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Original Comic Art Tips #162 - Leonardi, Bachalo, Jim Lee!

Welcome to #162 of Original Comic Art Tips!! very long update, let's go! ebay: a classic Velvet Glove
November 6 · Issue #162 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #162 of Original Comic Art Tips!! very long update, let’s go!
ebay: a classic Velvet Glove page by Daniel Clowes went for $6k, a Just Imagine Wonder Woman illustration by Jim Lee was sold for $4,250, a Batman/Catwoman commission by Riccardo Federici for $3k, Barbarians by Mike Mignola all remained within $1k, a Dr. Strange page by Marshall Rogers for $3,3k, an Aliens/Predator page by Chris Warner for $3,1k, a Painted Batman by Neal Adams for $2,2k.
Spectacular Spidey original art by Sal Buscema went for $1,6k, the Namor splash by John Byrne for $1,4k.
Best offers: a Bruce Timm Batgirl commission for $1,5k, a Batman page by Norm Breyfogle for $3k, a From Hell page by Eddie Campbell for $2,2k.
Heritage Weekly: the first appearance of Harley Quinn took this Yvel Guichet page to $3,1k, a Cerebus/Spawn variant by Dave Sim for $2,8k, the Batman cover by Jim Aparo went for $2,1k, a Legion page by Joe Staton for $2k. I forgot (as usual) to bid on this Wizard of ID Sunday and it obviously went for half the regular price… Look at this nice Supergirl page by Carmine Infantino sold for $360.
Comiclink: the winner is George Perez, with an Infinity Gauntlet page sold for $6,4k, great pages by Ron Lim from the same series ended for $4,2k and $3,9k.
An X-Men page by Art Adams went for $5,5k, one by Andy Kubert for $1,8k, an Ultimate Spidey cover by Mark Bagley for $2,7k, Dr. Strange by Marshall Rogers for $2k.
A classic Blaze cover by Ron Wagner, inked by an uncredited Bill Sienkiewicz went for $900, great catch. A great Thor page by Mike Deodato for $600, a Thor and Cap title splash for $950, a very nice Thor page by John Buscema for $1,3k.
Catawiki: the Blueberry drawing by Giraud went for a surprising €4,2k, I was surprised by the last Mafalda doodle by Quino sold for €1k. This one almost doubled that price. The Marsupilami sketch by Franquin went instead for a pretty low €500.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Gambit Commission
Jim Lee - Gambit Commission
Four Mignola skulls. A painted one, penciled one, two, three.
An inspired Jim Lee Gambit commission for Charity.
Marvel: I like this Namor page by Ross Andru, also this one by Don Heck. A cheap Defenders page by Don Perlin, Fantastic 4 by Rich Buckler, ROM by Buscema/Sinnott, a great Conan page by Rudy Nebres.
The limited Byrne book from IDW with a detailed Thing sketch. I’ll take it.
A page from the first issue of Spider-Man 2099 by Rick Leonardi, a Captain America splash by Ron Garney, an Avengers page by Steve Epting, a vintage Rogue sketch by Jim Lee.
Many new pages by Chris Bachalo, like this Deadpool DPS, a Cap/Deadpool/Strange page and others, I like this one.
An Avengers DPS by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a Wolverine page by Jock.
DC: an OMAC page by Jack Kirby, a Shazam page by Gary Frank, a Trinity page by Francis Manapul and a Batman illustration by Andrew Robinson.
A great Blackmark page by Gil Kane, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams, a Love & Rockets page by Gilbert, a perfect Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
Strips: big fan of Joe Maneely here, a Mrs. Lyons’ Cubs daily written by Stan Lee. A nice Yogi Bear Sunday by Hazelton.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Mike Mignola - Batman Original Art
Mike Mignola - Batman Original Art
DC: Batman pages by Jim Aparo and Garcia Lopez, a Batman commission by Mike Mignola, a Generations page by John Byrne.
Legion by Dave Cockrum, a Flash cover by Howard Chaykin and a Spirit World page by Jack Kirby. Look at this 1980 Bruce Timm Batman.
Three Rip Kirby strips by Alex Raymond, a Terry daily by Milton Caniff, a B.C. daily and a very nice Wizard of ID daily.
Love this MAD Addams Family parody by Bill Elder.
Heritage Signature Auction - Covers/Illustrations
Jim Lee - Uncanny X-Men 268 Original Cover Art
Jim Lee - Uncanny X-Men 268 Original Cover Art
Marvel: We start with the most iconic X-Men cover drawn by Jim Lee, already on its way to break the record for Lee’s original art. Jim also has a Ghost Rider/Punisher cover.
Giant Size X-Men #2 by Gil Kane, Namor #67 by John Romita, a Fantastic Four cover by Jim Starlin, Dr. Strange by Frank Brunner.
A Punisher cover by Mike Zeck, She-Hulk by Dale Keown and a Spidey/Venom cover by J. Scott Campbell.
DC: a Batman cover by Bernie Wrightson, JLA by Neal Adams, Superman by Gil Kane. The cover to JLA #1 by Howard Porter, a Batman cover by John Romita Jr., a New Frontier pinup by Darwin Cooke and an Harley Quinn color pinup by Bruce Timm.
A classic Creepy cover by Frank Frazetta, a Vampirella pinup by Dave Stevens, an Uncle Scrooge cover prelim by Carl Barks and a poster-sized Peanuts sketch by Charles Schulz.
As you can expect from Christie’s this is a top quality auction, every piece is worth seeing, I’ll select the best of the best.
Artists with multiple top pieces: a painted page by Bilal, a Largo Winch cover and a beautiful illustration by Francq, some Blueberry pages by Giraud, an Arzach illustration and an Incal page by Moebius, many by Hergé, like this Ottokar page, Manara has many classic and modern pieces, I’ll choose the one without nudity, a beautiful Wonder Woman cover, an Adèle page by Tardi and a 1996 Asterix cover by Uderzo.
An All Star Batman cover by Frank Miller.
Interiors and illustrations by DeCrecy, Comés, a great page by Calvo, Graton, Loisel, Morris and Munoz.
Urania Aste part 1 of 2
The usual great selection of worldwide comic art, here’s a look at the first half of the catalog.
Leaving out the early Hugo Pratt art and the illustration section we start with a beautiful Torpedo page by Bernet. Nick Carter by Bonvi, Esterno Notte by Gipi, Coccobill by Jacovitti, a beautiful group of painted character portraits by Magnus, a Tex painting by Ticci.
A Voodoo Child page by Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Dare by Frank Hampson, a nice Billy The Kid page by Don Lawrence.
A Scalped page by Guera, a Batman page by Rick Leonardi, a Flintstones daily by Hazelton, a Batman page by Shawn McManus, Ultimate X-Men by Andy Kubert, an OMAC splash by Giffen, a Johnny Hazard daily.
See you next week!!
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