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Original Comic Art Tips #171 - Buscema, Alex Ross, Hergé!!

January 8 · Issue #171 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #171 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: the Conan page by Barry Smith was sold for $8,3k, the Batman cover by Brian Stelfreeze for $8K, the Wolverine splash by Mike Deodato for $5,1k, the Incredible Hulk pinup by Dale Keown for $5k, an X-Men page by Werner Roth for $4k, the Spidey page by John Buscema for $1,6k, the Werewolf page by Don Perlin for $1,4k.
Jim Lee. The Batwoman pinup went for $7k, Black Adam for $6k, Green Lantern for $5,6k, the Milestone half splash for $1,3k. The Batman sketch was sold for $1,5k after putting it out for $15k, $10k, $5k…
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Swamp Thing page by Nestor Redondo was sold for $5,7k, an Archy illustration by Herriman for $4k, a Rip Kirby daily for $2,4k, the Batman commission by Kelley Jones for $2,2k.

This week on eBay
John Buscema - Wolverine Original Art
John Buscema - Wolverine Original Art
Marvel: remember the Marvel poster art sold by John Buscema‘s grandson on eBay for $83k? He’s selling the remaining pieces in his possession. Very nice pinups of Spider-Man, the Punisher, a great (but sadly unsigned) Wolverine, a color Venom, and a color Carnage.
A Hulk page by Gary Frank, a Black Widow pinup by Sienkiewicz, a Thanos DPS by Michael Ryan, Avengers by Romita Jr., X-Men by Adam Kubert, a Thor splash by Joe Bennett.
DC: Jim Lee is auctioning sketch #57 of 60, a very detailed Penguin. A Superman/Cap Marvel DPS by Rich Buckler, a Superman sketch by Adam Kubert, a Batman page by John Romita Jr, and two nice color commissions by Marc Hempel, Delirium and Death.
An Invincible page by Ryan Ottley and a very funny Nancy daily strip by Bushmiller.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Alex Ross - Superman Original Comic Art
Alex Ross - Superman Original Comic Art
Marvel: Thor original art by John Buscema, a painted Punisher cover prelim by Earl Norem, a Spidey cover by Ron Wilson, an X-Factor splash by Marc Silvestri, a Red Sonja page by Frank Thorne, and a Silver Surfer illustration by Grindberg.
DC: a nice Superman page by Alex Ross, Wonder Woman by Gene Colan, a Wonder Woman commission by Garcia Lopez.
A detailed Fourth World splash by John Byrne, Phantom Stranger by Mike Mignola, Batman by Mike Zeck and hidden in this sketch lot a 1986 Batman commission by Paul Smith.
Aliens by Jurgens/Nowlan, Love & Rockets by Jaime, a Christmas themed illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Catawiki Auctions
A Dany illustration, a nice Arzach by Moebius, Luc Junior by Greg, Clara by Bernet.
A Catwoman pinup by Sean Phillips, a Spider-Man cover recreation by Mike Espo, X-Men by Greg Land, a Superman splash by Stuart Immonen.
Heritage Signature part 3 - Interior Art
Jack Kirby - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Here we are with part 3 of 3, part 1 was for Cover art, part 2 Comic Strips.
Marvel: the Thing Vs Thor by Neal Adams, a Dr. Strange page by Steve Ditko sold 2 years ago for $66k, a Conan splash by Barry Smith, a beautiful Silver Surfer page by Kirby, a Cap America splash by Sal Buscema.
A full team X-Men DPS by Jim Lee, a Wolverine page by Adam Kubert, a Spidey splash by Mike Zeck, a Groo DPS by Sergio Aragones.
DC: a Swamp Thing page by Bernie Wrightson, a JLA splash by Mike Sekowsky, Flash by Carmine Infantino, Superman by Jack Burnley, great Batman/Hulk page by Garcia Lopez, a page from Hot Wheels #1 by Alex Toth.
A Batman page by Sean Murphy, Shazam by Alex Ross.
A Haunt of Fear splash by Johnny Craig, a Wizard King page by Wood, an incredible Creepy DPS by Alex Nino.
Artcurial Auction
Hergé - Tintin original cover project
Hergé - Tintin original cover project
The usual top quality selection we expect from Artcurial, a section is for original Tintin art by Hergé, the top piece is a cover prelim with a € 2 million estimation, the €110.000 for this page layout seems more affordable in comparison.
Other top pieces are an end page from Asterix by Uderzo, a Gaston page by Franquin, the Incal by Moebius, Boule et Bill by Roba, a Corto Maltese illustration by Hugo Pratt.
The usual, but still very rare, Astroboy pages by Osamu Tezuka. Many pages by Manara. A beautiful 3 page Natacha story by Walthery. A very nice Olivier Rameau page by Dany.
Then Tardi, Franq, Vance, Bilal, Jimenez, Hermann, Jije, Trondheim and many more.
See you next week!
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