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Original Comic Art Tips #165 - Eastman/Laird, Campbell, Byrne!

November 28 · Issue #165 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to#165 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: crazy prices for Hellboy sketches sold by Mike Mignola, $2,8k, $2,7k, $1,7k, $1,4k.
A JLA Omnibus cover by Kevin Maguire went for $2k, the X-men pages (one, two) by John Romita Jr. were sold for $1,6k each, a Dark Victory half splash by Tm Sale for $1,4k, the Monkeyman splash by Art Adams for $1,2k, a beautiful Twilight DPS by Garcia Lopez for $1,2k, a nice Galactus sketch by John Byrne for $800.
Only three of the 16 Batober sketches sold by Chris Samnee went for over $1k, the highest price was $1,5k for this one.
I can’t tell you the final Best Offer price, but this ugly+useless TMNT printing plate had a $4,5k tag…
The Dale Keown Hulk piece was confirmed as a print sold for original art, it went for $300.
Heritage Weekly Auction: many high/interesting/surprising results, this week. The winner was Adam Hughes with a Fairest cover sold for $4,5k and a Fables pinup that went for $2,6k. A Batman cover by Dale Eaglesham went for $4k,
A classic Dick Tracy daily for $3,1k, a Pogo daily for $1,9k. This Rip Kirby was a little surprise at $2,4k.
Daredevil by Mazzucchelli for $2,3k, a page from Palookaville #1 by Seth for $1k.
Everybody was complaining lately for the $800/1,000 price tag on Bruce Timm bust sketches… look at this Joker sold for $1,5k.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Dr. Strange Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Dr. Strange Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola is selling: Godzilla, Gamera, Baltan and Baragon sketches.
Marvel: a Dr Strange page by John Byrne ending today, Star Wars by Carmine Infantino, Conan and Belit by John Buscema.
Very nice Black Cat page by Terry Dodson, Superior Spidey by Ryan Stegman, Spider-Man by Mark Bagley, a Wolvie page by Dave Hoover and one by Tom Grummett, a Cap commission by Steve Epting.
DC: a cheap Batman page by Ryan Sook, Green Lantern by Doug Mahnke, Flash by Greg LaRocque and Don Heck, Batman by Mike Grell and Superman by Eduardo Barreto.
Hellblazer by Lee Bermejo and a 1944 Johnny Hazard daily by Frank Robbins.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jack Kirby and Wally Wood - Sky Masters Original Art
Jack Kirby and Wally Wood - Sky Masters Original Art
DC: a classic, 1971 horror page by Bernie Wrightson is the best piece, this week, Deadman by Garcia Lopez, a very nice pinup by Dave Cockrum, the Atom by Gil Kane, a Batman splash by Irv Novick, Elongated Man by Kevin Nowlan, Batman original art by John Romita Jr.
In the three years I’ve been doing this newsletter, I’ve seen less than a handful of good Batman pages by Norm Breyfogle, here’s a splash.
Marvel: a Silver Surfer splash by Jim Starlin, Howard the Duck by Gene Colan.
A Tom Strong cover by Chris Sprouse, a signed Charlton title page by Steve Ditko, a Donald Duck cover prelim by Carl Barks.
Many nice Strips: On Stage and Count Screwloose sunday strips, a beautiful Right Around Home one, a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, a 1934 Gasoline Alley, an historic Dick Tracy daily, a Hagar by Dik Browne.
I’d really like to own this Sky Masters daily by Kirby and Wood.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
J. Scott Campbell - X-Men Original Cover Art
J. Scott Campbell - X-Men Original Cover Art
Green Lantern, Deadman, Batman by Neal Adams, an historic Batman promo by Jim Aparo, a great Batman cover by Rafael Albuquerque.
Some classic pieces by Mark Bagley, like this 1992 Spidey cover and this Ultimate Spidey cover, a Namor cover by Sal Buscema, a page from Lobo #1 by Bisley, an X-Men cover by Chris Bachalo and an historic Bob Brown Batman page.
A signed, pre-hero Marvel splash by Steve Ditko, two beautiful late ‘90s pages by Mike Deodato, Elektra and Wonder Woman, some high-end J. Scott Campbell covers, like this X-Men tryptich.
An Avengers cover by Olivier Coipel, many early Eastman/Laird TMNT pieces, here’s a 1984 pinup, a Batman cover by David Finch, an Evil Ernie cover by Steven Hughes.
Captain America by Jack Kirby, a page from Cloak & Dagger #1 by Rick Leonardi, original X-Men cover art by Joe Madureira.
Many Jim Lee pages, Batman, a Wildcats cover and a Transformers cover.
Thanos fans, look at this Ron Lim page.
Heritage TMNT auction
Speaking of the Ninja Turtles a themed auction is ending, containing 8 pieces of comic art, by Eastman and Laird, from classic to modern.
See you next week!!
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