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Original Comic Art Tips #173 - Ditko, Dell'Otto, Manara!

January 22 · Issue #173 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome! A very long results section, this email will probably be clipped in half, search for the “read all” link somewhere near the end..!
eBay: a Kamandi page by Jack Kirby was sold for $1,850, the Star Wars by Infantino for $2,5k, an early Superman page by Jack Burnley for $8,5k, an X-Men page by Sienkiewicz for $2,1k, Fantastic Four by John Buscema for $1,4k, the Don Heck Champions page for $1,7k, the Ghost page by Adam Hughes for $1,6k. The Sleepwalker by Joe Quesada is still going.
The Wolverine sketch by Jim Lee went for $800, the Catwoman was a good catch at $550, the Batman sketch is for sale again but for $500.
Somebody bought a Frank Miller letter for $1k (Best Offer), the Walt Simonson sketch card went for a really surprising $1k, the Snoopy sketch by Charles Schultz for almost $1k.
Look: a Spider-Man sketch by Stan Lee was sold for $6,2k (B.O.).
Artcurial: There has been a strong online debate over the auction result for the cover of Tintin which sold for 3.2 million euros ($ 3.9M). Artcurial defines it as “the world record for original comic art”, some say the record was for Frazetta‘s Egyptian Queen, which sold for 5.4 million dollars. Speaking of the work itself, the cover of Tintin is in comic book style, while the Frazetta is a fantasy illustration, but in any case, the work of F.F. was published as the cover of Eerie #23, which was a comics magazine… What impresses me is not so much record or not record, but the fact that Hergé’s drawing is not the cover but a preliminary drawing (and also in poor condition).
Other Tintin pieces sold were this preliminary sketch for €143k, an illustration for €71k, another illustration credited to Hergé Studios but sold for €21k (probably bidders knew better), and several small sketches sold for €4k, I don’t remember seeing the price growth from €800/1.000 to 4k… but now it’s the new price. Consider that Hergé must have drawn the same sketch thousands of times at signings.
Other artists made their own price records, often going well over sales estimates. The new price for Asterix pages is €430k, a Gaston page by Franquin went for €76k, a Boule et Bill by Roba for €45k, a page by Bilal for €45k, Poussin by Le Gall for €12k, Manara pages for €17k, a Hugo Pratt illustration for €18k, an Astroboy sketch by Tezuka for €4k, an XIII by Vance for €19k, an Incal by Moebius for €21k.
Heritage Signature Auction: before looking at comic art you should see this Pokemon card sold for $360k… now that the context is established we can look at the X-Men DPS by Jim Lee, sold for $132k. The Sal Buscema record price ($102k), made in 2019 was equaled by this cover, a new record in less than a year for Dr. Strange covers by Frank Brunner, $72k, this Superman page by Jack Burnley was too good to be true, and it went for $72k.
I always note that selling high-end art (at the same auction house) 1-3 years after buying it, often leads to lower prices. The Ditko Dr. Strange page, sold in 2019 for $66k, went for $55k.
Simon Bisley doubled his last top price at $50k for this Lobo cover, $49k is a record for Swamp Thing interior art by Bernie Wrightson, Big jump for Daredevil art by David Mazzucchelli, $45k, a Fables cover by James Jean went for $33k.
Mad prices as usual for Mike Mignola, this HB sketch went for $7,8k, while this other for $2,6k. Differences? Remember when Hellboy in Hell pages went for $1,8k three years ago? Me too. Remember when Wildcats pages by Jim Lee went for $1,500 a few years ago? Me too.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Spider-Man 2099 page by Rick Leonardi was sold for more than $4k, probably a record for Spidey 2099 interior art. A Jim Mooney Spidey commission went for the same price.
A Star Trek splash by Alberto Giolitti went for $3,3k, the Demon cover by Byrne and the Conan page by John Buscema for $3,1k, a cover quality Spidey commission by Erik Larsen for $2,6k, a 1985 Garfield daily for only $450 and a B.C. daily for less than $200.
Tessier-Sarrou Auctions: the Obelix sketch by Uderzo was sold for €2,1k, a Gaston sketch by Franquin for €1,5k, a detailed Smurf sketch by Peyo for €1,7k. As previously said, prices for quick Tintin sketches by Hergé are growing, this one from 1952 went for almost €2k, another one from 1963 for €1,7k. Signed Christmas cards also went for surprising prices, this one for €2,2k.

This week on eBay
Steve Ditko - Horror page
Steve Ditko - Horror page
Marvel: the John Buscema sketches all went unsold, and they’re now for sale with no reserve. Wolverine, Punisher, and all the others.
Some very nice Bronze Age pages, many are uncredited (not here). George Tuska has a great Dracula page, a Thor, Iron-Man. Kung-Fu by George Perez, Morbius by Redondo, Frankenstein by Val Mayerik, a top Ghost Rider page by Jim Mooney, and a nice Thor page by Gil Kane.
Then a very nice Spidey splash credited to Don Heck, a Thing Vs. Hulk commission by Rich Buckler, X-Factor by Butch Guice, Hulk by Jeff Purves, and a Conan commission by Tim Truman.
A John Romita HC with a Spider-Man sketch. many years ago, when it came out, I arrived a day late to buy one…
DC: a Hero Initiative sketch by Walt Simonson, a Chris Samnee Deadman commission, a Batgirl page by Frank Teran, a Batgirl commission by Andrew Robinson, a Wonder Woman sketch by Jim Lee, a Batman pinup by Jock. Beware this fake Batman sketch by “Bob Kane”.
Great Charlton horror page by Steve Ditko, a Promethea DPS by J.H. WIlliams, an advertising comic book cover by Joe Kubert.
This quick Frank Frazetta sketch has a bid with a pretty high price. A Terry daily by Milton Caniff.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Secret War Original Comic Art
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Secret War Original Comic Art
Not a great week at HA.
Marvel: a Secret War page by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne, a nice Defenders page by Don Perlin.
DC: a Countdown cover by Claudio Castellini, Teen Titans by Kerry Gammill, an unpublished JLA cover by Kevin Maguire.
A Godzilla sketch by Art Adams, a Phantom cover by John Cassaday, a Firehair page by Bob Lubbers, and a page from Popeye #1 by Bud Sagendorf.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
Mark Bagley - Justice League Original Comic Art
Mark Bagley - Justice League Original Comic Art
Here’s a look at the best original art in the first half of the Comiclink auction, come back next week for part 2.
DC: a Batman page by Bob Brown, World’s Finest by Dick Dillin, Swamp Thing by Steve Bissette, Batman by Tony Daniel, Wonder Woman by Terry Dodson, a Brightest Day cover by Gary Frank, and a great JLA DPS by Mark Bagley.
Marvel: a top Infinity Gauntlet half splash by Ron Lim, a Thor cover by James Harren, an A-Force cover by Joelle Jones, a Ultimates DPS by Joe Mad.
If you want a cheaper Spidey 2099 page by Rick Leonardi there’s this nice 2014 one. Wolverine by Mike Deodato, 2 in 1 by Jim Cheung, a Phoenix commission by Adi Granov.
Many Dr. Strange pages, a few here: a Gene Colan splash, a page by Dan Adkins, one by Chris Bachalo.
Great and rare Lone Wolf and Cub sketch by Goseki Kojima.
Some high-end pieces by Milo Manara, like this illustration and this page. There are also some cheaper color strips from Borgia.
A Spider-Man page (no Spidey) by John Romita, a Catwoman commission by Tim Sale, a Punisher page by Bill Reinhold, and a prelim by Will Eisner.
A Torpedo and a Clara sketch by Bernet, a sketch by Barbucci, a color illustration by Dany, Captain Erik by Micheluzzi, and an Andy Capp strip.
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