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Original Comic Art Tips #168 - Kirby, Wood, Sale!

December 18 · Issue #168 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #168 of Original Comic Art Tips! Some big pieces on ebay and a great weekly HA auction.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
ebay: big money for Mike Mignola sketches, Spaceman 1 sold for $3,5k, 2 and 3 for $3k, 4 for $1,9k and Mars Attacks for $1,3k.
A Shang-Chi splash by Jim Starlin was sold for a $8k Best Offer (BTW, last week I received a flood of emails for the B.O. tutorial, I hope I replied to everybody, but if you’re waiting for a reply please write again!).
A John Wayne page by Frazetta/Williamson was sold for $3k, a Capullo/McFarlane Spawn page for a $2,5k B.O., a complete Grimjack issue by Tim Truman for a $4k B.O., Doc Ock by Ross Andru for $2k, the Cap pinup by Mike Zeck for $1,6k, a Prince Valiant panel by Foster for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Gene Colan Wonder Woman splash went for $5,5k, a daily Dick Tracy with Tracy shooting a villain went for the same price, a MTU page by Herb Trimpe for $4,3k, the Carl Barks sketch for $2,6k.
Animation Auction: A Superfriends Batman layout by Alex Toth was sold for $1,4k, a Snoopy sketch by Charles Schulz for $2k.
Comiconnect: Ross Andru original art makes an auction record, with the Amazing Spidey cover sold for $108k before B.P., the Daredevil cover by Frank Miller went for $87k, the Gene Colan one for $56k, a Dr Strange cover by Gil Kane went for $20k, a Lois Lane cover sold for $14k is a record for Bob Oksner.
The X-Men DPS by Dave Cockrum went for $40k, the Spidey page by Todd McFarlane for $25k, the American Flagg pinup by Howard Chaykin was sold for a surprising $17,7k, the Sandman page by Marc Hempel for $13,7k.
Tessier-Sarrou: always amazed by prices for Asterix original art by Uderzo, a quick sketch was sold for €2,1k. I’ve been long outpriced. The sketched book by Manara/Pratt went for $1k, the Sky Doll page by Alessandro Barbucci for €4k, a Bouncer page by Boucq for €5,2k, Murena by Delaby for €4,4k, a Spirou page by Olivier Schwartz for €4,2k.

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - Black Panther Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Black Panther Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Black Panther splash by Jack Kirby, a Spider-Man cover prelim by John Romita, the BIN isn’t bad. Iron-Man by Gene Colan, Fantastic Four by Sal Buscema, a cover quality Iron Man commission by Bob Layton.
Conan pages, John Buscema one and two, several by Ernie Chan, this one is great.
A J. Scott Campbell commission, an Excalibur page by Dave Hoover, a Rob Liefeld page, a Spidey commission by Pat Olliffe.
DC: a Batman TLH splash by Tim Sale, a Superman page by John Byrne, a nice Shade by Chris Bachalo and a Star Trek cover by Rod Wigham.
Brad Walker is selling a big pile of Batman covers and splashes, high prices but they’re geting offers.
Mike Mignola has drawn some Batmen: Hellboy with Robo-Batman, Gaslight Batman, Batman and Demon and a Deadman.
A Charlton page by Ditko, a Nemesis page by Brian Talbot, a nice Black Cat page by Bill Draut, a Carl Barks sketch.
Strips: a sexy cartoon by Dan De Carlo, a very detailed Terry daily by Caniff and one, two Pearls Before Swine dailies for charity.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Wally Wood - Original Comic Art
Wally Wood - Original Comic Art
DC: many pages by Eduardo Barreto, like this Teen Titans splash and and this Gotham Nights cover. Deadman by Garcia Lopez, an Atom page and a cover by Gil Kane, a Superboy cover by Kurt Schaffenberger and a pencil Superman page by Alex Ross.
Marvel: an Elektra Assassin page by Sienkiewicz, Daredevil by Gene Colan, a Ghost Rider page by Javier Saltares and a Spidey sketch by John Romita.
Wood: a beautiful page from Witzend #1, a nice Harvey page and a Kane/Wood Thunder Agents.
Strips: a Nancy Sunday, a Terry daily by Caniff, an early Gordo Sunday, a 1960 B.C. daily, a top Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond and a 1960 Johnny Hazard daily.
A Natacha cover by Walthery, a Jeremiah cover and a Bernard Prince cover by Hermann, a Murena cover by Delaby, an illustration by Swolfs, an Olivier Rameau painting by Dany.
A Giuseppe Bergman strip by Manara, an Altai & Johnson cover by Cavazzano, a Tex Model Sheet by Buzzelli, Tex studies by Magnus.
Coutau-Bégarie Auctions
A very nice auction, with many pieces well selected and for all tastes.
An XIII cover by Vance, Belloy by Uderzo, a watercolour illustration by Hugo Pratt, a beautiful illustration by Loup, then Gotlib, Derib, Boucq and many others.
A beautiful Blacksad sketch by Guarnido, nice sketches also by Miralles, Rosinsky.
Pages by Tillieux, and Swolfs, a Tintin panel by Hergé, covers by Dany, Hermann, Remacle and more.
See you next week!
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