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Original Comic Art Tips #170 - BWS, Deodato, Keown!

January 1 · Issue #170 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #170 of Original Comic Art Tips! with 2021 we start the 5th year of this newsletter, and we start with a great ebay section, with many high end listings.
Original Comic Art Auction Results.
ebay: Mike Mignola‘s weekly charity auctions ended on Dec. 31 with this “thank you” illustration, sold for $7,9k. According to Mike’s social media the total raised since April is $420k (!!!). Last week’s “Happy Holidays” illustration went for $3,6k, and the cover to Zombie World #1 was sold by another seller for $8,3k.
A Jeff Jones painting was sold for $4k, the Hulk page by Herb Trimpe for $2,7k, a Batman cover by Mike Allred for $2,5k, the Dreadstar page by Jim Starlin for $2,1k, a set of prelims by Vaughn Bode for $2,5k, a Black Cat splash by Lee Elias for $2k, the pinup by Milton Caniff for $1,9k, a Batman/Grendel page by Matt Wagner and a Deadpool cover by Chip Zdarsky for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the highest price was $2,8k for a Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond, low prices for a Cyborg cover by Tony Daniel, sold for $600, and a Jim Starlin page with all of the Cosmic characters sold for $500. Not much else to see.

This week on eBay
Barry Smith - Conan Original Comic Art
Barry Smith - Conan Original Comic Art
DC: right at the beginning of the new year Jim Lee started drawing the few remaining charity sketches. #54/60 is Black Adam, #55/60 is Green Lantern and #56/60 is a cover quality, beautiful Batwoman. If you want to spend less, the Milestone half splash is still going.
Brian Stelfreeze‘s classic, painted Batman covers from the '90s rarely go for sale, here’s one. A Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, Jimmy Wakely by Joe Kubert, the Superpowers page by Jack Kirby is going.
A Teen Titans DPS by Tom Grummett, this beautiful Twilight DPS by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez was sold a couple months ago for $1,3k, now its for sale for $1k.
A Batman commission by Mike Zeck and one by Ethan VanSciver.
Marvel: yes. There’s a Conan page by BWS on ebay, and it’s ending today.
Some other BIG pieces, a cover quality Hulk pinup by Dale Keown, a Wolverine splash by Mike Deodato, an Ultimate Spidey cover by Mark Bagley.
A Silver Surfer DPS by Tom Dringberg, a Werewolf page by Don Perlin, a She-Hulk splash by Art Nichols, a Gwen Stacy sketch by John Romita, last week’s Spidey page by John Buscema is still going.
John Romita Jr. has been drawing $150 head sketch commissions for some months, this seller is flipping six for $300.
Look at this Spidey Vs Hobgoblin commission by Ron Frenz, Spidey Vs Lizard by Chris Bachalo, a color Spidey bust by Nick Bradshaw.
This seller is auctioning his collection of 8 Dune pages by Bill Sienkiewicz. There’s the title splash to #2 and to #3, beware of prices: this one was sold on HA in may for $6k, this one in September 2019 for $1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Gene Colan - Wonder Woman original art
Gene Colan - Wonder Woman original art
DC: three great Wonder Woman pages by Gene Colan. A splash, an half-splash and a page. Deadman by Garcia Lopez, Swamp Thing by Nestor Redondo, a JLA cover by Howard Porter, a Batman commission by Kelley Jones and two nice JSA pages by Tony Harris.
Marvel: Ant-Man by Herb Trimpe, Red Sonja original art by Frank Thorne, Captain America by Rich Buckler.
A Love & Rockets pinup by Jaime, a Creepy page by Infantino and Nino, an Eerie splash by Jim Starlin, Aliens/Predator by Eduardo Barreto.
Strips: a rare Heatcliff panel by Gately, a great pinup by Russell Patterson, a Rip Kirby strip by Raymond, Cisco Kid by Salinas, a Terry daily by Caniff.
Catawiki Auctions
Lee Bermejo - Spider-Man Original Art
Lee Bermejo - Spider-Man Original Art
A Junglemen page by Hugo Pratt, a Masers page by Frezzato, a very nice Tex page by Ticci, a panel by Jacovitti, Dylan Dog by Mastantuono.
A Briganti drawing and a Tex model sheet by Magnus, Dylan Dog by Stano,
A Billie Holiday illustration by Munoz, a sketched Murena book by Delaby, a sketched Scorpion book by Marini, one by Moebius, a sketch by Barbucci, a Rock Derby page by Greg,
A funny Andy Capp strip, a full figure Spider-Man sketch by Lee Bermejo.

Heritage Signature Auction part 2 of 3 - Strips!
R.F. Outcault - Yellow Kid Original Comic Art
R.F. Outcault - Yellow Kid Original Comic Art
Last week we looked into this auction’s original cover art, come back next week for part 3: interior art.
We start with very rare Yellow Kid original art by Outcault, probably the first time I link to one since I started doing this newsletter.
Then a Krazy Kat Sunday, a Flash Gordon Sunday and a great Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, a very early Donald Duck daily by Taliaferro.
A nice Terry daily by Caniff, a 1937 Dick Tracy daily, a 1961 Snoopy/Charlie Brown Peanuts daily.
The usual big pile of Garfield original art, here’s a 1979 Sunday strip.
See you next week!!
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