover prelim by John Romita for $2,4k, the sketched book for $1,2k, a Bloom County daily for $1,7k, a splashy Darkness page by Marc Silvestri for a $1,5k Best Offer, a Zatoichi DVD cover by Sienkiewicz for $1k, an X-Men splash by Chris Bachalo for $1k. The British Spidey splash credited to Don Heck again for $1k. Note: A Maus sketch by Art Spiegelman was sold for $1,9k.
John Buscema family sketches: the Spider-Man was, in the end, a good deal at $1,6k, the great but unsigned Wolverine for $1,4k, the color Venom for $1k. The Punisher and Carnage sketches remained very affordable at $650.
Speaking of affordable art, we have a 1940 Terry daily by Caniff sold for $750, a Spidey page by Chris Bachalo sold for the same price, and all of the Bronze Age Marvel pages: with the exception of the Morbius page by Redondo, sold for $1,4k, they all stayed under $1k. Iron-Man by Tuska for $950, Thor, also by Tuska for $630, the great Dracula page for $550, Frankenstein by Val Mayerik for $600, Loki by Gil Kane for $550, and the Perez page for only $300.
Heritage Weekly Auction: I’m a big Gill Fox fan, but I totally overlooked this WWII panel cartoon sold for $2,6k. Monster sketches by Wally Wood are going for high prices, this one went for $2,4k. $2,3k is a pretty high price for a Secret War page by Gabriele Dell'Otto, but it was a particularly strong piece. The Wash Tubbs daily went for $1,8k, a Gumby page by Art Adams for a little less, this Defenders page by Don Perlin for $660 was a good catch.
A 1941 Letter written by Jerry Siegel to Sheldon Mayer was sold at Nate Sanders’ for $2,5k.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - Original Cover Art
Mike Mignola - Original Cover Art
DC: Jim Lee is selling for charity a Green Lantern illustration by Pat Gleason. The seller of the Jim Lee Mr. Freeze commission lowered the price.
Some high price pieces just put on eBay, a DC heroes toy cover art by Neal Adams and a Catwoman cover by Travis Charest.
I like this Sandman commission by Gary Frank, a Superman page by Bob McLeod, Kevin Maguire is selling a recreation of one of his JLA covers, a Sara Pichelli Death commission, and the Deadman commission by Chris Samnee is still going.
Marvel: three Conan pages, one with Buscema layouts and heavy but nice looking inks by Danny Bulanadi, one by Infantino and Alcala, one by Rudy Nebres. I like a lot this Spidey cover layout by John Romita. Also by Romita is this Spider-Man sketch.
A Daredevil cover recreation by Mike Esposito, a Man-Thing page by Don Perlin, a Morbius DPS by Ron Wagner, a Moon Knight page by Sal Velluto, and a Juggernaut cover by Ariel Olivetti.
Bob McLeod is selling some nice pieces: a vintage Star Wars page, an original layout from New Mutants #2, and a Daredevil cover.
A 1996 cover for Wondercon by Mike Mignola, with many characters including Hellboy, a quick Hellboy sketch, a 1993 TMNT page by Jim Lawson, a Verotik pinup by Martin Emond, an Archie cover by Dan De Carlo, a Golden Age page by George Tuska.
Strips: just a funny Tumbleweeds Sunday.
Heritage Weekly Auction
E.C. Segar - Popeye Original Comic Art
E.C. Segar - Popeye Original Comic Art
Marvel: Dracula original art by Gene Colan, Morbius by Paul Gulacy, a Conan daily by John Buscema, Fantastic Four by Rich Buckler, Wolverine and Spider-Man pages by Simone Bianchi, Iron-Man and X-Men pages by John Romita Jr.
DC: great Batman page by Matt Haley, one by Tom Mandrake, a Batman daily by Al Plastino, a Superman splash by Jurgens/Nowlan, a Superman page by Alex Ross.
Two very rare pages by Kevin O'Neill, Marshal Law, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A monster trading card by Bernie Wrightson, Corum by Mignola, a Grendel page by Matt Wagner, Mickey Mouse by Massimo De Vita.
A big selection of strips, classics, and semi-obscure: you’ve already seen the beautiful Popeye sketch by Segar, a Polly and her Pals Sunday, a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, a Pogo daily, a B.C. Sunday, another early Wash Tubbs daily, a 1985 Garfield, a Dennis the Menace Sunday, and many, many more.
ComicLink Focused Auction part 2 of 2
An Iron-Man page by Paul Smith, a title splash by George Tuska, Dr. Strange by Marshall Rogers, Spidey and Daredevil by Jim Mooney.
An Infinity Abyss splash by Jim Starlin (the full issue was sold on HA in 2019), there’s also a Thanos DPS. Infinity Gauntlet original art by George Perez, a Ms. Marvel cover by Valerio Schiti, a Valkyrie splash by Matteo Scalera.
A top Invincible action page by Ryan Ottley and an Elfquest pinup by Wendy Pini.
A Natacha Illustration by Walthery, a nice page by Dodier, Tanguy by Jijé, a Bob Morane page, and an XIII sketch by Vance, a Chick Bill cover by Tibet, a Rapaces pinup by Enrico Marini, a Lucky Luke sketch by Morris.
A prelim page and an illustration by Pazienza, a Briganti model sheet and a Necron sketch by Magnus, an illustration by Sergio Toppi, a Ken Parker page by Milazzo, a Julia cover by Marco Soldi.
Stanley's Auction
First time I see an auction from this house.
Original art for a Tintin postcard, a color sketch, and a little sketch by Hergé, Ric Hochet by Tibet, Modeste et Ponpon by Attanasio.
A page by Juillard, one by Cyril Pedrosa, a Corto Maltese portrait by Munoz, several illustrations by Druillet, here’s the best one.
Vermot & Associés
An Iznogoud illustration by Tabary, many Poussin pages by Le Gall, here’s one, Chic Bill by Tibet, Some illustrations by Tardi.
See you next week!
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