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Original Comic Art Tips #164 - Romita Jr, Samnee, AH!

Welcome to #164 of Original Comic Art Tips! Original Comic Art Auction Results.ebay: a Wolverine spla
November 20 · Issue #164 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #164 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results.
ebay: a Wolverine splash by Todd McFarlane was sold for $19k, the Harley cover by Bruce Timm and the Frank Cho Hulk cover both went for $5,1k, the Batman cover by Tim Sale for $4,5k, the Iron Fist commission by John Byrne for $3,6k.
Chris Samnee Batober sketches: the highest price was for #15, $957, then #11 sold for $820 and #13 for $810.
Catawiki: a cover for “The Eagles of Rome” by Enrico Marini went for €9,1k, a painted panel and a cover by Milo Manara both went for €4k.
A Batman page by John Bolton was sold for €3,2k, a Dracula page by Gene Colan for €1,6k, a Will Eisner page from Invisible People for €1,7, a great Walking Dead page went for only €850, a very detailed cover sketch by Lee Bermejo for Hellblazer was sold for €200.
A Liberatore drawing went for €450, one by Loisel for €1k.
Weiss: the Krazy Kat strip was sold for $21k, the Peanuts strip for a relatively low $23k, most of the Kubert DC war covers went for $4-5k.

This week on eBay
Clayton Crain - Venom Original Art
Clayton Crain - Venom Original Art
Marvel: a couple X-Men pages by John Romita Jr. ending soon (one, two), from the ‘90s also comes this Cable splash by Aron Wiesenfeld. I’d buy this Lee Sullivan/Jim Lee Robocop cover.
A Venom painted by Clayton Crain, what looks like an unpublished Spidey cover by Ron Garney, a cover quality Hulk portrait by Dale Keown (why that haircut?), a Guardians page by Jim Valentino.
Micronauts by Gil Kane and Butch Guice, Shang-Chi by Mike Zeck, ROM by Sal Buscema and a Two in One page by Ron Wilson.
DC: Chris Samnee is selling part 2 of his Batober sketches, I like Batman on gargoyle, Batman+Robin and Joker.
A Joker page by Lee Bermejo, a Wonder Woman design by Bruce Timm, a Batman sketch by Jim Lee, a Lobo splash by Val Semeiks.
Mike Mignola is selling Hellboy sketches. A full figure and one, two, three busts.
A Monkeyman title splash by Art Adams, an Invincible page by Ryan Ottley, a vintage Leonardo pinup by Kevin Eastman.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Adam Hughes - Fairest Original Cover Art
Adam Hughes - Fairest Original Cover Art
A great auction to go with the Signature Auction.
DC: Hawkman by Murphy Anderson, Batman by Jim Aparo, Supergirl by Infantino, Jimmy Olsen original art by Jack Kirby.
A Fables pinup and a Fairest cover by Adam Hughes, a tiny Superman in this John Byrne page, Batman/Robin/Catwoman by John Romita Jr.
Marvel: a Hulk pinup by Frank Cho, a Daredevil page by David Mazzucchelli and a great one by Rogers/Williamson. Look at this Moon Knight page by Sienkiewicz.
Beautiful Tarzan drawing by Burne Hogarth.
Strips: some early Pogo dailies and some Rip Kirby dailies by Raymond, a Happy Hooligan daily, a 1931 Gasoline Alley, a B.C. daily.
A rare Jeff MacNelly cartoon and one by Pat Oliphant.
Magnus: an Alan Ford page, a Kriminal , a Milady painting and a model sheet for La Compagnia della Forca.
A Will Eisner page prelim, a Mafalda sketch by Quino.
Millon Auction
Let’s start with the better pieces: a Modeste et Pompon page by Franquin (and a Gaston pinup), an Asterix illustration by Uderzo, a Tintin illustration by Hergé.
Then many classic pages by Hermann, Jijé, Vance, Tibet, Crepax, Manara, Gibrat, Tardi and Sempé. Also a nice Terry daily by Caniff.
See you next week!
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