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Original Comic Art Tips #169 - Madureira, Aparo, McFarlane!

December 26 · Issue #169 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #169 of Original Comic Art Tips!! Usually holiday weeks are pretty weak for original comic art, instead there are some big pieces on ebay.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: the Batman splash by Tim Sale went for almost $13k, the Superman page by John Byrne for $3,6k, a Miss Fury cover by J. Scott Campbell for $3,5k, a Batman sketch by Mike Mignola for $1,8k, the Gaslight Batman for $1,5k, a painted snowman for $3,3k. A Scarlet Spider cover by Ryan Stegman for a $1,6k B.O.
A black costume Spidey splash by Mark Beachum was sold for a $2,750 B.O., a nice Werewolf by Night page by Don Perlin for a $850 B.O., a Pogo daily for a $2,5k B.O.,
Some Detective Comics covers by Brad Walker were sold for $7k, $4,1k, $2,7k. A Pearls Before Swine daily strip was sold for charity for $4,8k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The Witzend page by Wally Wood was sold for $8,4k, the Elektra page by Bill Sienkiewicz for $7,2k, the Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond for $3k, the quick (& small) spidey sketch by John Romita for a surprising $2,1k, the Uncle Scrooge splash by Giorgio Cavazzano for $2,1k, the Gene Colan Daredevil for the same price.
A nice Atom page by Gil Kane went for less than $600, the Teen Titans splash by Eduardo Barreto for $550.
Septimus: a single Tintin panel by Hergé was sold for €11k, a page by Tillieux for €7k, a Bernard Prince cover by Hermann for €4,8k, the Blacksad sketch by Guarnido for €700.

This week on eBay
Mark Bagley - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Mark Bagley - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Spider-Man page by John Buscema and a Conan page, New Mutants by Sal. Incredible Hulk original art by Herb Trimpe, Howard the Duck by Gene Colan, a Dr Strange page by Frank Brunner, one by Butch Guice, a good Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino.
A cover quality Spider-Man commission by Mark Bagley, very nice, a Conan cover by Ed Benes, a Mystique sketch by J. Scott Campbell, an Avengers splash by Greg Land.
DC: two classic Batman covers, one by Dick Giordano and one by Jim Aparo.
A Superpowers page by Jack Kirby, Flash by Don Heck, Batman/Grendel by Matt Wagner, a Milestone splash by Jim Lee, a Superman cover by Paul Pelletier, a Batman cover by Ethan VanSciver.
A happy holidays illustration by Mike Mignola, a Dreadstar page by Jim Starlin, a pinup by Milton Caniff and a Starhawks strip by Gil Kane.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marshall Rogers - Batman Original Comic Art
Marshall Rogers - Batman Original Comic Art
DC: a Batman page by Marshall Rogers, Deadman by Garcia Lopez, Teen Titans by Eduardo Barreto. An Azrael cover by Tony Harris, a Cyborg cover by Tony Daniel, color Batman commissions by Matt Wagner and John Bolton.
Marvel: An X-Factor page by Ian Duursema and an Infinity Abyss page by Jim Starlin.
A Nemesis cover by Flint Henry.
Strips: a Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond, a Dumb Dora by Chic Young, Star Hawks by Gil Kane and a hand colored Tailspin Tommy Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Moebius - Original Illustration
Moebius - Original Illustration
A nice illustration by Moebius, pages by Gotlib, Martin, Boucq, Walthery.
A Catwoman pinup by Marini, a splash by Terry Dodson.
An illustration by Jacovitti and a Ken Parker page by Milazzo.
Disney covers by Marco Rota and Silvia Ziche, an illustration by G.B. Carpi.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1 of 3 - Covers!
Gil Kane - Conan Original Cover Art
Gil Kane - Conan Original Cover Art
It’s time again for a Signature Auction. There are really many covers, classic and modern. Here I’ll show you the best ones, but you should go and explore.
Marvel: a classic Conan cover by Gil Kane, Thor by John Buscema, Namor by Sal, Daredevil by Marie Severin and Warlock by Jim Starlin.
An Excalibur wraparound cover by Todd McFarlane, Captain America by Mike Mignola, Deadpool original art by Joe Mad and a Fantastic Four cover by Jim Lee.
DC: Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Neal Adams, Lobo by Simon Bisley and Fables by James Jean.
See you next week and happy holidays!!
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