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Original Comic Art Tips #159 - C.C. Beck, Don Newton, Peanuts!

October 16 · Issue #159 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #159 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: the Mr. Peanut painting by Mike Mignola went for $4,2k (crazy), a Skeleton Head painting for $4k, Frankenberry for $1,2k, the Spirit cover by Will Eisner for $3,7, a pretty good deal.
A JLA page by Dick Dillin went for $2,7k, a Black Cat page by Joe Kubert for $2,3k, the Avengers pinup by Dave Cockrum for $1,4k, the Kung Fu page by Kirby for $1,6k, the Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino for $1,2k, and the Fantastic Four half splash by John Byrne for a very affordable $1,2k.
Do you know of another (working) software to see Best Offer prices? The one I was using has been down for some weeks… so I can’t tell you for how much this Spider Woman page by Steve Leialoha ($2,5k) and this Star Wars commission by Daniel Warren Johnson ($2k) went.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Usagi cover by Stan Sakai went for $3,3k, the Frank Cho pinup for $2,7k, a 1995 Delirium pinup by Jill Thompson for $3,3k, a sexy cartoon by Dan De Carlo for a surprisingly low $1k.
Catawiki: a very quick Mafalda doodle by Quino went for €1k, a nice Conan page by John Buscema went for €420, a Spidey page by Win Mortimer for €400.

This week on eBay
C.C. Beck - Captain Marvel Original Comic Art
C.C. Beck - Captain Marvel Original Comic Art
Let’s have some fun, first: look at the price for this Joe Sinnott sketch (singed by Stanley!), also look at the price for this Jim Lee sketch.
Mike Mignola is drawing vampires, Hellboy with vampire, vampire one, two and three.
DC: the best piece of the week is this (1973) Captain Marvel title page by C.C. Beck, there are several other pages from the same story, here’s the best one.
A Wonder Woman page by Jose Delbo, a WW cover prelim by Brian Bolland, a published Batman cover prelim by Adam Hughes, a nice 1990 Batman commission by Mike Mignola, Green Lantern original art by Gary Frank.
Great Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams and a Hero Initiative Spider Jerusalem sketch by Darick Robertson.
Marvel: a classic New Mutants page by Rob Liefeld, don’t look at the price.
Micronauts by Butch Guice, a Thor Vs. Cap prelim by John Buscema, price lowered on the Bill Sienkiewicz Fantastic Four page, nice Spidey page by Ron Lim.
A Spidey page by Mark Bagley, Nightcrawler commission by Adam Hughes, a Scarlet Witch sketch by John Byrne, a trio of Daniel Warren Johnson pieces: Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider.
A Cerebus page by Dave Sim, I like this Hellboy half splash by John Cassaday, a color TMNT piece by Kevin Eastman, great Dejah Thoris cover by Jay Anacleto.
Strips: a nice Pogo daily, a Rusty Riley and a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond.
Heritage Weekly Auction
John Byrne - She-Hulk Original Comic Art
John Byrne - She-Hulk Original Comic Art
Batman by Jim Aparo and by Carmine Infantino, Catwoman by Infantino and Superman by Curt Swan.
I like this She-Hulk page by John Byrne.
A trio of sexy pieces: a pinup by Dan De Carlo, a page of nude studies by Frank Cho, a Lorna page by Azpiri.
A great title splash by Alfredo Alcala and a very early Blondie daily by Chic Young.
Heritage Charity Auction
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Cover Art
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Cover Art
A charity auction at Heritage with some published pieces and some drawn for the occasion.
A cover quality Batman illustration by Tim Sale, a nice Batman pinup by Neal Adams, a Batman page by Don Newton.
An unpublished Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola, an Intimates cover by Jim Lee, a painted Green Lantern cover by Ryan Sook, the Goon original art by Eric Powell and a Captain America bust commission by Adam Hughes.
Animazing Auction
A Peanuts Strip and some illustrations by Charles Schulz, Christmas Snoopy, Running Snoopy and Hockey Snoopy.
A Tarzan splash by Sal Buscema and some questionable sketches.
A big Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore, one in a book, a great sketch by Jean Giraud.
A Magneto bust painted by Mark Texeira, a page prelim by Will Eisner, a Miss Marvel commission by Stephane Roux, a Deadpool/Cable commission by Matteo Scalera, a Spider-Man title splash by Alex Saviuk, a Battle of the Planets painting by Alex Ross.
See you next week!!
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