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Original Comic Art Tips #172 - Leonardi, Quesada, Peanuts!

January 15 · Issue #172 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #172 of Original Comic Art Tips! don’t forget that the Heritage Signature Auction started yesterday and will go on for the weekend.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: the Penguin illustration by Jim Lee was sold for $9k, a classic Fantastic Four page by Art Adams for $4k, a Nightstalkers cover by Ron Garney for $3k, a TMNT cover by Peter Laird for a $2,2k B.O., a Ghost Rider cover by Mark Brooks for $1,750, the Hulk page by Gary Frank and a Pogo Sunday for $1,2k.
All of the John Buscema pinups from last week are still going.
This Batman bust by David Finch was sold for $450 and resurfaced quickly for $500.
Heritage Weekly Auction: all of the top prices of the week made me think “that’s a little too much”. The Alex Ross page went for $5,7k, the UK Spidey cover by Ron Wilson for $4k, the Thor page by John Buscema for $3,8k.
Romance pages were (high quality) entry pieces for Alex Toth‘s original art, now a water-damaged page is selling for $2k. I can’t explain why this lot of 2 On Stage dailies with a John Prentice Rip Kirby was sold for $1,4k instead of $600… This Friday Foster daily went for more than $1k, a nicer strip than those recently sold for $200-400, but the jump seems too high.
The original art for a 1989 convention poster drawn by Robb Phipps and signed by con guest Todd McFarlane was sold for $1k.
'70s Flash Gordon strips by Barry and Fujitani have been in every Weekly auction for the last few years, selling for $200, now this Sunday was sold for $1k.
In other news, a very nice Betty Ross splash by John Romita Jr. went for $600, and a Wonder Woman commission by Garcia Lopez for $300.

This week on eBay
Chris Bachalo - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Chris Bachalo - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
No new “60 sketches” original art by Jim Lee, this week, but there are a Mr. Freeze commission, one of those tiny Batman commissions, and two 11x17" sketches of Wolverine and Catwoman.
Some sketches also by Bruce Timm: a Batman head (with a price lower than the latest “drops”), a Black Cat with a useless slab, a Nightwing, and a nice Death.
Marvel: a very nice Spider-Man half splash by Chris Bachalo, a Sleepwalker illustration by Joe Quesada, an original Cable cover by Rob Liefeld (lower than usual starting price), a cover to an Essential Fantastic Four volume by Alan Davis looks way better than the cropped published version, and the price is high.
A 1975 Avengers page and a Werewolf page by George Tuska, a page from the first issue of The Champions by Don Heck, Kraven by Frank Robbins, another classic Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino.
A Hero Initiative sketch card by Walt Simonson is getting a lot of bids.
Captain America and Scarlet Witch commissions by Jim Cheung.
DC: the Dick Giordano and Jim Aparo Batman covers that went unsold a couple of weeks back, are now getting a lot of bids, and the price is getting near the BIN. A nice Batman pinup by Kevin Nowlan, another Black Cat by Lee Elias, a Blue Beetle DPS by Tom Morgan, a Bane commission by David Finch.
A Ghost page by Adam Hughes, Grendel by Matt Wagner, a great Cracked page by Russ Heath, a Dejah Thoris drawing by Mark Brooks.
Strips: I’m tempted to say that (after 100’s of fake Peanuts sketches) this Snoopy may actually be by Charles Schulz. What do you think?
There’s also a 1944 Johnny Hazard daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Rick Leonardi - Spider-Man 2099 Original Art
Rick Leonardi - Spider-Man 2099 Original Art
Marvel: the best piece of the week is this Spider-Man 2099 page by Rick Leonardi, very rare to find a good page lately. Also rare is Gene Colan inked by John Romita, here’s a Dr. Strange page. X-Men #30 by Jack Sparling, Conan original art by Frank Brunner and John Buscema, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne, Dazzler Vs. Galactus by Frank Springer.
DC: a Demon cover by John Byrne, a Teen Titans illustration by Barreto, Deadman by Garcia Lopez, a Green Lantern cover by Tyler Kirkham.
Beautiful Astro City prelim by Alex Ross, an early Hate page by Peter Bagge.
Catawiki Auctions
Look at this beautiful Superman cover by Dustin Nguyen, a page prelim by Will Eisner, a Torpedo illustration by Bernet.
A Druuna coloring page by Serpieri, a page by Micheluzzi. A signed print and a Kriminal page by Magnus, Dylan Dog by Raul Cestaro. A Tex sketch by Galep. A Minnie cover prelim by Mastantuono, Phantom Blot by Asteriti.
Swann Auction
As it usually happens at Swann, a classic illustrators auction with some comic art pieces.
A Peanuts daily with a low starting price (based on previous auctions, low prices don’t last till the end…). Five 1933 Felix the Cat Sunday strips, here’s one, a very nice Bringing Up Father Sunday, not the best of Knerr‘s Katzenjammer Kids Sunday strips but with a low starting price.
A funny cartoon by Addams, a rare strip by Feiffer, a Batman page by Irv Novick.
See you next week!!!
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