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Original Comic Art Tips #166 - McFarlane, BWS, Romita, Blog Post!

December 4 · Issue #166 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #166 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Auction Results:
ebay: the Byrne Dr Strange cover went for $3,6k, a Conan by John Buscema for $1,2k, the Gary Frank Shazam splash for $1,5k, a Venom splash by Mark Bagley for a Best Offer lower than $1,8k, Gamera by Mignola for $1k and a great Zombie fight page from TWD by Adlard for less than $850.
Heritage Signature Auction: the highest price was for the cover to U. X-Men #268 by Jim Lee, sold for $300,000, a record price for Lee but reached with one of the most iconic covers of the ‘90s. The 40th Peanuts daily ever was sold for $192k, a rare and exceptional piece that makes the record for Peanuts prices on HA. The second highest price for a daily was $107k in 2018, the third, again from 2018 was sold for “only” $45k.
Interior Spidey art by Todd McFarlane makes another big jump, with this page sold for $120k. The complete interior art to Captain America #210 by Jack Kirby was sold for $108k. A high price also for this Spidey page by Ditko sold for $96k, a Watchmen page by Gibbons went for $66k, an Uncle Scrooge page by Barks for $55k.
Take into consideration early Aliens/Predator original art from Dark Horse, prices are growing.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the winner was Jack Kirby with the Sky Masters daily sold for $5,7k, the Irv Novick Batman splash went for $5k, the Norm Breyfogle one for $3,1k.
The Milt Gross Sunday went for $4,5k, the Dick Tracy daily for $4,3k, the Bernie Wrightson horror page for $3,6k. I had a brief idea of trying a bid on this beautiful Right Around Home Sunday, guess I can’t afford them anymore.
An obscure/overlooked strip that was an inspiration to Crumb is selling for a high price, the same strip was sold two years ago for ½. I’ll keep an eye open.
The signed Ditko title page for $1,4k was a good catch, and also the Romita Jr. Batman page sold for $660, the 1934 Gasoline Alley daily for $400, and a Hawk & Dove DPS by Rob Liefeld for the same price.

This week on eBay
Kevin Nowlan - Dr. Strange Original Comic Art
Kevin Nowlan - Dr. Strange Original Comic Art
Marvel: Rogue and Wolverine commissions by Jim Lee for charity, the Wolvie was already sold at the end of October for $5,8k, probably the buyer flaked.
Beautiful, cover quality Dr Strange pinup by Kevin Nowlan, an Inhuman page by Joe Mad, an Asgardians cover by Humberto Ramos, a Miracleman cover by Adam Kubert, an Empyre cover by Tony Daniel.
Conan and Micronauts by Gil Kane, Thor by Keith Pollard, price reduced on this Fantastic Four page by John Byrne.
A Spidey/Deadpool page by Ed McGuinness, a Spidey page and a commission by Chris Bachalo.
DC: a Firehair page and a Sgt Rock sketch by Joe Kubert, Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a nice Teen Titans half-splash by Mike Collins, Flash by Greg LaRocque, a Batman page by Scott Hampton.
I like a lot this Superman cover by Doc Shaner, an Action Comics cover by Kalman Andrasofzky, a JSA cover by Freddie Williams, a Suicide Squad cover by Jerome Opena.
Very nice JLA DPS by Kevin Maguire, a Batman splash by Dustin Nguyen, a Death commission by Chris Bachalo.
Mike Mignola is selling skullheads: with cards, octopus, medals, leaves.
Captain 3D, Captain Victory (no Captain America sorry) by Jack Kirby. Look at this Sin City pinup by Joe Quesada, A classic X-O cover by Mark Heike, a Witchblade page by Michael Turner, an Elfquest painting by Wendy Pini.
Strips: nice and rare Dennis prelim by Hank Ketcham, funny Hagar daily by Dik Browne.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Sergio Aragones - Groo Original Cover Art
Sergio Aragones - Groo Original Cover Art
DC: a Batman splash by Graham Nolan, a Batman page by John Romita Jr., Batman pinups by Brian Stelfreeze, Jeff Jones and Alex Maleev.
Four JSA/Kingdom Come pencil pages by Alex Ross, Kamandi original art by Jack Kirby, Deadman by Garcia Lopez, Plastic Man by Ramona Fradon, The Demon by John Byrne.
Marvel: a page from Amazing Spider-Man #151 by Andru/Romita, a Doc Savage page by John Buscema, She-Hulk by John Byrne, a rare 1978 X-Men pinup by Fred Hembeck.
A complete Groo issue by Sergio Aragones is the best lot of the week, a Freak Brothers page by Shelton, a Matt Baker page, a Funnyman splash by Shuster Studio, a King of the World page by Wally Wood.
Strips: a Dragon Lady illustration by Milton Caniff, a Scorchy daily by Noel Sickles, a Christmas 1945 Dick Tracy, Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, a 1931 Gasoline Alley and two 1955 Pogo Sunday strips (one, two).
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
Todd McFarlane - Amazing Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Todd McFarlane - Amazing Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Comiclink is slowly attracting top consignments, look at these: the cover to Amazing Spidey #299 (1st Venom) by Todd McFarlane, the Weapon X splash by Barry Windsor Smith, an incredible Spider-Man page by John Romita, a Thanos half-splash by Jim Starlin from Cap Marvel #33 and a top Infinity Gauntlet page by Perez/Lim.
Then we have a Daredevil cover by Quesada, a Fantastic Four splash by Esad Ribic, an Avengers cover by John Romita Jr., a great Venom cover by Philip Tan, a Wonder Woman cover by Ryan Sook, an early Cyberforce splash by Marc Silvestri, Iron-Man by Tuska a color Supergirl pinup by Bruce Timm and Druuna by Serpieri.
There’s also a pretty rare Calvin & Hobbes sketch by Bill Watterson.
New Blog Post: Collecting Jim Lee X-Men Art!
After a few months I have a new article up on the website, it’s the first ever guest post, written by the collector better known as Rabid Ferret.
The owner of a magnificent collection, explains to us a smart research technique (Jim Lee original art was used as an example, but it works with every artist). Thanks R.F.!
Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men Original Art - A Guide for Collectors.
Let me know what you think of it and please share! Thanx!
Oh, and if you too have an idea for an article about our hobby, just reply to one of these newsletters…
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