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Original Comic Art Tips #167 - Andru, Miller, Kane!

December 11 · Issue #167 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here’s #167 of Original Comic Art Tips, last week’s Jim Lee original art article was a small success, with 400 reads in a week, welcome to the new subscribers! The text was slightly tweaked since, after listening to some comments.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: I finally found a new way to see the final Best Offer prices (reply to this email and I’ll send you a quick tutorial!) and used it to see that the Robocop cover by Jim Lee was sold for $3,850. Not bad if you care for Robocop...
The Wolverine commission by Jim Lee went for $4,3k, in October it went for $5,8k. The Rogue went for $3,550, a Daredevil sketch for $2,4k.
A Namor page by Marie Severin was sold for $4k, a Captain 3D page by Jack Kirby for $2,7k, a vintage Daredevil commission by Frank Miller for $2,750, a nice, uncredited Batman page by Norm Breyfogle went for a B.O. of $2,150, a nice Spidey cover by Humberto Ramos for a B.O. of $2k.
A Milestone cover by Walt Simonson was sold for $1.5k. After the sad news that Richard Corben died, yesterday, an Aliens page was quickly sold for $1,4k.
Comiclink Auction: the cover to Amazing Spidey #299 by Todd McFarlane was sold for $250k, consider that the iconic #300 cover was sold on HA for $140k in 2014. The Weapon X splash by Barry Windsor Smith went for $170k.
Going down a bit we have an X-Men cover tryptich by J. Scott Campbell sold for $39k, I can’t explain why this Transformers cover by Jim Lee made $34k.
Ron Lim wins the Cosmic battle with $28k, second comes Jim Starlin with $25k and third is George Perez with $12k.
Early Spidey original art by John Romita makes $33k, an Avengers cover by John Jr. $11k, a beautiful Defenders page by Sal Buscema $21k, a Wizard cover by Joe Mad $16k, I’d like to see the end price for a top U. X-Men cover.
The DC chart is topped by Jim Aparo, with the Batman promo sold for $25k, a Green Lantern by Neal Adams and a GA Doctor Fate page for $20k, the first appearance of Talia by Bob Brown for $19k.
Early Valiant pieces offered lately have seen a price growth, this Magnus cover by Art Nichols was sold for $11k.
The Calvin & Hobbes sketch by Watterson went for almost $13k.
This is getting too long.. Come back next week for the biggest bargains of this auction.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the complete Groo Issue by Sergio Aragones went for more than $15k, not much if you divide it for 22 pages and a cover.
The Dragon Lady pinup by Caniff was sold for $7,2k, a Doug Wildey page signed by Ray Bradbury for $6k, the four Alex Ross pages for $5,7k, the Andru/Romita Spidey page for $5,2k, the Matt Baker for $5k.
I was curious to see the end price for a vintage Fred Hembeck illustration, it went for $1,1k.
Not the best Superman page by Curt Swan but it went for $300, for the rare fan of The Demon an action page by John Byrne for less than $300 was a great deal. Ten nice X9 strips by Bob Lubbers went for $260.

This week on eBay
Mike Zeck - Captain America Original Art
Mike Zeck - Captain America Original Art
I like this week’s Mike Mignola sketches, Mars Attacks, Skeleton, Cyclops and Talos.
DC: a full figure Batman sketch by Jim Lee, the seller is accepting offers… An Adam Strange commission by Jim Starlin, Superman by Matt Wagner, Swamp Thing by Steve Bissette.
Marvel: a Captain America pinup by Mike Zeck, Star Wars by Carmine Infantino, a Venom Vs She-Hulk page by Tom Morgan, Avengers by Milgrom /Sinnott, an Iron-Man commission by Bob Layton.
An X-Men page by Tom Grummett, one by Terry Dodson, an X-Men commission by Ken Lashley, a nice Wolvie commission by Declan Shalvey and a Spidey page by Ryan Stegman.
Captain Victory by Jack Kirby, an Aliens Vs. Predator DPS by Javier Saltares.
Strips: look at this Christmas day 1941 Nancy daily, a 24/12 Winnie Winkle daily, a Pogo daily, a Marmaduke panel, a nice Alley Oop Sunday and a Starhawks by Gil Kane.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Gil Kane - The Atom Original Comic Art
Gil Kane - The Atom Original Comic Art
Marvel: Conan by John Buscema, Namor by Sal, a nice Captain America page by Tom Morgan, Wolvie/Spidey by Herb Trimpe.
DC: a Wonder Woman splash by Gene Colan, a Batman illustration by Denys Cowan, a great Atom splash by Gil Kane, Deadman by Garcia Lopez, Batman pages by John Romita Jr. one and two.
A nice sketch by Carl Barks, an Annie Fanny pinup by Will Elder.
Strips: a 1958 Steve Canyon daily, a 1945 Christmas day Dick Tracy strip and Tracy killing Itchy a few days earlier.
Rip Kirby by Raymond, a top Axa daily, a 1959 Pogo Sunday and a Tumbleweeds Sunday.
Comiconnect Auction
Andru/Romita - Amazing Spider-Man #162 Original Cover Art
Andru/Romita - Amazing Spider-Man #162 Original Cover Art
The best piece is the cover to Amazing Spidey #162 by Andru/Romita, a Dr. Strange cover by Gil Kane, a Daredevil cover by Gene Colan, a Spidey minicomic cover by John Romita, a Silver Surfer page by Jack Kirby, an Iron-Man page by Don Heck.
A Defenders splash by Sal Buscema, a G.I. Combat cover by Kubert an X-Men DPS by Dave Cockrum, and a very nice early Spidey page by Romita Jr.
Spider-Man original art by Todd McFarlane, a Superman cover by Jim Lee, a Sandman page by Marc Hempel, a pretty rare Dredd page by Brian Bolland and a beautiful American Flagg pinup by Howard Chaykin.
These are most of the bigger pieces of the auction, there are many more affordable ones to see.
Tessier Sarrou Auction
Tanino Liberatore - Ranxerox Original Cover Art
Tanino Liberatore - Ranxerox Original Cover Art
A Sky Doll page by Barbucci, Bouncer by Boucq, Comes, Delaby, Fournier, a Bruno Brazil cover by Vance.
A Crepax illustration, Peter Pan by Frezzato, a Ranxerox cover by Liberatore and a Druuna pinup by Serpieri.
A nice Gaston sketch by Franquin, a quick but perfect Obelix by Uderzo and a 1982 jam sketch by Manara and Pratt.
A color Blueberry by Giraud, a strip by Hugo Pratt, a Death commission by Dan Brereton, a Rogue pinup by Azpiri, Groucho by Zerocalcare, a Prelim by Will Eisner.
Not the best Artcurial auction ever, just a few nice pieces. Several Milo Manara pages, a prelim by Giraud, Druillet, Blake & Mortimer by Juillard, Ric Hochet by Tibet, Bob Morane by Vance and a Gaston sketch by Franquin.
Cambi Aste
A beautiful page by Andrea Pazienza, a notorious Hugo Pratt strip, a Necron cover by Magnus, a Batman pinup by Enrico Marini and a Sin City page by Frank Miller.
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