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Original Comic Art Tips #163 - Timm, Kelley Jones, Kubert!!

Welcome to #163 of Original Comic Art Tips! Too many auctions, I'll keep the results section short...
November 13 · Issue #163 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #163 of Original Comic Art Tips! Too many auctions, I’ll keep the results section short…
ebay: the Gambit sketch by Jim Lee went for $5,1k, the Skeleton painting by Mike Mignola for $4,2k, a Lois Lane page by Shaffenberger and a Spy vs Spy page by Prohias bot went for $3k, the OMAC page by Jack Kirby for $2k, a Batman splash by Michael Turner for $1,9k.
Once in a while I repeat here the old flipper rule of buying a Don Rosa sketch at a convention and then sell it on ebay. A sketch like this usually goes for $800, put it on ebay and it goes to $1,8k.
Heritage Weekly: many high and surprising results (here’s a link to see them all), the Addams Family pinup by Bill Elder went for $11k, I don’t know what happened with this Batman sketch by Marshall Rogers sold for $2,1k. Wouldn’t you rather spend $1k on this vintage Batman sketch by Mike Mignola instead of $1,5k on one of many Mignola sketches sold in 2020 on ebay?

This week on eBay
Bruce Timm - Harley Quinn Original Cover Art
Bruce Timm - Harley Quinn Original Cover Art
For the fourth year in a row we’ll look at the great “Batober” daily sketches by Chris Samnee, the first 15 are on ebay, my favorites are: #1, #2, #4 and #9.
Mike Mignola is selling Japanese monsters original art: one, two, three, four.
DC: yes, it’s a Harley Quinn cover by Bruce Timm. Yes, there’s also a Batman cover by Tim Sale.
A color Superman pinup by Al Plastino, Superman title pages by Dick Dillin and Curt Swan, a beautiful and cheap Superman commission by Kevin Nowlan, a Batgirl page by Rick Leonardi and a Lobo DPS by Rob Liefeld.
A full issue of The Shadow by Frank Robbins.
Marvel: Look at the detail in this Iron Fist commission by John Byrne! Yes, again, there’s a Hulk cover by Frank Cho. (A nice week…) And a Cable cover by Rob Liefeld too!
Many characters in this cheap Avengers page by Romita Jr, a Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim, a Cloak & Dagger half splash by Dan Lawlis, a Fantastic Four 2099 page by Rick Leonardi.
An Aliens page by Mike Mignola, Star Wars by Infantino, an early Cyberfrog splash by Ethan VanSciver, a TMNT page credited to Peter Laird, a funny Alfred Neuman illustration by Sam Viviano.
Strips: very nice Carol Day daily by David Wright, a 1976 On Stage Sunday, I like this Spidey daily by Fred Kida, Flinstones by Hazelton, Popeye by Sagendorf.
Heritage Signature auction part 2 Interior Art
Neal Adams - Avengers Original Comic Art
Neal Adams - Avengers Original Comic Art
The covers for this auctions (see last week’s newsletter) are not particularly impressive, at least in comparison with previuos auctions, the interior pages are quite the opposite, and I really had a hard time deciding what to leave out.
We start with Spider-Man original art by Steve Ditko, an X-Men page by John Byrne, many great pieces by Jack Kirby, I like a lot this Thor splash. A Spidey half splash by Todd McFarlane, an Avengers splash by Neal Adams.
Then a Black Canary DPS by Jim Lee, X-Men pages by John Romita Jr., Marc Silvestri and Barry Smith, Batman by Sean Murphy, Wildcats by Travis Charest, a Black Cat splash by Lee Elias some very rare Uncle Scrooge pages by Carl Barks and one of the best pages drawn by Alex Toth in the ‘50s.
Great strips, It’s the first time I remember seeing a Johnny Comet Sunday by Frank Frazetta for sale. Some beautiful Rip Kirby strips by Alex Raymond, look at this Prince Valiant page by Foster.
A Terry Sunday by Milton Caniff, a Christmas day Garfield, a Dick Tracy daily from the first year and a classic Mickey Mouse by Gottfredson.
Heritage Weekly Auction
DC: Batman by Jim Aparo, a Batman commission by George Perez and one by Kelley Jones drawn in 2000. A Deadman page by Garcia Lopez and a great Starman page by Tony Harris.
Marvel: She-Hulk by John Byrne, Luke Cage by Tuska/Graham.
Strips: Three Little Pigs by Gottfredson, Donald Duck by Taliaferro, a Doonesbury, a Terry by Caniff, a 1926 Gasoline Alley and a Wizard of ID Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Kelley Jones - Batman Original Art
Kelley Jones - Batman Original Art
A high end auction. As usual for big auctions there’s a reserve price on all of the lots. An Aigles de Rome cover by Enrico Marini, an Asterix panel by Uderzo, Dracula by Gene Colan, an illustration by Manara, a Will Eisner page, an Hellblazer cover by Bisley, a cover quality Batman/Catwoman commission by Kelley Jones.
A Magnus prelim for Lo Sconosciuto, Dylan Dog by Nicola Mari, Invincible by Ryan Ottley, Avengers by Norm Breyfogle,
Urania Aste part 2
We’re left with the superhero and strip section to browse, the low starting prices were mostly in the Italian/European art, I think most of the pieces here are overpriced, so I’ll leave them out.
A nice Hulk page by Sal Buscema, a Wolverine DPS by Gene Colan, a Spidey page by Alex Saviuk and a Punisher page by Bernie Wrightson.
I like a lot this low priced Alex Nino Conan pinup.
A very nice Pogo Sunday, 3 Johnny Hazard Sunday strips, a beautiful Popeye daily by Segar and a color illustration by Bud Sagendorf.
Weiss Auctions
The usual big lot from the Joe Kubert estate and some other pieces, mostly complete Golden Age stories.
Kubert covers: G.I. Combat, Our Fighting Forces one and two, Tor.
Two beautiful strips: a 1952 Peanuts daily and a hand colored Krazy Kat daily.
Daniel Maghen Enchères
Top quality auction, some of the best art the world of comics has to offer. It starts with many Thorgal pieces by Rosinski, dozens of Undertaker pages and covers by Ralph Meyer and a career spanning selection of interior art by Milo Manara. Go see it all!
Multiple great pieces by Crepax, Serpieri, Vance, Tardi, Miralles.
The highlight of the auction is this Tintin on the Moon illustration by Hergé, Covers by Juillard, Plessix, Tibet, Hermann, Mourier, and a Metabarons cover by Jimenez.
Pages also by Moebius, Franq, Sfar, Hubinon, Gibrat
See you next week!!

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